Monday, 13 June 2011

Complain to the BBC

I have been alerted to the sad news that tonight, 9pm, BBC 2 are airing a programme hosted by Sir Terry Pratchett called, not particularly imaginatively, Choosing to Die.

Do you want to watch someone being voluntarily euthanised? Well, tune into BBC IPlayer tonight and you can do just that. Yes, the days when Mary Whitehouse would complain about sex and violence are long since behind us and now the BBC are given free 'licence' to propagate exclusively for assisted suicide on behalf of Sir Terry Pratchett, Lord Falconer, Baroness Mary Warnock and all those misanthropic, malevolent persons of influence who yearn for the day when the terminally ill and elderly are booking themselves into their local NHS primary care trust to have themselves put down because, let's face it, "nobody likes being a burden". What is it with their rabidly obsessive death fetish?

It is terribly depressing that the author of so many children's books thinks assisted suicide and euthanasia is a good and noble thing. Has Sir Terry ever tried explaining his moral position to children? "Yes, kids, your granny is a bit like your pet dog. When a dog gets ill you take it to the vet and you have it put to sleep because its suffering. I look forward to the day when we can do the same for granny. Unfortunately, we can't do that at the moment because the evil Government say people can't have other people kill them on their behalf." I wonder how children would react to that. I think there may be a few tears and maybe a rubber band in your eye, but, by all means, give it a go, Terry.

Complain to the BBC about this exercise in State propaganda for a sickeningly nihilistic liberal elite as well as a Government running out of money, now considering culling the elderly and terminally ill. Can we please, please, please cull the jobs of these apparachiks in the media who are content with not only offending vast numbers of Catholics, other Christians and all people of sound and sane moral judgment with voyeuristic documentaries into the tragic and premature suicide of a terminally ill man, but do so in such a peculiarly biased way that I am starting to wonder whether perhaps the Bilderberg group are controlling our television viewing also? Knocking off the elderly, eh?  Well, that's one way to reduce population. I'm sure Henry Kissenger approves. The BBC is a vile, deceitful, wretched, cancerous arm of the State that needs lopping off and sharpish. It should be privatised and then people could actually choose whether they want to pay a licence fee for this kind of insidious garbage, so eerily redolent of Nazi propaganda, or, indeed, not!

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Phil said...

What was alarming was the viewers were expectating to see very elderly, helpless patients. The two shown were so alert, so alive.
The distress to their relatives must have been great.
The choice of suicidal people was bizarre.
Apart from that I believe it was correct for the BBC to broadcast this if only to show how peculiar the whole set up is.
Did you see the discussion afterwards?

Pétrus said...

I had already complained when I read this blog post.

Terry said...

Will you please also complain to the blog that uses photographs of walking aids and old people as a source of amusement. The American priest blogger whose initial ends the alphabet is the culprit.
It is this sort of attitude that makes vulnerable people seek to end their lives.

Little Voice said...

The whole thing was just desperately sad. Perhaps people will see Dignitas for what they really are after this.

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