Monday, 27 April 2009

Holy Father Meets Prince Charles and Camilla in a Mantilla

Courtesy of The Telegraph
'Prince Charles warned Holy Father of the prospect of the World moving into a 'new Dark Age', should the World not act on 'climate change' TM. The Prince of Wales gave Pope Benedict 12 ceramic dessert plates decorated with hand-painted flowers from his estate at Highgrove. In return he received a copy of a 500-year-old etching of St. Peter's.'
What is it with heads of state and royalty giving the Holy Father crap presents. I suppose its a case of, 'I don't know. What do you get someone who's got everything!?'

If I ever meet the Holy Father, I'll kiss his hands and feet and say, "Your Holiness! I don't have much in this world! All I can give you is my unbridled loyalty, neigh verging on fanatical devotion and prayers...and if you want, you can have this book on the Golden Age of Spanish Painters I found outside a house in my street! The pictures are nice!"


Hilary said...

I can't say I have much time for Charles and Camilla, but at least she can behave properly in public.

pelerin said...

Am intrigued by the fact that 12 plates were given. Does Charles think Pope Benedict is feeding the 12 apostles?!

Enjoyed your comments re useless presents offered to heads of state. The Queen must have enough to start a museum of her own. And just imagining Charles in a mantilla. The English language is so ambiguous!

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