Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories

In no particular order. A summary of the World's top ten conspiracy theories...

1. Man Made Global warming/Climate Change is a man-made hoax in order to establish a One World Government and make China the model for all countries.

2. 9/11 was an 'inside job', a false flag attack on the US by the US in order to destroy the US constitution, the Bill of Rights, invade foreign soil and a step in building a One World Government.

3. The United Nations is an inter-governmental organisation designed to be a building block in the One World Government with their recent appeals for a One World Currency and near constant drives for depopulation of the World.

4. The assassination of JFK was an 'inside job' because he publicly warned Americans about the danger posed to to the US by 'secret societies'. He was just about to mention the fact that they wanted to create a One World Government...but he was shot before he could say it.

5. Operation Bluebeam: The secretive NASA project exposed by the a free press agent later found dead in mysterious circumstances, that seeks to use light shows in the atmosphere to fool the World into accepting a new One World Religion, a new 'messiah' and...yep, you guessed...a One World Government.

6. RFID chip/Cashless society: The secret agenda for the new One World Economy. The economic crisis has been engineered in order to establish a One World Bank with the entire populaces of the World 'chipped' in order to buy and sell. If you don't accept 'the mark', you can't trade, buy or nowt because...it's the One World Government.

7. The EU is an inter-governmental organisation designed to be a building block in the One World Government. See how they destroy national sovereignty, culture and how atheistic they are! Communists!

8. The New World Order is being established incrementally by masonic billionaires who meet through the shadowy Bilderberg Group. When they meet there is only one thing on their mind and that's how to build the One World Government. When they're not planning that they're doing human sacrifices in Bohemian Grove. They own all the Governments who do whatever they tell them to do.

9. Planet X/Nibiru/Wormwood/Eris: The sun has a binary brown dwarf star which will come around in our lifetime (apparently!) and destroy two-thirds of the World's population. This wouldn't be a conspiracy, but for the fact that NASA and all the Governments of the World know about it, including the Vatican, but they just can't bring themselves to tell their peoples about it because everyone would crap their pants. It will be seen as a 'second sun' which will look nice, but bring ruin to the whole Earth. The rich are building a fortress in Sweden deep underground with loads of seeds so that only good genetic stock breed when loads of other people are dead from mega-tsunamis, super-volcanoes and the terrors of the End of the Ages. Hang on, what's the point in a One World Government if this Planet X thing arrives on the scene?

10. Project HAARP: The Americans have a weather control weapon that caused Haiti's earthquake. It can cause hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, droughts and cyclones. At the moment they're experimenting on Australia. It can also control minds through radio signals, thus enabling the World to believe in the Antichrist and experience 'personal messages' with their 'personal saviour' who is, in fact, the Devil incarnate, causing 'even the Elect of God' to be deceived, especially when used in conjunction with Operation Bluebeam.

Time for a nice cup of tea. Are any of them true? Dunno! All I do know is lots of Catholics are making a lot of money out of representing the Church but despising Her teachings and the Pope, while sowing confusion and dissent among the laity with the blessing of the Hierarchy and renegade Priests. The cancer in this country appears to have started in liberal Catholic establishment magazine, The Tablet, a cancer spread by its Trust Directors. Their evil plan is for a One World Religion that usurps the Papacy and replaces Christ with paganism, nature-worship, women priests, liturgical dancers and 24-hour sex workshops for those remaining male clergy who haven't had operations to make them into women.

The conspiracy involves Bishops Conferences, Priests and Eucharistic Ministers around the World. On the appearance of the Antichrist they will all leave and follow him, turning upon Catholics loyal to Christ and the One True Church and even putting them to death. Alright...that's me well and truly discredited. Already a conspiracy theory has emerged that Tina Beattie made me do it.

The good thing about crackpot conspiracy theories is that you can believe any, one, all, or none of the above and it still doesn't make you an heretic. A fruitcake? Yes. An heretic? No.


Last Knight said...

OK Bones, here's my top 10:
1. Hitler is still alive.
2. JFK is still alive.
3. Elvis is still alive.
4. John Lennon is still alive.
5. Paul McCartney is dead.
6. Pope Paul VI died shortly after his election and was replaced by a stunt double / robot.
7. The Amercians have never made it to the moon: the 'landings' were filmed in a sand box at the Warner Brothers studio.
8. The Nazis did in fact make it to the moon and had a base there.
9. Princess Diana was assassinated by the Duke of Edinburgh / MI5.
10. BBC Young Musician of the Year is regularly fixed by the Freemasons.

The Bones said...

You forgot to mention that The Tablet orchestrated all of these things in conjunction with the Masons.

Anonymous said...


Sue Sims said...

Hey - what happened to the Vast Zionist Conspiracy? At least seven of the theories you list are being masterminded by the Jews (who are all Freemasons anyway), except that they're not really Jews but something else which I now forget...a tribe from somewhere which converted to Judaism and then somehow took over. They also started Communism, remember? AND all that blah about the Holocaust is also a Conspiracy, because the gas chambers wouldn't have worked. Or something. Anyway, as a paid-up representative of the World-wide Jewish Zionist Conspiracy, I'm gutted that you've neglected me. It's a conspiracy!

Danny said...

I like how you have all these conspiracy theories (which you clearly DO believe) but you don't see anything suspicious in a dirty old gay German man wearing a gold hat, keeping a hareem of rent boys, defending and hiding rapists, living in a palace, hurting the poor in the developing world, and offering refuge to closeted homosexual men and hatched-faced 40 year old Irish women

The Bones said...

Because all of your allegations against the Pope have been proven to have been false.

Danny said...

Right, and you have solid evidence for your anti-semitic one world order rubbish

Anyway, no they haven't. The pope IS suspected of being a homosexual by many high placed bishops. The RCC DID protect paedophiles and DID lie to the police about it. The pope DOES live in a gold palace and IS very probably a borderline bum boy. And the RCC DOES appeal to hatchet-faced old boots and young gay men. I'm not saying anything that isn't common knowledge

Danny said...

oh and the Church DOES hurt the poor in the developing wolrd. Full house

The Bones said...

Because you think it, it must be true. How very masonic. BTW, I never said anything anti-semitic.

Danny said...

you seriously don't think I can substantiate these claims? Is this just another bluff - you surely must know these are either transparently true (paedophile scandal) or highly credible (Benedict being obsessed with young gay men)

The Bones said...

If Pope Benedict is obsessed with young gay men, it is because he is obsessed with saving their souls, rather than wishing to see them naked. I think you are involved in some kind of diabolical conspiracy against the Pope involving smear, innuendo and lies. But then, hey, that's just my opinion, Danny boy.

Danny said...

No, it's because he is a batty boy. See here:


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