Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Hey Tina, Baby! Great News!

"Sisters, doing it for themselves..."
Thank you, Acts of the Apostasy (Rorate Caeli broke the story) for alerting us to this absolutely fantastic, sublimely wonderful news of seismic proportions which will not only given God great joy, but will give His spokesperson for women's affairs on Earth, Dr Tina Beattie - prophetess, true daughter of St Joan of Arc, mystic of the Church and doctor of theology - abundant joy as well!

It looks like a 'woman priest' takes the Catholic Faith more even more seriously than Dr Tina Beattie. If you have not heard this news already then it is my personal joy to reveal that a lady priest has recanted of her lady priestness and resolved never to be a lady priest again. Oh boy...this is going to feel good and you know what they say...if it feels it! This is a written statement by Norma Jean Coon, RN, MFCC, PhD of San Diego, California.

'On July 22, 2007, I was ordained to the diaconate by Bishop Patricia Fresen, of Germany and South Africa who was ordained by three male bishops in Germany for the group called Roman Catholic Women Priests. The ordination took place at the Santa Barbara Immaculate Heart Spiritual Center. Because neither Patricia Fresen nor myself were given permission for the ordination by Pope Benedict XVI, the ordinations were illegitimate and not recognized by the Roman Catholic Church. Thus an excommunication process called Latae Sententiae occurred, excommunicating oneself by failure to observe the Canon Laws of the Church. 
I wish to renounce the alleged ordination and publicly state that I did not act as a deacon as a part of this group except on two occasions, when I read the gospel once at mass and distributed communion once at this same mass. I withdrew from the program within two weeks of the ceremony because I realized that I had made a mistake in studying for the priesthood. I confess to the truth of Pope John Paul II's Apostolic Letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis. I confess the authority of the Holy Father on these issues of ordination and recognize that Christ founded the ordination only for men.
Formally, I relinquish all connection to the program of Roman Catholic Women Priests and I disclaim the alleged ordination publicly with apologies to those whose lives I have offended or scandalized by my actions. I ask God's blessings upon each of these folks and their families.
Norma Jean Coon, RN, MFCC, PhD
San Diego, California
Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Sister, renouncing it for Jesus
Holy God, I ask your blessings on my Bishop and my pastor and priests in Rome who have assisted me in the process of being re-instated into the Roman Catholic Church and I forsake all connection with the Roman Catholic Women Priests program via Internet or otherwise.
I thank you for the efforts of my family in my behalf and ask for Jesus' Light and Love to pour over my husband of 47 years and my five children.
Forgive me my Beloved Jesus and Mother Mary for pursuing my own will in this matter of ordination and as I consecrate myself to your Divine Will through the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I ask you to pour out Light and Love upon any who have placed themselves outside of your Love and Light Bless us, O Lord, for these thy gifts and place us in the Heart of the Father, as we pray for more priests to serve in our church and for vocations to enrich our Church in the United States.
Forgive us for failing in obedience and enrich us in your Holy Love, I pray through Jesus and Mary. Fiat+

Oh Tina! It's so moving, isn't it?! Doesn't it just bring tears to your eyes?! Redemption! O Lord, we marvel at your works! Oh, how the Angels must be weeping with joy! Oh, Tina! Just imagine the joy of your patroness in Heaven too, who I see you've recently added to your sidebar, as well! I'm going to go out and get me another beer! If you were here, Tina, love, I'd buy you one myself and we could both celebrate!


Larry Denninger said...

Thanks for the link, Laurence. This is phenomenal news - a chink in the tie-dye weave of the womynpreest movement, maybe.

Anonymous said...

I read about this on "The Last Papist Standing" as well. It is indeed good news. Reason and faith prevails!

Tina Beattie said...

I don't drink beer, but a glass of wine might entice me.

Well-Wisher said...

Will you PLEASE change your side bar photo. Potential employers might check out your blog and you look quite ill on this one. Seriously. This is sincerely meant.
Also try not to be too insulting, sarcastic or patronising to serious academics. It does not harm them but could reflect badly on your judgement.
High tech. site. Nicely done.

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