Friday, 10 April 2009

I Know It's Good Friday But...

...I woke up to the new Archbishop of Westminster this morning. I don't know how he got into my flat, but...Okay, he was on the radio on BBC. On the advice of OTSATA, aka, On the Side of the Angels, I remember praying fervently to Our Lady of Westminster that we may get a holy new Archbishop. Well, all the signs so far emanating from the media are good. As well as repeating charitable but crystal clear statements on 'condomz 4 kidz' and abortion, when Archbishop Vincent Nichols was asked about Tony Blair's comments in 'Attitude' magazine, regarding the Church's need to 'get with the times' on sexuality, he said, and firmly too, "Mr Blair is a very fine politician and he has got very well-tuned political senses. But I am afraid the way the Catholic Church thinks is rather different to that and I think I will take my guide from Pope Benedict actually."

Yes! Listen to the interview here.

Meanwhile, guess who said this in an interview with the BBC...
"I certainly don't believe that there is a Christian conviction that is superior one way or another on what the right thing to do is
Ah, I see...That explains everything!

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Jan Baker said...

To my brother Bones,

I hope your observance of Good Friday is grace filled, and Easter morning dawns full of joy for you and yours. You will be in my prayers today. Please pray for the church and especially us heathens here in the US.

Jan at the White Lily Blog

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