Monday, 28 February 2011

Archbishop Condemns Freemasonry, Cardinal Attends Masonic Inauguration!

Another subject on which high ranking members of the Church's Hierarchy are of one mind, one heart...Good grief!

With thanks to Gloria TV

Archbishop Condemns Freemasonry in Monaco
Archbishop Bernard Barsi of Monaco, has strongly condemned free masonry on the occasion of the installation of a new mason denomination in the principality. The archbishop said in front of the French weekly news magazin ‘Le Point’ that "the constant teaching of the Church is negative and remain unchanged, because freemasons principles are incompatible with Catholic doctrine. Therefore the Church forbids its faithful to be members of Masonic associations. Barsi added: “Freemasons are in state of grave sins and cannot access to the Holy Communion".  
In France, a Cardinal Greets Freemasons
The Primate of the Gauls, Cardinal Philippe Barbarin was present at the inauguration of a new Masonic Center in the city of Villeurbanne [Vilörban] in the person of Father Payen [Paie]. Present at the ceremony were also the mayor of the city and the mayor of Lyon. The blog asks: “Did Fr Payen come to remind the incompatibility of a Freemasonry membership for Catholics?” This was hardly the case as the mayor of Lyon commented afterwards: “The presence of Fr Payen removes the myth of a mistrust between Freemasonry and the Church."

No mixed messages there, then! You really couldn't make it up...


pelerin said...

That really is confusing. I had not read about the Archbishop of Monaco and his comments although I was shocked to read a few days ago about Cardinal Barbarin sending his official representative to the opening of the new masonic lodge in Lyon. Cardinal Barbarin is very popular in France especially among the young so what kind of message does this send to these young people? Had to laugh at the name of the representative - it must be difficult being a Priest with a name with sounds like the French for 'Pagan!'

I don't often look at the French Catholic blogs unless there is a particular subject which interests me. There is one good piece of news today regarding a freemason however. There are the remains of an ancient abbey near Tours (founded by St Martin) and there has been a petition against the placing of a very large sculpture of a naked lady planned to overlook the abbey. However it looks as though the protesters have won as the mayor, a freemason, has announced that it will now not be built where originally planned but further away. It will however be visible from the main autoroute which does not seem like a good idea either! but at least it will not be near the abbey. I once attended an outdoor Mass there some 50 years ago - it was TLM of course and made a big impression on me so I am pleased that the grounds will not be desecrated in this way.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Barbarin should know six popes have condemned freemasonry as mortally sinful. If he is popular in France, it should be remembered Barabbas was more popular than Jesus with the fickle crowd in Jerusalem.

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