Thursday, 14 January 2010

Nick Clegg on State Sponsored Social Engineering

The Telegraph reports that Nick Clegg, in an interview with gay magazine Attitude, said that,
'the Liberal Democrats support measures forcing teachers, including those working in faith schools, to implement policies to combat homophobic bullying, with lessons teaching that same-sex relationships are “normal”.'

Hmm...It's the forcing bit that really grates. Liberalism, as defined by the modern age, the more it gains ground it seems to have to resort to forcing people to do things against their will or worse, conscience. Bascially, that means Catholic schools should be forced to stop teaching Catholicism and start teaching secularism.

Of course, same-sex relationships are perfectly "normal". I've got lots of friends of the same sex. I find many of them attractive. Its the whole non-procreative, genitally-based, same-sex relationship involving sodomy that the Church refuses to teach to children as a 'normal' relationship. How can children possibly make sense of such a relationship that it be dressed in the garments of a heterosexual relationship within marriage, the fruit of which is hopefully children? Poor children that Clegg would bombard with graphic mental images of buggery and mutual masturbation just to win a few votes over from the 'pink' lobby! Just how do you explain an active gay relationship to children?! Their poor ears! It defies their tender and nascent understanding of human love and relationships!

I know we Catholics can be forgiven for having a persecution complex, but it certainly feels like we, in the UK, are being prepared for the wholesale rape of our Catholic schools. Many will argue the Government already has its hands down our pants despite our protestations. You can sense it in the media - this issue around 'faith schools' regarding funding and curriculum is getting hotter and hotter. It is getting intense coverage in the press and on TV at the moment and when that happens, you know the public is being groomed for something rather nasty. After all, these statements occur at a time when 'faith schools' are being portrayed by the media as a threat to modern education. Perhaps, in a way, they are, since these are the schools which would defy the new consensus on sex education the most. Co-incidence? I don't think so!

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