Bilderberg 2011

Bilderbergers: Yes, they've even got to our children...
Well, this year's annual Bilderberg meeting in St Moritz, Switzerland, has passed off relatively unreported. Relatively unreported, that is, by the mainstream media.

Other 'alternative' news sites, on the other hand, believe that a highly secretive meeting of some of the World's most influential politicians, businessmen and important types is indeed a story worth reporting. Can you imagine the media not reporting widely, for example, on the G8?

Of course, the internet has changed things quite a bit, so public knowledge of the Bilderberg meeting is greater than it was, so much so that The Guardian has reported on it this year, reporting The Evening Standard's Charlie Skelter's coverage on what he's been able to see of the meeting - a giant white security fence. The Telegraph tends to steer well clear, but for blogger James Delingpole and his erstwhile awareness-raising of man-made global conning for which he last year received a prestigious journalism award.

High-level security at St Moritz
But that's pretty much it. The meeting of such international 'luminaries' as our very own Lord of Darkness, Peter Mandelson, Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of, Chris R. Hughes, Co-founder of Facebook, Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, Craig J. Mundie, Chief Research and Strategy Officer at Microsoft Corporation, Reid Hoffman, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of LinkedIn, the Vice President of the European Commission, the President of the European Council, the Director General of the World Trade Organization, the President of the European Central Bank, the President of The World Bank, and the Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme, the US Deputy Secretary of State, the Commander of USCYBERCOM and the Director of the National Security Agency, representatives from every major US think-tank, senior figures from the National Bank of Belgium, the Nordea Bank of Denmark, the Deutsche Bank of Germany, the Investor AB bank of Sweden, the Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG of Austria, and the Investimentos bank of Portugal, the Chairman of Barclays bank...(gasp for air)...

It's not a lizard, but it is Peter Mandelson: Ah well... same difference!
...the Chairman of HSBC, the Chairman of Goldman Sachs, the CEO of TD Bank Financial Group, the Vice Chairman of Citigroup and the former Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank, the former, German Minister of Finance, the current British Chancellor of the Exchequer, the current Greek Minister of Finance, the current Italian Minister of Economy and Finance, the Governor of the Bank of Canada, the former US Secretary of the Treasury and the former Governor of the Federal Reserve Board, Henry Kissenger, David Rockerfeller and many, many more is, more or less, unworthy of note in the vast majority of mainstream media outlets.

Why is what Belloc described as the "official" press not covering this more and being a lot more critical? The reason, of course, is that the official press are ran by arch-capitalists who would fit nicely into the Bilderberg 2011 meeting. While planning for the next year, depending upon your view of things, fortunately or unfortunately, nobody from the Vatican was represented. Not even from the Vatican bank, no stranger to controversy itself! For a full list of attendees click here. What really annoys me is that not only is this yearly event closed off to any public scrutiny or public accountability, not only is it shrouded in secrecy, an insult to democracy and lacking even the pretense of transparency, but few in the mainstream media even want to report on it.

These powerful businessmen, oligarchs and billionaires anoint our leaders. Tony Blair was present at a meeting in 1995 before he was to take over from the late John Smith. This year, ostensibly ideologically opposed politicians, George Osbourne and Peter Mandelson, were present at the same meeting enjoying each others company and sharing ideas for the future. This isn't a golf club we are talking about. This is an unaccountable, utterly undemocratic global congress. Whose interests do our leaders serve? Ours, or the interests of a global cabal of multi-billionaires?

This year, an Italian European Parliament member, who was presumably not on the guest list, was beaten up by security guards outside the Survretta hotel venue where the round of talks took place. MEP beaten up by security guards? Not a story? It isn't in the official press. It is in the non-official press. But the alternative press are just crackpot conspiracy theorists, aren't they? Well, it appears not...

Do also watch the video of the moment when Peter Mandelson's idea of a global elite jaunt in the area surrounding the hotel went a little 'off-course' and the group were met by a load of protesters with cameras. Classic stuff! You can walk, Mandy, but you can't hide! Scumbag! Poor old Ed Miliband. How unfortunate for him and Ed Balls that they were exclusively revealed to be disloyal "plotters" as soon as they entered into Parliament. This ugly "plotting" trait is, of course, totally alien to the vast majority of politicians. When you think of "plotting" one doesn't think of Peter Mandelson, Tony Blair, those who ousted Thatcher and Nick Clegg or David Cameron, does one? They're the good guys, remember! The "official" press, as Belloc said, has the power to break politicians, but it also has the power to make them. I'm not sure who, should Miliband fall, will be the next Labour leader. I thoroughly expect, however, that his successor either will be or will have been chosen guessed it...a Bilderberg meeting! Isn't it just a little bit weird how chummy politicians are with the banks that not only caused the financial collapse, but some of the very same banks that were then bailed out with public money!

Nothing to see here. Move along now....


Pastor Marshall said…
It's a disgrace alright. As it was when Pappy John Paul went to visit these devils in 1999.

For articles see

For more ont he connection between the ROman Catholic Church of Luther and the bilderberg satan see:

Repent and save your soul! God can forgive you, but only the devil would consort with such people,or associate with a church that did.
I think you're rather off the mark, but it wouldn't surprise me if freemasonry was rife in the Jesuits. The order, I hear has every other possible disease.

What makes you think there are no vile, heretical Protestants in the Bilderberg set?