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Sympathy for Ken

I've really no great admiration for Ken Livingstone but suddenly I do have a little sympathy for him. Before British entrepreneur Lord Alan Sugar or anyone else lining up in the politically correct and outraged queue formed in a sudden media storm condemns the Labour politician for 'antisemitism', he and they may want to examine at least some historical research and evidence from the Shoah Resource Centre, that is The International School for Holocaust Studies, which, in its paper on 'The Transfer Agreement and the Boycott Movement' asserts in its introduction:

In the summer of 1933, the Jewish Agency for Palestine, the German Zionist Federation, and the German Economics Ministry drafted a plan meant to allow German Jews emigrating to Palestine to retain some of the value of their property in Germany by purchasing German goods for the Yishuv, which would redeem them in Palestine local currency. This scheme, known as the Transfer Agreement or Ha’avarah, met the ne…

On Michael Voris and His Mother

May I too add my voice to the many who are standing in support of the heroic Michael Voris, who was brought back to the Holy Faith from a ruinous path, through the holy prayer and example of his heroic Catholic mother. May I join with those who are praying for him and for his often excellent apostolate, with those who are doing so in Heaven and those who are doing so on Earth.

Through the intercession of the Most Blessed and ever Virgin Mary, Mother of God, of St Augustine of Hippo, St Monica, St Michael and St George, whose love for Christ and His Church you strive valiantly to emulate, may God grant you renewed strength and peace in your current trials and bring to shame and repentance those who by their envy and malice seek the destruction of your work for Our Lord and God.

As a viewer and a more loyal and dedicated one than I was a week ago, thank you for the work you do for the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. May our God love you, protect yo…

The Spirit of Amoris Laetitia and the Denial of God

In attempting to distill in one central armchair criticism, my main concern with Amoris Laetitia is not simply the notorious footnote that has become a black mark on the papacy, nor just the manipulation of important Catholic teaching by the employment of subtle changes in language used. The worst thing about the document is its spirit. The spirit of the document - the spirit in which it is written - is most telling of all, because its spirit will poison even those points in it which are Catholic and are easily reconcilable with the Catechism. This spirit, sadly, can be traced right through this pontificate like a stick of Brighton rock.

It is a cruel document. Cruel upon man and cruel upon woman. Cruel upon priests, cruel upon spiritual directors. Cruel upon husbands, cruel upon wives. It is a document of abhorrent cruelty. In terms of 'pastoral guidance' for the clergy who are faced with the man and the woman in a second (therefore, adulterous) union after a first marriage …

H/T Cardinal Baldisseri


Celebrate Reformation Day in a Catholic Spirit

As various senior Churchmen call upon the Catholic Faithful to prepare to 'celebrate' the 500th anniversary Reformation of 1517, when Martin Luther penned his 95 Theses and nailed it to a Church door, one small team of Catholic entrepeneurs based in New Jersey, USA are selling a range of empty beer cans carrying images of those famous faces of the Reformation for the shooting practise of Catholics worldwide.

Much like the widely anticipated but schizophrenically, schismatically divisive 'Amoris Laetitia' is set to do, Luther's work set a carving knife to Christendom. And while the Pope's new Exhortation hasn't been nailed to a Church door yet, rather like the tin cans peppered with holes from air rifle pellets above, Amoris Laetitia is said to be more metaphorically riddled with holes than a block of Swiss cheese and its rumoured that if criticism of the document continues at its current frequency, the Exhortation could itself become ideal target practise …

St John the Pastoral


A Wise and Prudent Father

For The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma
On social media and even some blogs, there are some quite wild and fantastical things being said of Cardinal Raymond Burke's 'intervention' including talk of 'betrayal'. What madness. Nobody's asked me for my thoughts, so I thought I'd give them to you anyway...

Precisely because faithful Catholics - especially in the blogosphere, yep, me too -are engaged in the painful realisation that their worst fears have largely been confirmed by the tone and noted passages within Amoris Laetitia, and because we are either involved in or are witnessing something akin to a mass public meltdown, it is probably a very good thing that Cardinal Burke has stepped forward with a calm and measured response to the document. Indeed, precisely because unfaithful Catholics - especially in the blogosphere - are engaged in the jubilant realisation that their dreams are made true by this document, is it important that Cardinal Burke has said w…

The Ambiguity of the Amoris Laetitia Reveals Far More than it Conceals

'Pray for me, that I may not flee, for fear of the wolves.' ~ Pope Benedict XVI, 24 April 2005
Can it possibly be accidental? It seems incredibly unlikely. The ambiguity, the obfuscation, the confusing selection of language served up in Amoris Laetitia is deliberate, planned and carefully constructed. Great thought has gone into it. The deceit is hidden in its employment of intricate language rather than honestly stating what is intended. How can its openness to interpretation be anything other than wilful? This, rather than making the inconsistencies and errors within it more tolerable, makes the authors more blameworthy than excusable, since such effort has been expended on deceiving the Faithful that it is orthodox, when it is anything but.

This is made even more sinister by the fact that this has been the intended outcome of the document despite Bishops voting out those aspects which were poisonous - and yet they were ignored. They might have thought that being invited to …

A Post of Unhelpful Pedantry

Just to illustrate that even a number of those florid, beautiful and seemingly innocuous passages within (That's) Amoris (!) Laetitia contain serious misrepresentations of Catholic Truth, see the above quote delivered to us by Word on Fire, Bishop Robert Barron's resourceful channel for evangelisation. This is a teaching document. Because it comes from the hand of the Pope it is, even if presented pastorally meant to be a Catholic teaching document. The more I read of Pope Francis's writings, the more I think he is good at talking about climate, or poverty, or even aspects of economics and social science, but not so adept at teaching about Catholicism.

Firstly, note how the Church's usual language has been seriously co-opted and compromised. The Church rarely, if ever, in Her encyclicals has talked about people 'in love'. 'In love' is the World's language that we Catholics may use periodically from time to time to express a personal state in a rela…

Ah, the joy of love...


Synod of Collegiality, Parrhesia and Walking Together Draws to a Close

Because apparently there's no point acquiring extraordinary power if you cannot use it in an extraordinary way.  I guess there's no point gathering a consultative committee of bishops and cardinals to listen to their 'insights' from around the World, if you can't then overrule their voting decisions by the use of the sheer privilege your Office and Authority provides in the 'round up' of that gathering. Because power. Because 'I can'. Let it now be said just what an inordinate, absurd waste of time, money and energy that Synod on the Family, which has spanned two exhausting years, was.
Please, please, please don't anyone dress this multiple car crash up as some hopeful backdoor success for orthodoxy. Your Catechism has been sneakily stolen by a cunning, opportunistic street urchin who already has in his mind a million excuses as to how to defend his actions. Why? Here is just one of the whys. The others are currently being fleshed out by other …

Apostolic Exhortation Front Cover Exclusive

Not seen since the original 1970s bestseller edition sold out, now to be found only second hand on Ebay, Cardinal Baldisseri has confirmed that the 'teaching couple' from the 'The Joy of Sex' will return to grace the front cover of the Pope's Apostolic Exhortation.

When asked if the famous couple had been divorced, remarried and then divorced and remarried again in order to get back with each other again, or whether they had since 1972 contracted any civil unions with same-sex partners or indeed whether the husband and wife had been co-habiting during their extra-marital affairs, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri refused to comment saying, "The personal history of this famous couple is something to be treated within the internal forum only as they are taken up the private penitential garden path".

Cardinal Schonborn, also called upon by Pope Francis to introduce the Exhortation to the Church and the World said simply...

"A lot of people are wildly specula…