"Burn It!"

This book, The Secret, is about a new age spirituality which claims to help you make your life successful by voicing your ambitions and thinking it to happen. I now know two Catholics who dip in and out of this book. This disgusting Noel Edmunds Cosmic Re-ordering rubbish is infecting the Church. Whoever wrote it is a total charlatan and opportunist amateur...Burn it!

This book, The God Delusion, is by Professor Richard Dawkins. It says God doesn't exist and says all religious belief is superstitious nonsense. It rubbishes religious belief and the Christian vision of God, proposing a new religion of cold, atheistic rationalism in its place...Burn it!

This is The Da Vinci Code. It says that Our Blessed Lord didn't really mean to establish the Church on St Peter and the Apostles and didn't die sacrificing His Life in atonement for the sins of the whole World, only to be raised in Glory by His Heavenly Father, leaving His Body and Blood in the Eucharist, but instead suggesting that He got it on with St Mary Magdalen and they lived happily ever after in Cornwall, leaving their royal bloodline which extends to people living to this very day...Burn it!

This is 'The Audacity of Hope', by President Barack Obama, whose 'audacity of hope' is so audacious that it extends to repealing centuries-old laws on state funding for abortions inside and outside the US and then turning up at Catholic Universities, only to be greeted by loud applause, a standing ovation and a vast selection of nibbles, all the while getting the University to cover up any public references to the Divinity of Christ when he speaks and finally walking away with an honorary degree...Burn it!

If you know any other books that deserve a frenzied mob of hardcore Catholics with flaming torches to shout, 'Burn it!' in an outraged and disapproving chorus, put the name of the book in the comments box.


Henry said…
Burning books draws too much attention to them and could make people interested in reading them.

Put them in a shredder. Incidentally hamsters and guinea pigs can use the shredded paper as bedding.
Tanya said…
Simon and Alvin say: "Great idea Henry. We think that these 'bad books' would also make fantastic ferret litter, and would be more than happy to park our furry little bottoms on such awful 'literature'!"
Yes, shred it!

Hi Tanya, thanks for the lovely easter card, much appreciated.
Tanya said…
Glad you got it ok! Hope you had a wonderful Easter. For me, it was good, but very hectic, what with choir practices, etc. No doubt the same for you. The furries had an egg as a treat (not chocolate!) which they thoroughly enjoyed, but it was gone in seconds!
Hard-boiled, poached, scrambled or fried?
Tanya said…
Raw, whisked!
Rosy At Random said…
You burn these, I'll burn a bible. Deal?

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