Wednesday, 15 June 2011

George and Diane Locked Out of Flat While They Were Out...

George and Diane are now homeless. Their locks were changed by the managing agents of the property while they were out today.

The managing agents blame the Council saying they got the order from them. The Council blame the managing agents who received complaints of "anti-social behaviour". Everybody is passing the buck. They've had no letter of warning, just a verbal warning of eviction, followed by reassurance from someone from the agency that "everything was cool" and "not to worry". Both are rather upset to put it mildly. The overall lettings management agency is Graves and Pilcher. The Council is Brighton and Hove City Council.

There was no court order, just eviction. George tried to get written proof of any complaints made against them from Graves and Pilcher and he was just stonewalled. Legally, I do not know where they stand, but for the time being everything is mayhem. Say a prayer for them. Brighton and Hove City Council have made one of their mental health clients homeless. No ifs. No buts. That is the truth of the matter. I'll write more when I've got time. For the time being, please keep them in your prayers.


Left-footer said...

Outrageous, but sadly typical. Please keep us posted.

Praying of course.

me said...

Will pray!

Felicity said...

Laurence. Can you leave these struggling people to others just until after your interview on Friday.

Of course we are to care, to "love our neighbours AS ourselves".
But notice it says as much as ourselves not more.
You sounded enthusiastic and it might be just what you want. Afterwards, you can return to your support.
Prayers are sufficient til then.

Do well, and remember, the rarified religious world you live in on the blog is not the one most inhabit.
Keep your interview conversation secular.
Very best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Eviction without notice and a court order is unlawful. Your friends would do well to contact the CAB or Brighton Housing Trust immediately to try and get back into their property. They shouldn't just break back in as that is as unlawful as what the landlord has done.

Catholic Housing Lawyer.

Unknown said...

How can we help?

Left-footer said...

Hope all went well today. God bless.

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