Monday, 21 February 2011

Obama on those "distracting" Lila Rose Videos

President Obama being "distracted"
A tip of the hat to Creative Minority Report, who today report that President Obama's response to the Lila Rose videos for LiveAction which exposed with devilish cleverness the corruption of Planned Parenthood workers is somewhat less than satisfactory. Lila's videos gave the World some pretty compelling evidence that Planned Parenthood, as well as routinely organising and practising the killing of the unborn (something that we already knew), cover up child abuse (something that we long suspected).

Obama's shameless defense of Planned Parenthood, who contributed amply to his bid for the Presidency, his assertions that these cover ups are localised issues that have only been found at a small minority of clinics, his objections that these are "distractions" in the media about an organisation which carries out "good work" remind me, rather, of the abuse crisis which rocked the Church last year.

Except, of course, there is a difference in that the Church is openly repentant, having realised the full extent of the problem, especially in the US and Ireland, Belgium and other European countries and it never condoned the wrong committed. Certainly the accusation that it took the Church a long time to 'wake up and smell the coffee' on child abuse within Her is a fair one. That the abuse was 'covered up', particularly by Dioceses is a known, sad, uncomfortable fact. It is a fact which is given added poignancy today, in Ireland, a country so scandalised by the abuse crisis that the Faith is said to be at risk of dying totally, on a day in which Cardinal Sean O'Malley washed the feet of abuse victims in a spirit of penitence and humility.

As horrifying, wicked and evil as the abuse scandal within the Church is, was and always will be, it does not compare with the evil of abortion. Abuse ruins the lives of children. Abortion, however, kills children. If there is any way in which the glaring hypocrisy of modern society and the media, in particular can be portrayed as a kind of dark comedy, then you need look no further than the great silence of the UK media, and, I suspect large swathes of the liberal US media, on the crimes of Planned Parenthood in the wake of the Lila Rose videos. Even, yes, even the US President, is 'covering' for Planned Parenthood, even though it has been exposed as breaking moral laws which we can actually all agree on, such as 'sex trafficking is evil and so is child abuse and it really shouldn't be covered up'.

The rich irony of all this is that President Obama is apparently going to make a State visit to the United Kingdom this year. Really? Are we really allowing this 'protector of child abusers' into the United Kingdom? How much is all this going to cost? I'll bet millions of tax-payers pounds, at a time of recession as well, to put this smooth-talking, child abuser protecting villain in a sharp suit up for a few days! Imagine the security costs! The US President is scotching news of the cover up of child abuse within Planned Parenthood as a "distraction" and the media have nothing to say. Not even a whimper! Now, there's a surprise! Can you imagine that scenario having taken place, if, last year, the Holy Father had said that the abuse scandals emerging in the Year for Priests were just "distractions"!

Incredibly, the President seems to ground his defense of the organisation in the moral certainty that what Planned Parenthood specialise in - murdering unborn children - constitutes a great deal of "good work". Funny, didn't the Church also do "good work" when it was accused of covering up child abuse too? "Anyway, so, hey, like, what can you do? There are always a few bad apples in any organisation! But, come on, people, let's focus on the "good work" that Planned Parenthood do. Relax! Live and let live!" Many in the US will buy it and believe it. Certainly, the editorial team of the New York Times will nod their heads in approval, not noticing even for a moment their shocking double-standards.

Page 42 of the Blair family album
"Good work?" What "good work"?! Like funding your bid for the White House and killing a disproportionate number of black babies, domestically and abroad? Readers, I think we've found a political leader with even fewer moral scruples than Tony Blair! Wow! What a find! Regardless, President Obama's words are not phrases I heard banded around the liberal media or much of the media at all when it felt like every news agency in the World wanted His Holiness's head on a spike because he was such a 'friend of child abusers' in the Church, even though no proof of his involvement in any cover up ever emerged! Gosh! Well, I'm all for forgiveness, though I really think these cowboys and cowgirls in Planned Parenthood should be sacked and the whole organisation investigated. In America and the UK, the fourth estate are worryingly slow on the uptake of the corruption of their Governments, but will pounce on any story that might smell like the blood of the Pope faster than a speeding bullet. Watch, 'Mr Smooth' wriggle out of this interview at 2:15 mins...


Angry parent said...

The difference is that the Church claims to have a telephoneline to God and to stand as the absolute arbiter of morality. Planned parenthood does not. So, Benedict being found guilty of laxity in dealing with child abuse would represent the successor to saint peter, christ's representative on earth, refusing to involve the police in prosecuting a child rapist. No? Not a crime to you? Sick weirdo

Anonymous said...

Hello, since it's my first time positing here, I'll say wonderful blog.
Now, President Obama seems to be making fairly good sense here. Using the same logic that what goes on with one priest or one diocese does not reflect on the Church as a whole, the actions of one official in one center does not reflect the whole of Planned Parenthood.
Have they come out officially condemning the employee's actions? If so, then they are likely to get off the hook (unlike the Church, chock it up to bias), because then the only thing against them is abortion, and it is not nearly as universally condemned as is child abuse (despite being far worse). If however, they defend the actions, then that speaks to an institutional approval equivalent to the Church excusing the abusive priests, and then we would have good reason for Obama to attack or shut down Planned Parenthood.

The Bones said...

A. Nicot. Exactly!

Nobody, even the Pope himself claims to have a hotline to God. You're thinking of the Baptists.

Pope Benedict XVI was never 'found guilty of laxity in dealing with child abuse'.

Still, you believe what you want to believe, I don't for one minute think I can change your mind.

The Bones said...

Oh, and by the way 'angry parent', are you really so blinded by your prejudice of the Church that you can't bring yourself to condemn injustice when you see it elsewhere?

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