Friday, 17 June 2011

Pro Ecclesia Et Pontifice Methodist Hall Talk Torpedoed by....

...Westminster Cathedral?

No, it can't be!

Read the story here. It is starting to look like 'they' are successfully silencing honest Catholics.


me said...

'Nothing will move the chief executive of Westminster Central Hall (the Revd Kim Swindle) from this stance'

Mmmm....Didn't 'they' say something similar about the sinking of the Titanic, I seem to recall?

'Even God couldn't sink this ship'

I think Ken will find his stance is not ultimately, completely unmoveable.

How terrible though, all the money that has been wasted.

I don't pretend, for an instance to know why this would happen. Is it really simply to do with it being a Catholic conference, do you think?

Roger the Anglican said...

For Goodness Sake!
Read all this.
I'm definitely further delaying my crossing of the Tiber.
Far, far too much bickering and no proper explanations for deferment of ordination or cancellation of conferences etc.
I couldn't deal with that lack of communication.
Not yet.
Maybe next year. It's not my choice is it, where and when the Holy Spirit leads me home.

Anonymous said...

I wondered how long it would take them to get around to doing this. Daphne's done a brilliant job defending orthodoxy over the past 40 odd years and was a true blogger before the blogs (probably the original blogger). She doesn't deserve this - but then again you can recognise the quality of what you do by the status of your enemies.


The Bones said...


The Anglican Communion is a peaceful village of love, harmony and equanimity of views?

georgem said...

Granted there is a certain opaqueness, Roger. Some of it may be due to Catholics adopting the habit of speaking in riddles and whispers over a few hundred years of persecution and opprobrium.
But the Catholic blogs are doing sterling work in opening up this behind-the-handery to scrutiny.
In both cases referred to the main players acted a tad unwisely. It's not a defeat but a temporary setback. They'll survive it and the Holy Spirit will guide them through.
When the Holy Spirit gets to work on you the longing to embrace Mother Church will be so strong there'll be no gainsaying it. The human faults and follies within will pale by comparison.
As a cradle Catholic I regard the Ordinariate as one of the Pope's masterstrokes to reinvigorate the Church in England and Wales. God love you all.

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