Friday, 8 January 2010

Brighton: The Unlikely Heartbeat of English Catholicism

Are you a traditional Catholic?

Disaffected by your Bishops reticence in implementing Summorum Pontificum?

Fed up with saccharine preaching from your lukewarm, liberal Priest?

Sick of CAFOD meetings, Fairtrade coffee mornings and environmental claptrap?

If the answers to these questions are yes, then Brighton could be the place for you. Yes, over the years Brighton has attracted notoriety for being a town of ill repute, but it is in Brighton where you can still feel the pulse on the wrist of English Catholicism. Sure there are other places in the South and over the UK where the Traditional Latin Mass is celebrated, but don't you want to be in the centre of the restoration of English Catholicism? After all, St Mary Magdalen's is the Church in which Chesterton and Belloc worshipped. Chesterton, famous for having said, "St Mary Magdalen's is by far the most beautiful and best Church in the whole of the British Isles. I'm going to give them all my cash!", loved it here.

If you can't stand the idea of living in a town of hedonistic gays, lesbians and manladies then you could always live in Rottingdean and St Mary Magdalen's is only a bus journey, bike ride or car journey away.

It can be an expensive town, but if you've got money, its well worth it, since anything you have left over can be given to the Building Fund of St Mary Magdalen's Church. If you give the Church a substantial amount of money you could have your name on a gold plaque telling everyone who enters the Church to pray for the rest of your immortal soul.

Think about it.

You know it makes sense.


me said...

It's all beginning to sound extremely judgmental and spiritually exclusive down there in Brighton. Not trying to criticize, just noticing. I pray my Rosary, but didn't realize all the fuss-pot terms that hardly ever mention Jesus. In fact! God forbid I should speak of Him in friendly easy tones, sure sign of a liberal,trads would say. Oh well, I'll duck out here. Hope you get the type of Catholic worthy for Mary Mags.

pelerin said...

Great post Laurence. The photo continues to intrigue me with the circle of light hovering above the altar. Did anyone find out what it was? Did it occur on other photos of the same Mass?

Fr Patrick said...

Unlikely heartbeat of English Catholicism?

Fed up with saccharine preaching from your lukewarm, liberal Priest? (Yawn)

It is easy to slag off and criticise as you demonstrate so expertly.

As you are championing your own parish and its contribution to the Universal Catholic Church do try to remember that you are not aloof from the Church, but a part of it.

There are many rooms in my Fathers house....

pelerin said...

Oh dear - I don't think PatHound has a sense of humour!

Physiocrat said...

I travel around a bit and I am always pleased to be back at SMM. I have come across few better in England, and many that I would avoid going back to.

The Bones said...


Anyone can go to a Latin Mass! It isn't exclusive. Also, its only every Friday evening and every third Sunday.

The Bones said...

That light in the photo is intriguing, Pelerin.

Fr Patrick said...

I tend not to respond to anonymous comments (pelerin....who?) But I have a healthy sense of humour. "The Unlikely Heartbeat of English Catholicism" To suggest or imply that you are the solution to a problem in the Church or a remedy for the malaise of the that is funny! Hilarious even. I might add another word if I may ...Deluded!

The Bones said...

The post was meant to be humourous, Father.

What I was talking about was the resurgence of interest in traditional liturgy and the Benedictine project of liturgical renewal. It is an exciting time to be a Catholic. It is a joyful time to be a Catholic.

Really I was expressing my gratitude that I live near a parish where this exciting liturgical renewal is finding expression.

Physiocrat said...

SMM is not the only Catholic parish I know that is thriving on a moderate traditionalism on the Benedictine model.

Here is another,tack vara Gud

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