Friday, 22 January 2010

Guess Who...

Sorry, James and Ella, to nick your child for a still image! Awww...actually...Awe.

"We even baptise children, thereby condemning them to an assumption that they will inherit the religion of their parents for life."

Guess who said this...Why, none other than Richard Dawkins! Of course, it is true. After all, there is no greater abuse of a child than baptising them, right? It's worse than waterboarding! What is going on in Mr Dawkins's head? He just can't let it lie!

Mr Dawkins! Now, really! If there is no substantive, substantial effect of Baptism upon the soul of a newly born baby, what with God not existing and God's existence being such a load of hocus pocus, then, frankly, why would you be so worried about the tippling of some water, not made holy by the power of God, made manifest through the Priest's blessing, onto the infant's head?

What is it with this guy!? What is it with him that he doesn't want to see newly born babies being baptised!?

Why not just say, "Oh, those Catholics, nutjobs! As if baptising a child in water could bring them into the Divine life of sanctifying Grace!" But, no. It frightens you. Therefore you'd like to see it banned and seen as child abuse.

Mr Dawkins, if Baptism is just water....pray tell, why are you so fearful of it!? I'm no exorcist, of course, but the more I hear and watch of Richard Dawkins, I think he's a good example of perfect possession. I hope over your senior years that you evolve into being a person who is as tolerant of Catholicism as you are of your own religion.

I know he'll never read this, but boy, it needs to be said.

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