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He is Victorious! He is Risen!

Happy Easter to all readers!
Allelulia! Allelulia! Alleluia!

The Church and the "New Realities"

I recently saw in a Brighton cafe a young woman dressed up in what I had thought was a fancy dress costume. Because I know the cafe well and the man who served the girl dressed in a pin striped suit, a brylcreamed male hairstyle and some strange make-up, I asked whether she was part of a fancy dress event during the day.

"Sort of", he replied. "It's cosplay."
"Cosplay?" I asked, mystified.
"Basically," he explained, "you dress up in a persona, whatever persona you want, whenever you want. You can do it as much as you want and kind of slip into it for a day or for a period of time and then come out of it and go back to how you normally are."
"How very Brighton," I thought.
The youth, eh? It's not like how it was in my day. In my day, it was called fancy dress. It was unusual. There was a young woman, in a cafe, sitting down in what I would call "fancy dress" but is now known as "cosplay" with her g…

Pope Emeritus Benedict Reminds the Church of What We Had

When Pope Benedict XVI was removed from the summit of the visible Church, what lay beneath him was revealed. I use the passive in this instance not in order to provoke controversy regarding his 'removal' in the sense of a conspiracy that achieved it, but rather to place Benedict XVI's pontificate in its proper place, within history. After all, history sees everyone removed from every position of status in the end and the same will happen, eventually, to Benedict's Successor(s). Every priest, every Pope is in the soul eternal. Every priest, every Pope, though, is in the body transient.

Since Benedict XVI's departure into a new role of prayer within the Church, while 'remaining in the enclosure of St Peter', what has created a terrifying tempest within the Church and - in as much as it cares - the World, has really been the difficult digestion of difficult truths. Whatever you think of Francis and his 'effect', the deeply insightful interview with Po…

Latin America and the World Warned of Danger of New Virus

Rorate Caeli reports today on the renewed threat that a virus known as Franciska poses to the world. Symptoms of the disease which has seen victims lapse from attendance at Church while complaining of an unformed conscience include moral confusion, a descent into relativism, a propensity to grave errors, the sudden and unexpected promotion of an environmental agenda at times of mass apostasy within the Church and the projectile vomiting of ones own opinions at unnecessary times and outside of the spheres of the victim's own competence. It is passed on through word of mouth and also by hearing or reading media reportage of Catholic affairs emanating from Rome. Rome itself, however, is not thought to be the origin of the disease. Scientists believe the origins of the disease lay elsewhere and may have started life in Buenos Aires in 1936.
Scientists and theologians suggest that the virus is believed to be a resurrected strain of the Bergogika Virus that inflicted untold damage, de…

In Search of the Authentic II

As well as Pope Francis, whose verbosity is already the stuff of Catholic legend, other senior figures in the Church too are unshy of granting interviews on the current state of affairs within the Catholic Church. They do so now in a climate which could well be one that carries considerable risk to themselves. I really expect that few, if any, Catholic Cardinals, Bishops or Priests wish to be seen as in any sense wishing to contradict or oppose what the Supreme Pontiff teaches.

What marks out a prelate like Bishop Athanasius Schneider, or Cardinal Raymond Burke, or Cardinal Robert Sarah from our beloved if sometimes contradictory Supreme Pontiff is the clarity of the message, but also the due reverence and respect they pay to the Pope, the Chief Shepherd of the Faithful, upon whom has been placed the task of feeding Christ's flock with spiritual nourishment. Bishops and Cardinals, however, also have this task of teaching Christ's flock. The internet, in particular, gives Bish…