Friday, 15 January 2010

Policemen Having Fun in the Snow

Apparently they were reprimanded for this. Seems a bit harsh to me. I don't know for sure but I think crime takes a down slide when its below freezing and everyone wants to be indoors wrapped up warm.


pelerin said...

Completely off topic but forgive me as I can't find anything to link it to! Have you seen the video linked at 5.34pm on Damian Thompson? The original site of 'Co-ees from the Cloister' entitles it 'Have you cringed yet.' And I certainly did when I watched the beginning. Actually I burst out laughing it was so awful.

I only stuck it for the first 'song' - as a group they can't even sing! While I enjoy the accordian, especially when it is played on the Paris metro, it is a surprise and unwelcome addition to
Mass. The group were all up front in the church in pride of place. Surely silence would be preferable - oh I forgot people have to actively participate even if they have no talent. I have heard some dreadful hymns in the past but I think this one takes the biscuit.

St Malachy said...

Health and safety considerations and all that! How can the state nanny us when the police of all people behave in such an irresponsible fashion. Imagine people actually enjoying themselves!

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