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Why 'Liberalism' Within the Church is So Dreadful...

The really terrible thing, you know, about the 'liberal' position on many issues pertaining to the Catholic Faith and the Salvation of Souls is just what a mockery they make of the Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord. All of that dreadful suffering, suffering that we cannot even imagine, only to have those in His Church lead men and women away from Him, rather than to Him.

These individuals, even within the Church, claim that sins such as the use of artificial contraception, homosexual acts and even abortion are not sins and that it is the Church that needs to change Her view. What a mockery those who hold this position make of the saving work of Our Saviour on the Cross.

If we are saying that Our Lord did not die for the active homosexual or for the man and woman using artificial contraception or for the woman who procures an abortion, or the doctor who performs it, then Our Lord most assuredly did not die, either, for the penitent thief who hung beside Him on Good Friday.

If H…

Chinese Bishop, Imprisoned for Decades, Dies At 90

Courtesy of Zenit

Bishop Hu Was Persecuted for Fidelity to Pope

Bishop Augustine Hu Daguo of the apostolic prefecture of Shiqian, Shihtsien, in the Chinese province of Guizhou, died on February 17 at the age of 90.

The bishop, who was approved by the Pope and part of the underground Church, spent decades in prison and forced labor camps because of his fidelity to the Pontiff.

In China, religious practice is only permitted by the government with the oversight of the Catholic Patriotic Association, the body through which the authorities recognize religious personnel and register places of worship. Hence there is a "national" or "official" church, directed by the Association and the Bishops' Conference of the Catholic Church in China. And then there are the laypeople, priests and bishops who oppose such control and who wish to obey the Pope directly. The latter constitute the non-official, or underground, Church.

L'Osservatore Romano reported today on the death…

Archbishop Condemns Freemasonry, Cardinal Attends Masonic Inauguration!

Another subject on which high ranking members of the Church's Hierarchy are of one mind, one heart...Good grief!

With thanks to Gloria TV

Archbishop Condemns Freemasonry in MonacoArchbishop Bernard Barsi of Monaco, has strongly condemned free masonry on the occasion of the installation of a new mason denomination in the principality. The archbishop said in front of the French weekly news magazin ‘Le Point’ that "the constant teaching of the Church is negative and remain unchanged, because freemasons principles are incompatible with Catholic doctrine. Therefore the Church forbids its faithful to be members of Masonic associations. Barsi added: “Freemasons are in state of grave sins and cannot access to the Holy Communion".  Meanwhile...In France, a Cardinal Greets FreemasonsThe Primate of the Gauls, Cardinal Philippe Barbarin was present at the inauguration of a new Masonic Center in the city of Villeurbanne [Vilörban] in the person of Father Payen [Paie]. Present at the …

Please Sign this if you Wish to Defend Christ, His Church and Her Poor...

Your Grace,

We urgently write to encourage you to take stand up in defense of the homeless of Westminster.

By now, Your Grace must have heard via the national and local press, or perhaps through 'The Passage', that Westminster City Council plan to ban Soup Runs to the homeless of the City and that Westminster Cathedral is at the heart of this proposal, a malicious move by the Council that undermines the freedom of religion of Catholics and other Christians in feeding the poor, but is also an attack upon the Poor in whom Christ Himself is present in a mysterious and special way.

This proposal by Westminster City Council is therefore nothing other than a violent assault upon Christ, His Body - the Church - and His Poor. We humbly implore, Your Grace, that you do all that you can, publicly and privately, to defend the Poor who are fed by the Catholic Church and doubtless other Christians in the piazza and to do all that you can to take a public stand against this evil proposal an…

Westminster Council Proposes Banning Soup Runs for the Homeless

Thank you very much to a reader who has alerted me to this profoundly disturbing news which appears on Ekklesiaand the Daily Mail.

'Campaigners have expressed alarm at a proposal by Westminster Council to ban rough sleepers and the charities who care for them, from the streets around Victoria. Westminster Council has opened a four week consultation on a new byelaw which will fine people in the Victoria area if they “lie down or sleep in any public place”, “deposit bedding” and distribute free food and drink.This byelaw will affect the 1,600 people estimated to sleep rough in Westminster each year, many of whom bed down in the Victoria area. Voluntary groups hand out food in the Victoria area, especially at Howick Place behind the House of Fraser. These groups will be facing the possibility of moving or being fined for their charity if the ban goes ahead.Alison Gelder, Director of Housing Justice said: “While we completely understand the problems experienced by residents in this are…

Abortion "Safer" than Childbirth Says Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Well, they would say that, wouldn't they?

Suffice to say that the long-term psychological, physical, mental and definitely spiritual effects of abortion are very well-documented.

In terms of all these harmful effects upon a woman, abortion is far more dangerous and less safe than giving birth. Unfortunately, when a group of doctors get together under the banner of the Royal College, the World takes the statements very seriously because they're 'experts', aren't they?

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gyanaecologists have a very explicit agenda to promote abortion and I have in various posts in the past elaborated on why it is also an explicitly eugenic one at that. In other words, these doctors are saying,  "Don't worry about getting rid of your Downs Syndrome baby. It's the safest procedure in the World." Still, while the Royal College does indeed have a ghastly eugenic dimension, I am open to the idea that, basically, the Royal College just…

Why Small Things Make a Big Difference...

A question is asked by Dr Tina Beattie today which deserves a half-decent response.

"If we can't gather together undivided around Humanae Vitae, can we do so around Pacem in Terris and Caritas in Veritate?"
To this I would say that if we can't gather together undivided around Humanae Vitae then we shall be unable to stand together at all. That is, after all, pretty much what has happened since the 1960s, is it not? Mass lapsation, the embracing of the contraceptive age, fewer children in Catholic families, fewer Priests, fewer monks, fewer nuns, fewer Catholics knowing their faith and teaching it to others? This is the backdrop, the very culture against which Pope Benedict XVI finds himself combating and urging others to combat. That is why he has called for a New Evangelisation of Europe, because Europe, so rich in Catholic tradition, needs the Gospel proclaimed once more, so much. The Holy Father has made it clear that Catholics need to pass on the Faith whole and e…

Michael Voris's Update in the Philippines...

Where ONLY the Catholic Church stands in opposition to the Reproductive HealthBill

Could You Be the Catholic Political Warrior of the Future?

Faith in the Future: Catholic Parliamentary Internship Scheme from Catholic Church (England/Wales) on Vimeo.

I wish I could do the book-keeping work that I do for St Mary Magdalen's voluntarily, but, sadly, this is the only employment that I have, so this money is what puts bread on the table. I suppose I could go on the soup run to get my dinner, but then the £12 a week that I spend on food for the soup run out of my payment means that I am able to experience the joy of giving as well as that of being on the receiving end of generosity.

A commenter also told me not to criticise Austen Ivereigh because I am not fit to 'polish his shoes'. Well, at least Austen can afford to have someone polish his shoes and while it may not be me that he would go to in order to have them polished, because I seem to be largely unemployable, at least I can say that I don't whore out my Catholic Faith to any liberal media establishment willing to publish something very inoffensive indeed …

Fr Gerald Vann OP

I today purchased a book entitled Awake in Heaven. It was written by Fr Gerald Vann OP (1906-1963 - May he rest in peace). The book received an Imprimatur from Bishop Leo, Episcopus Northantoniensis, on 27 March, 1947. Fr Vann was in the Dominican Order of Preachers and wrote extensively on the Faith.

Is it any good? I'll let you know when I have read it, but for the meantime, it is for sale on my Bone's Catholic Store for £10. It is an old book, hardback but, that said, you can make me an offer and I doubt very much I will refuse. In this work he studies St Thomas Aquinas and the 'Summa Theologica', Dogma, Morality and Happiness, Politics and also includes an essay on the work of Aldous Huxley. A portion of which I shall write below.

Among other works he wrote were The Heart of Man, On Being Human, The Divine Pity, The Sorrow of God, St Thomas Aquinas, Morality and War and His Will is Our Peace.

'Christian mysticism at its highest is the fulfilment of the Incarnati…

Pray for the Philippines and its Bishops

This program is from

Michael Voris contrasts the difference between the Bishops of the Philippines and the Bishops of the United States, in the contraception 'debate' taking place in the country now.

Fr Barron of Word on Fire is an Excellent Catholic Communicator

Fr Robert Barron has a site called Word on Fire. It's really quite a big website. A lot to navigate through. I very much like his ease with communicating the Catholic Faith and his relaxed manner in front of the camera. He's our David Attenbrough or Simon Schama.

St Mary Magdalen Church Choir Blog

St Mary Magdalen Church Choir now have a blog and very interesting it looks too.

Clare strives to encourage the Choir to 'sing the Mass' rather than to 'sing at Mass'. She has a lot of knowledge of Gregorian Chant and the blog looks like it is going to be very informative. Hopefully, video of the Missa Cantata will be available on the Choir blog after Ash Wednesday.

Click here to see the blog.

Priests Threaten Mass Exodus Over New Translation

'They went out from us, but they were not of us. For if they had been of us, they would no doubt have remained with us; but that they may be manifest, that they are not all of us.' ~ 1 John 2:19

Still, personally I think these guys bluffing...or maybe just Fr Anthony Ruff-ing. Make no mistake here, this is insurrection, open rebellion against not just the Authority of the Church Herself, but against His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI.  Thanks to The Catholic Knight, who alerted us to this in-depth piece concerning the organisation mentioned in my previous post - the National Council of (we are the Gaudiem et Spes) Priests. My thoughts, bold, deep purple, bracketed.

Courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald...

'The Catholic Church is facing open defiance over its new Mass, with at least a dozen Australian priests indicating they will refuse to use it when it comes into force later this year. Hundreds more are angry about the lack of consultation for the new, more literal translatio…

"We are the Gaudium et Spes priests..."

Dr Tina Beattie has put fingers to keyboard and given us a really very interesting testimony of the life of a Priest grounded in the 'spirit of the Second Vatican Council'.

Dr Beattie would be very a reliable source for names and numbers that you might want to pass on to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, were there not so many Priests worldside who are 'well dodgy'. Tina, as an eminent theologian of the Church, in a teaching role, doesn't seem to have many bloggers in her sidebar so it is hard to see with exactly whom she is in sympathy. Still, that said, the articles to which she links appear to be a pretty good source for those deeply concerned by the rebellion taking place within the Bride of Christ against all that is both good and holy.

Thank you, then, Dr Beattie, for this genuinely interesting account of one legitimately ordained priest's ministry and for his reflection upon the Priesthood from the Second Vatican Council onwards. My thought…

Hey Tina, Baby! Great News!

Thank you, Acts of the Apostasy(Rorate Caelibroke the story) for alerting us to this absolutely fantastic, sublimely wonderful news of seismic proportions which will not only given God great joy, but will give His spokesperson for women's affairs on Earth, Dr Tina Beattie - prophetess, true daughter of St Joan of Arc, mystic of the Church and doctor of theology - abundant joy as well!

It looks like a 'woman priest' takes the Catholic Faith more even more seriously than Dr Tina Beattie. If you have not heard this news already then it is my personal joy to reveal that a lady priest has recanted of her lady priestness and resolved never to be a lady priest again. Oh boy...this is going to feel good and you know what they say...if it feels it! This is a written statement by Norma Jean Coon, RN, MFCC, PhD of San Diego, California.

'On July 22, 2007, I was ordained to the diaconate by Bishop Patricia Fresen, of Germany and South Africa who was ordained by three ma…

"Catholic Faithful Should Demonstrate Their Anger, Non-violently"

Creative Minority Report has alerted us to the West's fascination with Egypt and sudden desire to paint every situation, institution and authority as being "just like Egypt." Now, not that surprisingly, a journalist has compared the Catholic Church as being a bit like Egypt.

I suppose that there are Catholics, I need name no names, who think of Pope Benedict XVI as a cold-hearted dictator sitting in the Vatican ordering his troops to fire live ammunition, water cannons and tear gas at dissident Catholics, but, as yet, I've had no phone call from the Vatican telling me to open fire on Austen Ivereigh. Taking aim at dissenting Catholics is something I do voluntarily.

That said, I did have a dream last night in which His Holiness came to me to reassure me that Summorum Pontificum will be defended and not to worry, but a dream is just a dream, isn't it? Here's what the writer, Richard Taylor of the Philadelphia Enquirer said in his article, 'Catholic Faithfu…

Always the Bridegroom, Never the Bride...

Well, well, well. Terrible earthquakes appear suddenly, out of the blue, while huge uprisings in the Middle East take the World's breath away with surprise, but Austen Ivereighcan alwaysbe relied upon to undermine the Infallible Teaching of the Catholic Church on sexual morality and to spread his error and falsehood in the mass media.

Thank you, John Smeaton, Director of the SPUC, for drawing our attention to Mr Ivereigh's latest endorsement of that which is condemned by the Magisterium. It makes me sick to my stomach that Austen is sought out as a spokesman on Catholic issues and that he is paid in order to do so. The least that he could do is actually defend the Catholic Church's position on sexual morality.  Writing for The Guardian, one could be forgiven for thinking that Austen is just going along with the housestyle of the publication, writing for a particular audience. Unfortunately, though, he isn't even doing that. What the Church believes, Austen does not.


Holy See Official Warns of the UN's Semantics Strategy

Courtesy of Zenit

'"Husband" and "wife" is out, and "partner" is in. Also out: "man" and "woman." "Gender" is the word of choice today. Want to say "Contraception?" Try "reproductive health."

With these and similar word games combined with an extreme interpretation of "anti-discrimination," international institutions are imposing ideologies across the globe -- policies that oppose Catholic thought and influence daily life. And in general, people realize there's been a change too late.

This was the warning made by Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, permanent representative of the Holy See to the U.N. offices in Geneva, when he spoke Thursday in Rome at the headquarters of the Communion and Liberation movement.

His address was titled "The Force of the Word. Truth and Ideology in International Organizations." Marta Carabia, professor of constitutional law at the University of Milano-Bicocca…

Crushed Bones

Yesterday was a disappointing day on a personal note. I had an interview at a local parish Church for a parish secretary. I dressed smart, thought the interview went well and then discovered I didn't get the job. It is all becoming very disheartening when I can't get a job as a parish secretary even though I am a parish secretary already. I seem to get a lot of interviews and then people meet me and it all goes down hill from there. It wasn't a full time job, part-time, three days a week, but the income would have been helpful. It's almost as if I've got the word 'unemployable' stamped on my forehead, just that I can't see it. I wore a tie, combed my hair. Today I'll be applying for a job in a funeral directors.

Still, things could be a lot worse. I could getting spayed with rounds of live bullets indiscriminately by Libyan forces or be trapped in a building in Christchurch, New Zealand following an 6.8 scale earthquake. Say a prayer for them, the …