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Journalist Who Railed Against Papal Visit in Untruthful Reporting Shock

Well, it is never pleasant watching people feasting on the sins of others. However, just this once, let's feast. Johann Hari, the Orwell Prize for Journalism winner and columnist for The'Independent' has been caught red-handed making up quotes for interviews, by cutting and pasting them from books or other interviews and using them in his own.  Feasters today include Damian Thompson of The Telegraph, Toby Young of The Telegraph and Janet Daley of er...The Telegraph. Anyone would have thought there were some ideological battle going on between the writers for left-wing publications such as the preposterously titled 'The Independent' and right-of-centre publications such as The Telegraph.  

Naturally, Hari is (publicly at least) in denial of his mis-reporting, and is now going into 'Corapi mode', defending himself against accusations agains him in the media on his own blog - but not too convincingly. His liberal media friends have rallied round him, of course…

More From Friday's Soho Mass

Juventutem London have alerted me to Dr Joseph Shaw's Flickr page, on which you can find lots of images of the Mass for the Feast of the Birth of St John the Baptist. The LMS Chairman himself has posted an article on his blog.

St Patrick's Church, Soho

Damian Thompson recently posted on the re-opening of St Patrick's Catholic Church in the heart of Soho, after a £3.5 million pound restoration project that has made what Dr Thompson described accurately as, "the future" of the Catholic Church in England and Wales. St Patrick's does not disappoint. It is a stunning piece of architecture, truly glorious.

The Solemn High Mass for the Feast of the Birth of St John the Baptist was exquisite. Juventutem's schola sang both chant and polyphony beautifully. Fr Patrick Heywood was celebrant, Fr Sean Finnegan was deacon and Fr Tim Finnigan was sub-deacon. Fr Aiden Nichols OP preached excellently on the forerunner of the Lord and herald of the Messiah who was to baptise Christ in the River Jordan and proclaim the beginning of His Ministry on Earth. Fr Ray Blake was tucked away for the majority of the duration of the Mass hearing Confessions.  Now that is what I call Catholicism!

Afterwards, at a meal at a local Goan curry ho…

Look who it is!

George and I covering Hero by Enrique Inglesias. He dedicates this song to Diane, who makes a special guest appearance. They are grateful for your prayers.

Gay Masses

Don't worry...I didn't go dressed like this to the Mass of Ages interview!

Gay Masses

Well it was quite a while ago
When I first heard in Soho
There is such a thing as Gay Masses

I thought “You must be kiddin’ me?
Our Lady and St Gregory?”
Do you think they approve of these Masses?

Oh it’s sacrilege! It’s sacrilege!
What on God’s green earth are Gay Masses?
This is a rather queer affair
But let’s call it 'pastoral care'
This is Soho
So we have Gay Masses
Gay Masses

I was rather quite aghast
Oh that Martin Prendergast
Was organising Gay Masses

How long's this been going on?
It really sounds a little wrong
Has the Diocese embraced his madness?

Oh it's scandalous! It's scandalous!
Ae they celebrating Gay Masses?
Is the Archbishop in despair or does he really just not care?
This is Soho
So we have Gay Masses
Gay Masses

Well I’ll tell you now straight out
I have sympathy no doubt
But the Lord doesn’t care for our preferences

The orientation that He deems
Fit for…

Voris Speaking in London in August

I've just been notified of a talk being given by one Michael Voris of Vortex fame in London. You can join the Facebook group here.

The talk will be entitled 'Living the Faith Radically' and it will take place on Sunday 24th August 2011 at Regent Hall, 275 Oxford Street, London W1C 2DJ.

Paul Smeaton of Juventutem has created the Facebook page. Tickets are £5 which is a snip. I'd like to go and buy that man a pint. He works very hard for Holy Mother Church. He deserves a warm welcome just because he's one of those 'prophetic Catholic voices' that doesn't take prisoners and doesn't mince words. He teaches the Faith in season and out of season, much to the irritation of many. 

Presumably, Mr Voris has been warned to expect incoming torpedoes, but I expect he is getting used to that kind of thing.

Buy a ticket today on Paypal at Paul Smeaton's Blog.

Mass of Ages

Sadly, I didn't get the editor job at Mass of Ages magazine for which I applied and was interviewed on Friday. Congratulations and good luck to the new Editor, who apparently used to be either be a journalist for, or editor of, The Catholic Times. Experience appears to have won the day over (still relatively) youthful enthusiasm.

Ho-hum...back to the drawing board. Actually, where is my drawing board? I suppose the one good thing about it is that I'll have more time to concentrate on my local magazine covering homeless news. One parishioner at St Mary Magdalen's on Sunday said that reading one article, Brighton and Britain in general are starting to seem more than a little "Kafkaesque".

Quite how I am going to develop and distribute the magazine while living on £60 a week is anyone's guess, but say a prayer for its success and for the LMS too. Their work continues to be very important for the Church. Hopefully, one day I'll walk into Westminster Cathedral…

The Hypocrisy of Brighton and Hove City Council

When George and Diane make a bit of noise on a few occasions they are thrown onto the street and have their locks changed, are summarily evicted without notice and are placed into a dive of a hostel in inner Brighton surrounded by smack heads leading the lifestyle one of them went to rehab to leave. They are informed that they "are unable to live in a self-contained property".

When American Express build a new building to hold offices for their employees they start early in the morning with cranes and create a huge amount of noise and carry on into the evening.

When local residents hold a massive banner outside of their property saying, "AMEX MAKES OUR LIVES HELL" what do the Council do?

Nothing. They do nothing. They say nothing. The Council wouldn't know justice if it woke them up at 6 in the morning.

Prison Planet YouTube Account Loses 'Honours'

I'm a regular reader of Prison Planet, the site hosted by Alex Jones. It is a site routinely derided in what Belloc described as the "official" press.

A good indicator of whether a modern website is good at investigative reporting is to look at the advertisers on the site. If big corporations are advertising, then it probably isn't doing its job very well.

Last night, it was reported on Prison Planet that YouTube has mysteriously deleted all the 'honours' that the Prison Planet had built up over a long time, in terms of viewing records. The deletion came after Prison Planet posted a video exposing the Google chief Eric Schmidt at the 2011 Bilderberg meeting in St Moritz. The loss of honours, in the opinion of Alex Jones and his team, prevented the video from 'going viral'.

Two George Orwell quotes spring to mind:

"Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness".

"In a time of universa…

The Kind of Catholic Charismatic Conference I Would Consider Attending

A Priest walks into a Church packed with men and women, young and old...

"Lord, we just want to make a sacrifice of praise. May You ever be adored, worshipped and revered in Your holy Sanctuary, O beauty ancient and new. Lord, we just just want to lift Your Name on High and praise You, Allelulia. Lord, we pray for all the people here. We pray also for all those poor Souls in Purgatory, all the Priests who have served in Your Church in this parish and all our deceased brothers and sisters. Lord we praise You. Lord, we just want to honour and glorify You in Your Tabernacle, the place where You dwell. Let's all, now, brothers and sisters just genuflect before Our Blessed Lord in recognition that at the Name of Jesus every knee will bow. Lord, have mercy on us, Your people. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Lord, we just want to honour and revere these relics on the Altar, those of St Vincent, here, who suffered and was martyred for the sake of You and Your Holy Church. Lor…

Relic Sells for $4.6 million

I don't think the Church would get away with this nowadays, but the World can sell relics...and how!

Protestants must be up in arms about this....

Is Derren Brown the Most Sinister Man on Television?

I recently watched Derren Brown's Channel 4 programme 'Hero at 30,000 feet'through gritted teeth.

The premise of the programme is that the arch-magician-hypnotist can take a man whose personality is rather inhibited, reserved and easily frightened and turn him into a man who can, under hypnosis, land a plane using one of those flight simulators, convinced that the pilot has fallen seriously ill. I guess he's the kind of man who would argue that the Apostles gained the courage to leave the Upper Room and proclaim the Resurrection by  the power of suggestion, rather than the Holy Spirit.

I found the programme seriously disturbing. I know that hypnosis is not mentioned in the Catechism, but I really do feel that Mr Brown falls into that category of persons to whom the following can be attributed:

Divination and magic

2116 All forms of divination are to be rejected: recourse to Satan or demons, conjuring up the dead or other practices falsely supposed to "unveil" t…

Morrissey: "I'm a Traditionalist"

'And now I know how Joan of Arc felt/Now I know how Joan of Arc felt/As the flames rose/to her roman nose and her hearing aid started to melt' ~ Morrissey

I'm not sure he meant it quite how some of us would understand that statement, but somehow, I can't imagine Morrissey, who is Catholic, being taken with a Novus Ordo Mass celebrated with the kind of cheesy music for which it has sadly become so widely associated. I can't see him being taken by the charismatic movement either, but there we go. He is fiercely individual.

Never one to shy away from 'controversy', I can't help thinking that this song speaks for many of those who, deemed to hold 'eccentric views', and who find themselves outside of the mainstream, have the plug pulled on them - like a certain ex-Anglican minister who has joined the Ordinariate, for example.

There are, of course, others who share in the Lord's suffering from being misunderstood and become outcasts in their own c…

Just a Thought...

I am heading off for an interview in London. It starts at 'the Hour' of 3pm. Please say a prayer for me and keep George and Diane in your prayers. They're not in a good way.

Just a thought. Wasn't thatChoosing to Die programme, presented by Sir Terry Pratchett actually a snuff movie?

Aren't snuff movies actually illegal?

Just a thought.

Update on George and Diane

George and Diane are today being moved to Grand Parade.

In Brighton it is called, by the homeless, 'Crack Central'.

Aren't Brighton and Hove City Council just so kind to their 'Substance Misuse' Clients, especially those who have come off drugs and drink?

Pro Ecclesia Et Pontifice Methodist Hall Talk Torpedoed by....

...Westminster Cathedral?

No, it can't be!

Read the story here. It is starting to look like 'they' are successfully silencing honest Catholics.

George and Diane Locked Out of Flat While They Were Out...

George and Diane are now homeless. Their locks were changed by the managing agents of the property while they were out today.

The managing agents blame the Council saying they got the order from them. The Council blame the managing agents who received complaints of "anti-social behaviour". Everybody is passing the buck. They've had no letter of warning, just a verbal warning of eviction, followed by reassurance from someone from the agency that "everything was cool" and "not to worry". Both are rather upset to put it mildly. The overall lettings management agency is Graves and Pilcher. The Council is Brighton and Hove City Council.

There was no court order, just eviction. George tried to get written proof of any complaints made against them from Graves and Pilcher and he was just stonewalled. Legally, I do not know where they stand, but for the time being everything is mayhem. Say a prayer for them. Brighton and Hove City Council have made one of thei…

Bishops Issue Pastoral Guidance for the Faithful at the Last Judgement

The Bishops Conference of England and Wales have issued pastoral guidance for the Faithful concerned about how to respond on the Last Day, when the dead will rise again in the flesh to be judged by the Lord Jesus while those still alive shall see He through whom 'all that is made', was made, coming in great power on the clouds of Heaven.

While the rest of nature trembles in fear of the decrees of the Just Judge, the Bishops Conference recommend that...

"In England and Wales it is through this action of walking solemnly in procession that the faithful make their sign of reverence in preparation for receiving..."
...our eternal judgement, reward or condemnation.

The Congregation for Divine Worship have recognised a request from the Bishops Conference that our judgment... the Dioceses of England and Wales is to be received standing, though individual members of the faithful may choose to receive it while kneeling. However, when they receive it standing, it is recom…

Complain to the BBC

I have been alerted to the sad news that tonight, 9pm, BBC 2 are airing a programme hosted by Sir Terry Pratchett called, not particularly imaginatively, Choosing to Die.

Do you want to watch someone being voluntarily euthanised? Well, tune into BBC IPlayer tonight and you can do just that. Yes, the days when Mary Whitehouse would complain about sex and violence are long since behind us and now the BBC are given free 'licence' to propagate exclusively for assisted suicide on behalf of Sir Terry Pratchett, Lord Falconer, Baroness Mary Warnock and all those misanthropic, malevolent persons of influence who yearn for the day when the terminally ill and elderly are booking themselves into their local NHS primary care trust to have themselves put down because, let's face it, "nobody likes being a burden". What is it with their rabidly obsessive death fetish?

It is terribly depressing that the author of so many children's books thinks assisted suicide and euthanas…

Happy Feast of St Anthony of Padua

There's much about which I'd like to blog, but I'm preparing for a job interview on Friday and it is a job about which I feel very enthusiastic. For the time being, a very happy Feast of St Anthony of Padua, Wonderworker, to you all.

Bilderberg 2011

Well, this year's annual Bilderberg meeting in St Moritz, Switzerland, has passed off relatively unreported. Relatively unreported, that is, by the mainstream media.

Other 'alternative' news sites, on the other hand, believe that a highly secretive meeting of some of the World's most influential politicians, businessmen and important types is indeed a story worth reporting. Can you imagine the media not reporting widely, for example, on the G8?

Of course, the internet has changed things quite a bit, so public knowledge of the Bilderberg meeting is greater than it was, so much so that The Guardianhas reported on it this year, reporting The Evening Standard's Charlie Skelter's coverageon what he's been able to see of the meeting - a giant white security fence. The Telegraph tends to steer well clear, but for blogger James Delingpole and his erstwhile awareness-raising of man-made global conning for which he last year received a prestigious journalism award.


Happy Feast of Pentecost


Divisive Liturgy # 2

Image courtesy of Catholic and Loving It!A lot of purple. Was it Lent or something?

'Now, the priest - the "presider", as they now prefer to call him - becomes the real point of reference for the whole liturgy. Everything depends on him. We have to see him, to respond to him, to be involved in what he is doing. His creativity sustains the whole thing. Not surprisingly, people try to reduce this newly created role by assigning all kinds of liturgical functions to different individuals and entrusting the "creative" planning of the liturgy to groups of people who like to, and are supposed to, "make their own contribution". Less and less is God in the picture. More and more important is what is done by human beings who meet here and do not like to subject themselves to a "pre-determined pattern". The turning of the priest toward the people has turned the community into a self-enclosed circle. In its outward form, it no longer opens out on what l…

Divisive Liturgy

While re-reading a recent copy of the Mass of Ages, the quarterlymagazine produced by the LMS, I noticed an article entitled 'In Unity with Pope Benedict' by Fr John Hunwicke.

The ex-Anglican minister who has joined the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham writes, updating us on his journey towards full communion with the Successor of St Peter. Unfortunately, Fr Hunwicke, as the Transalpine Redemptorists report, has had his Ordination to the Sacred Priesthood of the Catholic Church delayed, or deferred, for reasons which have not been explained. He has an interesting blog, which will serve and does serve as a marvellous document of his transition from Anglicanism, to the Ordinariate set up by Pope Benedict XVI.

I believe that the article is well worth posting in its near entirety and I do so below:

'At the moment, except for the overwhelmingly sad fact that I lack the fullness of communion with the Holy Father and with Catholics throughout the world, I have a very satisfy…

What Does this Press Release Actually Mean?

Another blog alerted me to a report from Independent Catholic News which highlights the terrible effects of a local law making it illegal to give food to the homeless. ICN reports...

'We've been sent a cautionary tale by the St Vincent de Paul Society in Florida, USA, where it is already illegal to feed homeless people in public parks. The tell us the Orlando Sentinel reports that three people last week were arrested, accused of illegally feeding homeless and charged with violating an ordinance restricting group feedings in public parks. The ordinance requires groups to obtain a permit and limits each group to two permits per year for each park within a two-mile radius of City Hall. Arrest papers state that the three helped feed 40 people Wednesday night. The ordinance applies to feedings of more than 25 people. Police waited until everyone was served to make the arrest.

“They basically carted them off to jail for feeding hungry people,” said Coleman. “For them to regulate a t…

George and Diane Face Eviction Tomorrow

I am afraid I have bad news. Long term readers will know of George and Diane, a couple that I know well, who with the assistance of Caroline Lucas MP, were able to leave Percival Terrace, a squalid excuse for temporary/emergency accommodation on the seafront of Brighton and into a temporary one bed flat on the border of Kemptown and Whitehawk. Today I report on a story of the powerful, rich and strong exercising power brutally over the powerless, poor and weak.

Since being at the new flat George, and especially Diane, have made great progress in trying to build a new life.  Diane, who I wrote about in an issue of The Catholic Herald last year, concerning the issue of drug addiction, has given up both alcohol and drugs.

Due to complaints from one resident concerning "noise pollution" both have now been told by the owners of the property that they have just one day - that's right - ONE DAY - to get out of the accommodation. Suffice to say I am furious and upset (though n…

Damian Thompson on Ad Clerum of Archbishop Conti

Damian Thompson today looks quizzically at a recent Ad Clerum from Archbishop Conti of the Diocese of Glasgow, Scotland.

The nub of the Ad Clerum is that there is apparently "no call" for the Traditional Latin Mass in Scotland.

Is this true?

Well, one way to find out is if there is just one Catholic from Scotland who reads this blog, who would like a Priest in Scotland to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass, or would like to "call" for it to be celebrated more in Scotland, they can make their name known in the comments box.

Since if there were only one Catholic person in Scotland who would like to see the Latin Mass being celebrated in the Diocese in which he lives, that would mean that there was not "no call" for the Mass of Ages to be celebrated. If just one person, but by all means more may do so, would like to come forward, then that would be appreciated. Just one call (and I think Universae Ecclesiae and Summorum Pontificum will back me up here) is …

The Hermeneutic of Continuity

The Catholic press has suffered in the decades since the Second Vatican Council, I expect not just in terms of quality and Catholicity of content but in terms of sales. Now it faces stiff competition from the free, alternative news and opinion sources of individual blogs.

There was, I presume, a time when Catholics would receive their copy of The Universe and even The Tablet and rejoice.

Looking over a volume of 'From the Archives of The Universe Catholic Weekly' the other day, I was filled with wonder at photographs from what appears to have been a 'golden age' for Catholicism in the United Kingdom. I saw a marvellous image of G K Chesterton and his wife walking into Westminster Cathedral, for instance. This 'golden age' seems to have been from the late 1800s, through the decades until the ravages of the Second World war, or rather its aftermath, and the resulting 1960s 'new age'.

It appears to have been a time when Priests and Bishops behaved and dres…

Rest in Peace, Twins in Christ

A touching story on the BBC...

'Identical twin Franciscan friars who rarely left each other's side from their births 92 years ago have died within hours of each other.Julian and Adrian Riester went to school together, travelled together and joined the Franciscan order together.The Buffalo-born brothers both died of heart failure, said a fellow friar in Florida, where they had lived since moving from New York state in 2008.They spent much of their lives at St Bonaventure University in New York. "It really is almost a poetic ending to the remarkable story of their lives," said St Bonaventure spokesman Tom Missel. "Stunning when you hear it, but hardly surprising given that they did almost everything together," Mr Missel was quoted as saying by Associated Press (AP).At St Bonaventure, they worked as carpenters and gardeners, gaining a reputation as handymen who could fix anything. They lived in separate rooms at the St Bonaventure Friary but had one telephone l…