Monday, 14 February 2011

Equal Rights for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

A new STD has hit the gay community in recent years...
Waiting at a local doctor's surgery last week, it struck me that the NHS had provided Brighton not so much with a local, friendly GP service as a 'clap clinic' where you can also see a doctor for other ailments. Leaflets concerning sexually transmitted diseases seemed to be everywhere and two large banners, one for men, one for women advertised the sexual health screening services of Brighton's newest 'drop-in' clinic.

I came across this leaflet. It appears that the pdf version has been 'cleaned up' a little. The leaflet that I read, produced by Terence Higgins Trust, used rather more colourful language to advise gay men of the dangers of LGV, a relatively new variant of chlamydia that is particularly prevalent among the gay community. Medical terms or even biological terms for sexual organs and bodily orifices were dropped in favour of the kind of language the gay community uses when it is not on camera campaigning for gay 'rights' while presenting homosexual activity in a similar light to cooking, going to the gym, swimming or some other innocent pastime.

Ben Summerskill of Stonewall
Certainly, Stonewall's Ben Summerskill, for example, seems to spend more media time championing the 'equality' of gay relationships than he does warning the homosexual community of the very real dangers of sexually transmitted diseases endemic in the culture. LGV, for example, appears to be a rather nasty virus. Do a Google image search on 'LGV virus' and you'll see what I mean. Grim!

So, this LGV, then, what is it? Let's allow the Terence Higgins Trust's new 'CHAPS' leaflet to help us crawl through this disease-ridden minefield like they do in that scene from 'Kelly's Heroes'...

'What is LGV?
LGV stands for ‘lymphogranuloma venereum’. It’s a serious sexually transmitted infection caused by a type of chlamydia bacteria.
Is LGV new?
It was thought to be very rare in the UK until 2004 when cases were first noticed in gay and bisexual men. It’s been spreading among them since.
What happens if a man gets LGV?
A few people have had LGV without noticing but most get symptoms within a few weeks, some within a week of getting infected. Most gay and bisexual men are getting infected with LGV inside their bum. Blood or pus can come from it, with painful inflammation (called ‘proctitis’). You might try to go to the toilet but find you can’t or that it hurts. You might get painful anal abscesses or ulcers. You can feel ill, get a fever and might lose weight. There may be a small, painless sore where the bacteria got into your bum or penis but most people don’t get or notice a sore. If you get LGV in your penis you might also get a discharge or pain when you urinate. The glands in your groin can swell - so much that they might push through your skin and leak fluid. It’s rare to get LGV in the mouth or throat. If you do, the glands in your neck might swell.
If LGV isn’t treated?
Left untreated LGV can cause lasting damage. The inside of your bum can be so seriously damaged that you might need surgery. Your penis and scrotum can can swell massively with blocked fluid.
How is LGV passed on?
The bacteria usually get into someone’s body through the bum, but can also get in through the penis or the mouth. Anal sex without condoms and fisting without gloves are the easiest way this happens. LGV can also spread when bacteria are carried from one bum to another on things like fingers, fists, dildos, enema or douching equipment - even on a condom-covered penis or a gloved hand.
Who gets LGV?
So far the infection’s been mostly seen in gay and bisexual bmen who:
• Have anal sex without condoms
• Fist without gloves
• Have lots of sexual partners
• Go to sex parties, sex clubs or saunas.

Most of the men infected so far also have HIV.
How can I stop the spread of LGV?
You cut your risk of getting LGV by using condoms - or latex gloves for fisting. If several men are having anal sex or being fisted in the same sex session then condoms and gloves should be changed with each man – or hands washed between each bum. This stops the infection being passed from man to man. Sex toys like dildos shouldn’t be used on more than one bum in a sex session unless covered with a fresh condom with each bum they’re used on – or the toys are cleaned with warm water and anti-bacterial soap before being used on a new man. Enema or douching equipment shouldn’t be shared. If you’ve had LGV once you can get it again.
The test for LGV
If you have LGV, a swab taken from your penis or bum will test positive for chlamydia. If you have symptoms then that swab will then have more tests to be sure you have LGV and not the more common type of chlamydia. A check-up is crucial if you have any symptoms of inflammation in or around your bum – or in your penis. When going for a check-up ask for your bum to be checked for chlamydia if the clinic doesn’t already do this. Don’t have sex until you’ve been checked and treated.
Anything else I need to know?
Because of the bleeding and skin damage LGV causes it makes it easier to pick up or pass on HIV. It also means you’re more likely to get or pass on hepatitis C (a serious viral liver disease), syphilis and other STIs. If you get LGV, people you’ve had sex with also need to be tested and treated. If you don’t want to tell people yourself you can ask a clinic to contact them anonymously.'

Don't you just love that last bit? You don't have to tell all your sexual partners you've given them an awful disease because you can get the clinic to 'tip them off' anonymously! Isn't that just so nice?! Of course, all of this scaremongering about horrendous STIs from homosexual activity is just 'anti-gay propaganda'...from the gay the gay community. By the way, for those who are unsure what 'fisting' is, I'm afraid it is what your imagination tells you it might be, but(t), don't worry, because as the leaflet above tells us, its all good, clean, healthy, adult, fun. It's the kind of stuff 'marriage' is made of...

Now promoting anal sex as a contraceptive...
Mind you, it appears as if Marie Stopes International are getting in on the act of promoting this rather nasty disease to the heterosexual community, as well. Wherever somebody's anus is on fire, there you will find Stonewall, but now Marie Stopes International is joining in on the party...

LifeSiteNews inform us that..

'A sexually explicit music video sponsored by abortion giant Marie Stopes International is promoting anal sex as a contraceptive option for teens. “Rule of thumb, one up the bum and it’s no harm done. One up the bum and you won’t be a mum,” says one line in the risqué ‘safe sex’ video by comic rap group, The Midnight Beast, entitled “Use ya Head.”
Anal sex is strongly linked to many dangerous and deadly diseases, including HPV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Herpes. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have outlined the grave risks of anal sex, especially the potential of contracting HPV. “It is estimated that about 1,600 new cases of HPV-associated anal cancer are diagnosed in women and about 900 are diagnosed in men each year in the United States.”'

"Rule of thumb, one up the bum and it's no harm done"...Oh, that is priceless. 'No harm done', unless, that is, you are unfortunate enough to contract a hideous disease like LGV, HGV, syphilis, chlamydia or gonorrhea.

Just think, my Lords, they'll be wanting to teach this in Catholic schools soon, but then, hey, "who knows what is down the road?"


Anonymous said...

GRRRRROSS!! Thanks Laurence for having the courage to bring this to our attention - though I REALLY wish I hadn't read it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting me off my lunch bones!

Therese said...

Oh yuck yuck yuck!

So, sorry if I'm being a bit stupid, but what exactly does a girl get out of 'one up the bum'? - apart from no baby and a potential raft of diseases? I'm assuming that she's hoping for at least some form of, uh, shall we say, 'emotional connection' from a sexual experience rather than just a pain in the *rse.

Marie Stopes is just so full of it, and now it's peddling another foul form of misogyny.

A Reluctant Sinner said...

Thanks for this post, even if it did put me off my dinner!

It just goes to show that when men and women disobey God there can be some horrific consequences. Hopefully some of these same sex attracted people will come to know God, and see that He only wants the best for them.

It seems bizarre that the NHS spends all this money on sexual health initiatives, yet more and more STDs seem to crop up, and all the condoms in the world don't seem to help those addicted to the "gay community".

This is why I am so concerned about the Soho Masses. Those who run them seem to come at sexuality from the perspective of the NHS or secular charities, and not from God's perspective, which is (supposed to be clearly) taught by His Church.

We have a duty to save body and soul. I am sure that this post will help our Christian mission: to proclaim the truth, to love the sinner, to care for the sick and to save all souls.

epsilon said...

how about sending all this info to ab Nichols en masse, folks? To let him it's no longer "down the road" it's right outside our door!

John Skype said...

''Of course, all of this scaremongering about horrendous STIs from homosexual activity is just 'anti-gay propaganda'...from the gay the gay community.''

It doesnt sound like scaremongering, it sounds like medical information. Are you saying that information about how STIs are spread should not be made available?
Also LGV was introduced to this country by heterosexuals from the Carribean where it is also common. Obvously Brighton has a larger gay community than an Afro-Carribean community which is why the leaflets are targeted towards gay people where you live. If you lived in Hackney, London (where I do) the leaflets would be orientated towards straight ethnic minorities where the incidence of LGV is higher.

Claire DeBouvouir said...

Therese - ''So, sorry if I'm being a bit stupid, but what exactly does a girl get out of 'one up the bum'?''

Who knows what a female gets from anal sex but it is relatively common in the heterosexual population. Perhaps anal sex should be criminalised like in Uganda and the death sentence should be imposed. Would that be something you are in agreement with?

Claie DeBouvoir said...

Reluctant Sinner - ''It just goes to show that when men and women disobey God there can be some horrific consequences. Hopefully some of these same sex attracted people will come to know God, and see that He only wants the best for them.''

Your argument doesn't really hold. Lesbians are at lowest risk of contracting STIs (including HIV) so is God telling us that we should be lesbians rather than heterosexual?

Claire DeBouvoir said...

elsilon et al - HIV and LGV are also highly prevalent in the afro-carribean community. perhaps we should send this info to archbish nichols so he can ban afro-carribean masses and pastoral support. and by this logic we would have to exclude between 20% - 50% of some african countries from the church.

epsilon said...

Claire dB - you misunderstand - I am not saying nor is any true Catholic believer ever saying ANYONE should EVER be turned away. What we are saying is that bishops and priests should be leading us on a path towards holiness, pointing out the pitfalls of instantaneous selfgratification. Instead we see many of them kowtowing to the dictates of the current social set-up, which is leading us all to hell and damnation either by going against the laws of nature and of God or by being silent and turning our heads in denial that anything is wrong.

On the side of the angels said...

..can't they make do with a cold shower, a nice cup of tea and a jammie dodger?

Dilly said...

Ok - you have now told us what LGV is in graphic detail but then you list a number of other hideous diseases. Most of them I know of, but what is HGV? Does in involve lorry drivers and Yorkie Bars (condom wrapped of course?

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