Friday, 8 January 2010

A Short Lesson in Priestly Attire

This picture just goes to show that the Priesthood is not devoid of fashion or taste.

At some point there has to be a groundswell movement from the Laity demanding that Priests dress like Priests and that means the wearing of essential priestly attire for the Priest about town. That means cassocks...that means hats.

We should require that our Priests wear fashionable priestly attire even when nipping down the road to buy something.

Priests should not have to 'blend in' with the crowd. Why should a Priest apologise for his vocation? He should proclaim his mission and be a living Sign to the World of its Redemption. Nor should he be ashamed if he is mocked or ridiculed by the worldly since this is an honour which he will sell at a high price when he is judged by God.

What if someone dropped half-dead and needed a Priest in the street to receive them into the Church immediately or a man tapped him on the shoulder and just needed to enquire about the truths of the Catholic Faith. That man would want the Priest not only to look like a Priest, but to be a Priest with taste and style.

If you're a Priest and you're reading this then take heart.

Be a Priest.

Be bold.

Dress like the Priests of old.

Pete Doherty agrees and wears this hat to remind Priests of their duties.


Fr Ray Blake said...

"wear "fashionable" priestly attire"

pelerin said...

Yes it's a great picture though not sure why your version is in black and white. When I first saw it I could not help thinking that it would make an excellent cover picture for the 'Fr Brown' stories.

Re your comment regarding Priests 'looking like Priests' and someone who may wish to enquire about the Church reminded me of a conversation I had with a Priest (in collar and tie) a few months back seated next to me at a celebratory meal. After a few glasses of wine I got bold and commented on the lack of clerical collars amongst all the clergy present. Although most of those there were now retired this particular one told me he still had a parish so I commented on the lack of clerical collars in France in general.

After the usual reply of 'we get spoken to differently if we are wearing the collar' and 'the collar does not make us better Priests' (only the collar mind you we are not even talking cassocks here!)I proceded cautiously.

When I mentioned that what if someone really wanted to speak to a priest how would he recognise one I received the reply that 'He could always visit a church or presbytery.' From my own experience I know that ringing the doorbell of a presbytery was perhaps the most difficult thing I
have ever done. It was a step completely into the unknown for me.

By not wearing a recognisable sign anyone who might wish to talk to a priest but who has not the courage to visit a presbytery has lost an opportunity of doing so. They do wear a very small lapel plain cross but this is often under a coat so their anonymity is complete.

A nun once told me that she was able to help a very troubled youngster who had approached her on a park bench. She was so glad that she was still recognisable as a nun otherwise she would not have had the opportunity of helping him in this way.

I once had a most interesting conversation with a young Religious at the Eurostar terminal. Dressed in habit and sandals he was instantly recognisable and he possibly spotted my Lourdes 2008 emblem on my knapsack! Of course I would not have spoken if he had been dressed otherwise and he was obviously proud to exhibit his vocation and
not the least bit embarrassed when some people stared at him. I am glad he did not 'blend in' as through the conversation I learnt of a special Benediction service which he was giving locally and which I was later to attend.

The Bones said...

Exactly. Good illustrations.

Physiocrat said...

That is a saturno and here is a biretta

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