Just a Thought...

I am heading off for an interview in London. It starts at 'the Hour' of 3pm. Please say a prayer for me and keep George and Diane in your prayers. They're not in a good way.

Just a thought. Wasn't that Choosing to Die programme, presented by Sir Terry Pratchett actually a snuff movie?

Aren't snuff movies actually illegal?

Just a thought.


shadowlands said…
I shall kneel down and pray for you, at three! All good wishes for the interview. Als prayers for George and Diane, for their protection, re the area they have been placed,to St Joseph. He found me a safe place when I had been given notice to leave where I was renting.
Mac McLernon said…
Heheheheh... a snuff movie. Good one!

Good luck for your interview... I'll say a prayer at 3pm.
Felicity said…
Well? How did it go?

Re: the "snuff movie"

Honestly it was really valuable to see it because it removed all the mystique. I expected luxury and efficiency. It was tacky (a prefab building on an industrial estate)and not a peaceful end. It would discourage anyone, therefore it was worth broadcasting it.
How did the interview go? Hope it went well...

Prayers for George and Diane.
I don't think I'll answer questions concerning the interview until I hear back if that's okay.

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