Thursday, 17 February 2011

Mad World, Mad Church

In my previous post, I said the World could get madder and it probably will. However, even a mad World, a World that makes a box of frogs tripping on acid while attempting 'the conga' look sane, can look at outlandish examples the Church's liturgy in modern times and say, "Now that is batsh*t bonkers. I thought those guys were meant to be different to us. I thought they actually believed in God!"

Believe it or not the World could and almost definitely will get madder. The Church needs to be protected from the glaring errors of the World, whether it comes in the form of gay 'marriage' or well, just (as you can see in the video above) total, out and out, insane, utter weirdness, whether it is taking place in Brazil or Barnsley. Did the Second Vatican Council Fathers expect, foresee, or even dare to imagine this?

I think the Priest in the video above is wearing lace. There, I believe, comparisons between this particular 'interpretation' of the Mass of Pope Paul VI and the Traditional Latin Mass end. This Priest, I believe, could benefit from either a silent retreat (gagging), or a discernment of vocation course (locking in cupboard) ran by the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter over the coming months.

Move along now, everybody. No disobedience to be seen here. There's nothing to see here. If only Paul Inwood could see this. You can just imagine he'd be absolutely livid!


pelerin said...

That video should come with a health warning! I don't know what language it was but how can any Bishop allow such hijinks at Mass - or was that the Bishop?!

Alvin said...

It was in Portuguese, obviously, since it was in Brazil. Most Latin American church services are like that. Well, not as extreme, but I've been there an awful lot and travelled extensively and seen the mass celebrated in such diverse ways. To generalise somewhat, the Latin Americans basically wouldn't turn up to see a dreary European mass accompanied by old organ music and Gregorian chanting. They want samba, maraccas, 'booty-shaking', passion, and a bit of theatre

The Bones said...

Uh-huh, so the Mass is about human entertainment then? You have no problems with this interpretation of the Mass?

Alvin said...

I didn't say the mass 'should be' about entertainment, if that's what you're implying. I said that in Brazil, a country I know reasonably well, the mass 'is' celebrated as a form of entertainment. That you do not like this is immaterial, since you are not Brazillian and, unless you visit the country, will never need to see a samba mass. I am well aware that it looks daft to a Brightonian. But a Brazillian visiting Fr. Ray's service would probably find it amusing, quaint, English, staid etc etc etc. Different strokes for different folks. Basically if you imposed the European mass on Brazil the Church would collapse. The Vatican are smart- they know this and are clearly not inclined to intervene.

The Bones said...

Why would it look 'weird' to a Brightonian. Drag artists are all over this town!

georgem said...

Catholic = universal, not particular.
So-called inculturation has been responsible for many abuses, profanities and mini-popes. I don't think this guy would get very far on the X-Factor, but he'd do rather better on Strictly-cum-Heresy.
Congregation mostly women, I note.
But I'm puzzled. Was it a Mass? The crowds outside the Cathedral(?) were large. The interior and the size of the congregation seemed smaller than one would expect.

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