Tuesday, 19 January 2010

BBC Magazine: "Why does God allow natural disasters?"

Whoah there, Auntie Beeb! Hold your horses! In order to ask why does God allow natural disasters you have to have already come to the theological conclusion that He exists. Steady on, guys! Then, after they've opened the debate, having settled the existence of God issue, while near constantly promoting anti-Christian polemics via TV, radio and the internet, they hire a 'philospher' to answer the Big Question, rather than, say, a Catholic priest or credible Catholic theologian! Yet, its not a bad stab at the arguments involved for and against the existence of suffering, but I am sure accomplished theologians would disagree with me. For instance, he manages to write an entire article on God and suffering without mentioning the Suffering and Passion, Crucifixion and Death of Our Blessed Lord. I think this could be one occasion whereby if you can go over and put your view across the BBC might not actually censor it. Also, when Our Blessed Lord died at 3 o' clock on that Friday, didn't the Gospel say that an earthquake sent tremors throughout the land?

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Physiocrat said...

As you say, God's own son had a spot of bother one fine Friday and look what that led to.

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