16-Year-Old Heartthrob Singer Attacks Abortion in Rolling Stone Magazine!

Christina Odone writes a nice little piece today on Justin Bieber who has thought the unthinkable, said the unsayable and, er, sang the unsingable - he's attacked abortion...in Rolling Stone magazine! I think he's an evangelical, but we can overlook that.

The wee nipper has said that he thinks abortion is “like killing a baby”. Well, it is killing a baby, but let's not fight over semantics and grammar, a popular teenie heartthrob has attacked abortion. Apparently, the liberal elite don't like it, not the music industry, not the liberal press, the mass media and certainly not the international abortion industry. Well done, Justin! You need a haircut, mind!


James said…
Excuse me! Haircut? A little more time at the barbers and less spent slagging off progressive liberal RCs might help.

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