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The Government Abandoned Marriage and Now It is a Dirty Word

Sex, condoms, the language of sex...are no longer 'dirty words'. Poor children! The vision of the Government's teaching on sex education. Strongest Supporters. Is the Government's survey of young people's attitudes to sex. Teachers would do well to teach:
Biology of sex and reproduction (92 per cent)Physical aspects of puberty (92 per cent)Contraception (87 per cent)STIs (80 per cent).Skills for coping with relationships (21.4 per cent)The enjoyable and good things about sex (34 per cent)Messages from the media about sex and relationships survey who identified themselves as transgender,lesbian or (positive and negative)(36 per cent) gay or who reported having a physical disability felt their feelings and emotions that we experience in relationshipsSRE was bad or very bad 56, 55, 54 and 50 per cent and sex (37 per cent).Topics discussed in the Government's survey on sex education with 16-25 year olds touched on sensitive issues such as:
How our bodies change as w…

A Society of Broken Relationships Teaches Children: How to Have Broken Relationships

I've been on the Guardian columnist's website, having it out with someone called Spoonface. Of course, on a Guardian column, the writer of the article on 'sex ed for kidz' was bound to find many friends agreeing that 'faith schools' should 'shut the **** up' about sexual morality.'

It strikes me that the greatest threat to the State in the UK isn't anarchists or terrorists. Really, it is religion, and not just Christianity, but any religion that doesn't agree with its atheistic, secular world-view. When it comes to certain issues, such as abortion or the scandalisation of the child, Muslims, Jews and Christians should really be able to speak out together more and especially with regard to State interference in 'faith schools'.

The idea of God clearly terrorises the Government more than anything else. The idea that people believe in God and have a faith and try to live by that faith is to the Government, a great annoyance, because it me…

Condoms to be Rebranded

A new Government initiative has decided to re-name and re-package condoms in a bold attempt to make people think about what contraception is really doing to their human relationships.

They are to be renamed: 'I DON'T TRUST YOU' for men and 'I CAN'T TRUST YOU' for women.

From now on, when sexually active couples, ranging from young teens to mature adults need condoms, they will say in heated moments, 'It's okay, I brought some 'I don't trust yous with me', and, 'Have you got the I can't trust yous?'

"Sex Education is a Right!" Says Guardian Columnist

Andrew Copson of The Guardian defended the Government's sex (re)education programmes, which will introduce sex education to children as young as 5.Join me, Laurence England, as I attempt to ridicule his brazenly aggressive, anti-Catholic argument, with bold, orange font.His argument goes something like this: "Sure, you can be a Faith School, you can be a Jewish school, a Muslim School, or a Catholic School...but you cannot teach your faith. You must teach atheism."

"No parent or school should be able to prevent a young person receiving good, high-quality sex and relationship education." (That is, no gravely irresponsible parent or school...) Typical, some would say, of the view of humanists and others who believe that sex and relationships education should be an entitlement for all our children, and are often accused as a consequence of riding roughshod over the rights of some religious parents and the "rights" of religious schools. (See, reader, how h…

Singapore Says Inviting Nitschke In Would Be Suicidal

"Are you vulnerable, depressed, lonely, elderly or mentally ill? Well, I have just the thing for you..."

Ben Bland on his Asia File blog has reported that he's 'just heard' from Dr Philip Nitschke, the Australian euthanasia campaigner sometimes known as 'Dr Death', that the police have pulled the plug on his planned seminar in Singapore, less than two weeks before it was scheduled to take place in the National Library building. (Yes!)

The police have refused to grant Nitschke's organisation, Exit International, a public entertainment licence on the grounds that his talk "may promote the commission of criminal offences in Singapore, of which euthanasia is one". (Eat that, you homicidal maniac!)
Nitschke said that the decision was "immensely disappointing" ('I become depressed when I can't kill people') and that he was talking to lawyers about the possibility of an appeal.He had earlier insisted that he had no intention of b…

Until a Non-Hispanic Death is Confirmed...

For more on this story click here.
'The first swine flu death in the United States has been confirmed, but the victim is a Mexican toddler who caught the illness in Mexico before traveling to Texas. Serious questions must now be asked about why a virus that has spread across at least 10 countries and is suspected in many others has only killed hispanics, and whether a race-specific bio-weapon is being beta-tested.Scientists are still baffled as to the contrast between the lethality of the virus in Mexico compared to the rest of the world. Despite the virus being confirmed in the United States, Canada, the UK, Spain, New Zealand, Germany, Costa Rica, and Austria, with probable cases also occurring in France, South Korea and Slovakia, the virus has killed only Mexicans.We are also toldthat the virus which sickened students at a school in Queens is the same strain as the one found in Mexico.How can it be that the only fatalities are Mexican hispanics nearly a week into the outbreak?&#…

New and Deadly Strain of Flu

In the aftermath of the latest news on Swindle Flu, another, new, lethal and deadly strain of flu has emerged. The new variant, '1Flu-2SwamBut-3RemainedStanding' strain is transmitted bythe media and can only be caught by coming into contact with the media, either by TV, radio, internet or reading newspapers.

One man in Lincolnshire has been rumoured to have being infected by teletext, but confirmation of this is still awaited, as it had long been assumed that people had stopped using teletext years ago. The origins of the new strain are said to be in the offices of BBC and Sky News in London, where 'media-types', known by some as 'media swine', known to be vulnerable to the transmission of moral panic viruses and scaremongering diseases, had gathered in large numbers.The virus mutated and can now be spread from the media to humans. Whether it can be passed from human to human is another matter altogether. It is reported that it is possible that the 'media f…

Cleaning Job Application

I'm currently doing a book-keeping course and need time to do it, as well as blogging furiously, being a conservative Catholic, reacting to news stories with audible phrases such as, 'I don't believe it...Shocking...Well, I never...', such is the life of a 30-something reactionary. Also, I want to get a gardening business off the ground but its recession time and everybody's indoors with swine flu and haven't got the money. So, I just called up a firm because they had some part time hours for a cleaning job, just something that could bring in some money for fags and food and perhaps a glass of beer.

The application went something like this...

Cleaning Firm: "Hello, Amateurs Cleaning Firm, Jeff speaking, how may I help?"

Me: "Oh, hello, I saw your advert on the jobs centre website looking for a cleaner."

Cleaning Firm: "Oh, okay, well what is your first name?"

Me: "Laurence"

Cleaning Firm: "What is your second name?"


Germany Endorses Child Sexual Abuse and Incest

I hope to God this story is not true, but nowadays, it would hardly be surprising. H/T to Cranmer.Germany are clearly one step ahead of the UK, who are just legislating to teach sex to children aged 5 upwards. The word scandalous, does not do the developments justice.

This booklet, entitled ‘Body, Love and Playing Doctor’ emanates from Germany’s Ministry for Family Affairs, and it encourages parents to ‘sexually massage’ their children as young as 1-3 years of age. There is a sequel for children aged 4-6 years of age which recommends teaching them the movements of sexual intercourse...

Astonishingly, the booklet advises: ‘Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters. Their caresses too seldom pertain to these regions, while this is the only way the girls can develop a sense of pride in their sex.’

And the rationale for this? ‘The child touches all parts of their father's body, sometimes arousing him. The father should do the same.’ There are no…

Holy Father Meets Prince Charles and Camilla in a Mantilla

Courtesy of The Telegraph
'Prince Charles warned Holy Father of the prospect of the World moving into a 'new Dark Age', should the World not act on 'climate change' TM. The Prince of Wales gave Pope Benedict 12 ceramic dessert plates decorated with hand-painted flowers from his estate at Highgrove. In return he received a copy of a 500-year-old etching of St. Peter's.'What is it with heads of state and royalty giving the Holy Father crap presents. I suppose its a case of, 'I don't know. What do you get someone who's got everything!?'

If I ever meet the Holy Father, I'll kiss his hands and feet and say, "Your Holiness! I don't have much in this world! All I can give you is my unbridled loyalty, neigh verging on fanatical devotion and prayers...and if you want, you can have this book on the Golden Age of Spanish Painters I found outside a house in my street! The pictures are nice!"

We're Not Turning Our Backs On You...

...just if we faced you throughout Mass, we'd be turning our backs on Him!

The answer to the false religions of the 'New Age'...The Tradtional Latin Mass. I'm not joking either. The fact that new age religions are on the rise demonstrates that our hunger for spirituality is very real. That is, interestingly, why it is becoming less surprising to see younger people at TLM at St Mary Magdalen. The World doesn't satisfy us...only Christ can satisfy our hearts.Only Christ can answer the deepest desires of the human heart.

'Security Drill' in Preparation for Papal Trip to Holy Land

Apostolic Delegate in Jerusalem and Papal Nuncio in Israel, Archbishop Antonio Franco

According to 'Thoughts from an Oasis of French Catholicism', 'The Israeli Security Services have warned the Holy See that the Popemobile will afford insufficient protection to the Holy Father during his imminent trip to the Holy Land, particularly in Nazareth where some Islamist groups have threatened demonstrations and possible attacks on his person. The Holy See is reported as considering the situation but as yet it seems, noone has suggested a safer alternative to the Popemobile. The same report admits that Israel is badly prepared to receive the Holy Father. Government funds which were promised for the sites he will visit have not been released. '

Badly prepared? So badly prepared YNET News covered the extraordinary 'security drills' the Israeli forces are conducting in preparation for the Papal visit...

Northern District Police held a drill on Tuesday ahead of Pope Benedict …

The Emergence of 'New Age' Gurus

Benjamin Creme, occultist disciple of renowned occultists, Aleistair Crowley, Alice Bailey (Founder of the Lucis Trust, originally named, Lucifer Trust!) and long-standing herald of a New World "Teacher" to emerge when he's ready...a kind of anti-St John the Baptist.

Why is all this new age spirituality infecting the Church and the World a big problem?

The reason it is a problem is that people like this are around...

Courtesy of The Telegraph, December 2008
According to the Share International News Service, [Warning: don't read it or if you do, don't get roped in!] in a press release captioned Christmas Miracle, a "large bright star" will be appearing in the sky sometime over the next few days, or weeks, heralding the appearance on "a major US television programme" of the "new world teacher, maitreya", who will be ushering in a new age of peace, wisdom and understanding. And not before time, I hear you say. Share Internationa…

Vatican Concerns over New Age Spirituality Raised in 2003

A part of the problem inherent in Freemasonry, which makes it a mortal sin for a Catholic to be an active Freemason, is that it kind of takes all the world religions, chops them up, puts them into a blender, makes them into a soup and then serves it for breakfast. At the heart of it, is a kind of New Age Religion which replaces all distinct religions with something else - a kind of gnosticism. Hence, rituals and secrets of the masonic sect are kept hidden. The so-called 'truths' of masonry or 'new agers' are always 'secret knowledge'. In the 1960s and 1970s parts of the Church seemingly embraced new age spiritualities such as the 'enneagram'.

Now, aside from the fact that on paper, the 'enneagram' looks like something utterly satanic, it is all about a kind of self-help, self-improvement, spirituality, from which Christ is all but removed. Ironically, The Tablet, who nowadays are always advertising retreat houses who run this kind of nonsense, h…

Tony Blair's Issues with the One True Faith

St John the Baptist considers joining the Tony Blair Faith Foundation for the common good

Tony Blair's Speech at the Official Opening of the New Baptism Centre in Jordan. I don't mean to sound cruel, but while he did at least grant Our Blessed Lord, the title, 'Our Lord', he gives a hat tip to Mohammed as being 'the Prophet' as well. Am I being pedantic? Possibly...I know that his TBFF is about helping faiths to get along, which is a noble cause, of course, but St John the Baptist suffered for his witness to the Truth!

St Francis, though not martyred, preached Christ Crucified to all...he didn't hold back...This speech is indicative of a crisis in 'modern' Catholicism, whereby every faith and none is well, kind of equal and all are really talking about the 'common good'. This is utilitarianism, plain and simple. I did my political philosophy module at university, you know. I knew it would come in handy one day. 'The greatest possible good …

Has the Church Been Infected With Freemasonry?

Barry Obama...Catholic? No...but he sure looks happy to be attending the first-everMasonic Inaugural Ball...Looks like they've got their man, and if they haven't yet, possibly will. Note the black hand embracing the white hand in the poster for the Ball. How very not racist!

Masons target the powerful and those in influence from town councils, the Police, the Law Courts to Parliaments, Prime Ministers and Presidents for reasons known only to themselves. Look who else the Inaugural Ball is in honour Catholic Senator Joe Biden.Hmm...No conflict with being Catholic and voting pro-abortion, according to Joe. No conflict attending this either, Senator?

There can be no doubt that the 1960s and 1970s were turbulent for the Church and times are turbulent now that the Holy Father is trying to stem the tide of liturgical excesses which have caused damage to the Body of Christ. He's ruffling some feathers among those who don't see that things went a 'bit too far'…

Prayers: Swine flu empties Mexico City's churches

H/T to American Papist: Not Your Average Catholic

Catholics in Mexico City were unable to attend Mass today for fear of the swine flu (which Drudge has been reporting):
Churches stood empty Sunday in heavily Roman Catholic Mexico City after services were canceled, and health workers screened airports and bus stations for people sickened by a new strain of swine flu that experts fear could become a global epidemic. (AP) Here is the communique from the Archdiocese of Mexico.

Let's pray for those who could not attend Mass today, and pray for a speedy end to this outbreak. Amen.

I would add, let's also pray for all the victims and their families and hope that this hasn't been concocted in a lab by anyone with nefarious intent.

New York Subway Buskers

How splendid! Shine on you crazy diamonds...and don't let the police stop you!

Bishop O'Donoghue Lambasts Cloning

Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones...Wooden acting and prophetic cloning theme. I do wish more of our Bishops would 'pipe up' a little about the issues of the day...

Bishop Calls Cloning Claims "Disturbing", Says Alleged Actions Are "Deeply Repugnant"

Courtesy of Zenit

A British bishop is calling the claims of an American researcher that he has created cloned human embryos and implanted them in four women "deeply disturbing."

In a statement released today, Bishop Patrick O’Donoghue of Lancaster warned of the increasing tendency to manipulate human life. He said that if Dr. Panayiotis Zavos has done what he has claimed, his "actions are deeply repugnant for the future of humanity."

The doctor made claims this week that he cloned 14 human embryos and transferred 11 of them into four women. Although none of the embryos survived long enough to achieve a viable pregnancy, Zavos told the media that it will be possible to have a cloned human baby wi…

St Mary Magdalen in Liturgical Gloriousness


Catholic Directory for Church Hierarchy at Odds With Church Teaching 2009

Here it is.Read this website only if you have a strong constitution.If you are a Catholic and can bear to see your beliefs dragged through the mud, click the link.

It carries adverts such as 'Good Catholics Use Condoms' and 'It's time for a change - a See change'. The 'sexuality' page is 'under construction', as are the fabricated untruths concerning human sexuality that the website will doubtless promulgate. Founded in 1973 the organisation wants a World, 'Where life-saving health interventions (that'll be abortion, then) aren't blocked by sectarian interests (such as those who wish to protect the rights of the child)' It has a page where you can, 'Ask the Pope to lift the ban on condoms'...Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy...

And yes, Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor is quoted and included in the list...sadly on the new website, Catholics for Choice.

So the same priests and bishops who have been absolving condom addicts, mea c…

Fat Tests for Hedgehogs

The Government, following new developments in public policy calling for 'fat tests' for the obese, has extended the policy to hedgehogs. The hedgehog on the right has a bad diet, smokes and doesn't do enough exercise. He has been told by his GP to 'sort it out' and go on a hedgehog fitness training programme in Ipswich. All hedgehogs are to face the 'fat test' to see whether they are to be accepted equally among hedgehog society or made to feel rubbish and be sent to a State Fat Camp.

The National Hedgehog Liberty Group, 'Hogwatch', have released a statement concerning the new proposal:

'We, the National Hedgehog Liberty Group, 'Hogwatch', are appalled by the Government's new scheme, because Hedgehogs shouldn't be forced to get fit for the Government's sake, or change their diet. While obesity among hedgehogs is a problem, and a health issue, we think the Government's fat tests for hedgehogs are far too draconian and cruel.

Good Newly Discovered Blogs on Catholic Tradition

Kneeling Catholic has a good article on Communion in the hand/tongue, which he has found on the web by one Fr Frederick Heuser, on the excellently entitled Catholic Tradition website, 'Modern Church - Open Your Heart to God'!

'Imagine', Father Heuser writes, 'a bishop handing a container of Holy Chrism to a confirmation candidate so that he can anoint himself? Or someone baptising themselves? That is what is happening when people take Communion in the hand. They are not allowing the minister to administer.

They are self-administering. This refusal to allow oneself to receive a Sacrament communicated from another human minister attacks a fundamental truth of Catholicism, i.e. salvation comes to us through the ministry of a flesh-and-blood, identifiable, human organization known as the Church.'

A fellow Catholic and I laughed out loud, in the Presbytery after TLM, last night when we read an advert in The Tablet, who often have some rather 'new age' adverts i…

Hard Core Papal Liturgical Eye Candy


Spanish Arty Eye Candy

Zurbaran: Pope St Gregory the Great (Nice vestments!)

Murillo: Immaculate Conception

Ribalta: Christ Embracing St Bernard

El Greco: St John the Evangelist

E-Petition to 10 Downing Street Against Abortion Ads

Click here for a link to an e-petition against abortion ads on TV.

Abortion is the easy way out and the young and general public need to be educated on the consequences of having sex. The government need to take action to help unite families and lower the pregnancy rate by raising the moral standards in this country. Abortion is murder.

To add your signature to the petition, you need to click the link in this email and verify it.

An Open Letter to The Argus

Dear Sir

I wish to draw your attention to flagrant mis-reporting by The Argus on 26th February 2009, in the article, 'Praise for London Road Drugs Sweep'.

The article highlighted a Sussex Police crackdown on drugs in Brighton in its employment of Operation: Reduction.

The mis-reporting was as follows:

1. Yes, it is true that the police operation resulted in the imprisonment of over 30 people involved in drugs. But, you failed to report that the large majority of these prisoners were drug addicts, rather than drug pushers.

2. You failed to report the method by which the Police obtained evidence of these men and women being drug 'pushers'. It was by a method of entrapment. My friend, in jail, told me about how it happened. An undercover woman, sweating, looking homeless, expressing all the signs of withdrawal symptoms approached the addicts on London Road. She then begged for heroin, as would an addict and asked for a 'ten bag'. The friend in question then, knowing so…