Latin America and the World Warned of Danger of New Virus

Scientists claim the mysterious disease may have originated in Buenos Aires
Rorate Caeli reports today on the renewed threat that a virus known as Franciska poses to the world.
Symptoms of the disease which has seen victims lapse from attendance at Church while complaining of an unformed conscience include moral confusion, a descent into relativism, a propensity to grave errors, the sudden and unexpected promotion of an environmental agenda at times of mass apostasy within the Church and the projectile vomiting of ones own opinions at unnecessary times and outside of the spheres of the victim's own competence. It is passed on through word of mouth and also by hearing or reading media reportage of Catholic affairs emanating from Rome. Rome itself, however, is not thought to be the origin of the disease. Scientists believe the origins of the disease lay elsewhere and may have started life in Buenos Aires in 1936.

Scientists and theologians suggest that the virus is believed to be a resurrected strain of the Bergogika Virus that inflicted untold damage, devastating the Church in parts of Latin America, such as Argentina, where Faith in particular was once strong. The Franciska virus, like the Bergogika Virus, poses no risk of loss of mortal life but does increase severe risks to spiritual health and the life of immortal souls. In Catholic families, the passing on of Franciska is suggested to have caused severe and ugly abnormalities in the Faith of children born to parents infected with the disease. The emergence of Franciska has even led Catholic parents to question the licitness of abortion since the virus has led some to consider abortion at one moment to be a crime, but in another moment led to scandalous praise for those infamous persons who have practiced it.

A Mexican Bishop deals with an outbreak of Franciska in Mexico

The disease, which has given women and men, a great excuse to use artificial contraception against the teachings of the Catholic Church and contrary to the Law of God, cannot be passed on by sexual contact, but it is thought that the divorced and remarried are particularly at risk from the disease, since it takes advantage of those in a vulnerable situation by calling them obliquely and by means of gesture, evasiveness and through traces of heretical bacteria by word of mouth, to receive Holy Communion in a state of objective mortal sin which in turn leads to spiritual sickness and even complete spiritual death.

Neither the Bergogika virus nor the Franciska virus should be confused with the controversial Zika virus which has caused headlines around the world, the origin and spread of which has not yet been comprehensively proven. Ban-Ki-Moon of the UN, Barack Obama and Heads of State around the world have publicly pleaded that those concerned about Franciska calm down and refrain from causing any sense of public panic. Mexican Bishops, however, remain sceptical and maintain that the threat to spiritual health is real and has been described by some as "an emergency".


Simon Reilly said…
Fortunately there is a vaccine against this virus. It goes by the name of 'tradition' and has a 99.9 success rate.
philipjohnson said…
I agree with Simon!Tradition will save The Church(it already is)and the Bergoglian heresy of Vat 11 will be a distant memory.God Bless.
Anonymous said…
Is there any cure for this desease?
Mary Kay said…
As a nurse, I can assure those worried about this grave condition, that adherence to the truths of the Holy Catholic Faith will act as an innoculation against this dread problem. A prayer for the perpetrator will be a kind gesture.
Unknown said…
If Vat 2 is a heretical document (which I believe it is), then the Church is not indefectible and has taught error for almost 50 years. OR: the Church and all the prelates who knowingly accepted the Vat 2 heresies have ceased to be Catholic. True Catholicism, then exists only in traditional chapels that rightfully reject Vat 2. Unfortunately that could not include FSSP or ICK for the simple fact that the prelates accept Vat 2 and have been ordained in a dubious new rite by bishops consecrated in an almost certainly invalid rite (according to Archbishop LeFebvre).

I believe there are faithful Novus Ordo Catholics out there who simply don't read or keep up with all the changes in the church today. They blindly trust what they believe is the Church and the pope. I was one of them for 14 years. Hopefully, as Francis dismantles things more and more, they will wake up.

Seattle kim
Pelerin said…
Where has Fr Z's blog gone? Has his email address been hijacked? I received a strange cryptic message by email supposedly from him today and his blog appears to be unavailable.

I believe Priests' email addresses are chosen as they obviously have long lists of emails - I have had experience of two both of which spun the usual tale of being stranded in Africa and needing money to get home. The first had so many amusing mistakes in the English that I knew it could not possibly come from Fr X and the second came from a Priest I had once contacted by email for information but had never even met. Of course I discovered that both had had their email lists stolen.

Today's email supposedly from Fr Z does not ask for money. Perhaps it will later on - readers of Fr Z beware!
Pelerin said…
PS The link to Fr Z appears to have been restored now though strangely no mention of any problems with his email.
Basto said…
The real virus which attacks religion in Latina America is the Liberation Theology, a dangerous mixture between Christianism and communism. Some say it’s was made by the KGB.

Pope Francis has, at least, one hand full of statements where he tells us that there wasn’t a miracle of the “multiplication of the loaves and fishes”, there was a “miracle of the sharing. He actually calls that miracle a “parable”, meaning invented…
Basto said…
«The Son of man, who like a serpent ‘became sin’»

«The Crucifix is the mystery of God’s ‘annihilation’, out of love.»

«he became serpent»

...and plenty more!

I don’t know what they get to drink in the House of Saint Martha…

God help the Pope.
Anonymous said…
too funny, Mr. Bones as I snorted and chuckled over this piece. It seems as if we are suffering from the brutal Georges virus here in the U.S. George H.W. Bush (Gulf War), George W. Bush (war on terror), George Bergoglio AKA Francis (mess up the Catholic Church) and George Soros (I get to pick the U.S. president with my filthy ill-gotten money). What is up with that? I hope their effect goes away soon.

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