Journalist Who Railed Against Papal Visit in Untruthful Reporting Shock

Well, it is never pleasant watching people feasting on the sins of others. However, just this once, let's feast. Johann Hari, the Orwell Prize for Journalism winner and columnist for The 'Independent' has been caught red-handed making up quotes for interviews, by cutting and pasting them from books or other interviews and using them in his own.  Feasters today include Damian Thompson of The Telegraph, Toby Young of The Telegraph and Janet Daley of er...The Telegraph. Anyone would have thought there were some ideological battle going on between the writers for left-wing publications such as the preposterously titled 'The Independent' and right-of-centre publications such as The Telegraph.  

Naturally, Hari is (publicly at least) in denial of his mis-reporting, and is now going into 'Corapi mode', defending himself against accusations agains him in the media on his own blog - but not too convincingly. His liberal media friends have rallied round him, of course, because any Orwell prize winner who employs a slightly Orwellian writing style is serving a 'greater good' if he is serving the liberal agenda and furthering the liberal cause.

The lesson is, of course, don't trust a liberal as far as you can throw them. It looks like Hari is, rather like the Early Christians, being thrown to the lions. There is some irony in that - this was the man, after all, who filled so many column inches with reams of hate-filled bile against Pope Benedict XVI, who consistently attempted to denigrate his character and link him somehow as the 'commander-in chief' of a worldwide paedophile ring and who used all the influence he could to besmirch the character of someone who was, in fact, at the forefront of the Church's effort to combat the scourge of child abuse within the Church.

The problem with liberal journalists, you see, is that they don't really like 'objective truth'. They like 'their truth' - even if their truth is not grounded in factual truth. Apparently, it is okay, as far as the liberal elite of journalists can see, but that is the problem. They don't do objectivity.


Cecilia said…
There's a poll on the Guardian's website where readers can vote whether they think his "apology" is adequate or not:
georgem said…
You can fool some of the people all of the time, etc. Naturally, seasoned journalists within a clique of which he has been a member will not readily admit they've been conned.
When self-promotion exceeds talent or vocation the fall will come. I read his stuff a few times when he was first lauded as something special. Couldn't see it myself; his stuff seemed like so much frothy juvenilia and I never bothered again.
Dilly said…
When the Independent was founded, it really was independent - it even refused to let travel journos take free promo holidays.

It suffered badly because the Guardian kept its public sector advertising, while the Telegraph kept the blue chip job advertising - then came the 1990s recession. It was bought up by th Mirror, and that was that.
Left-footer said…
Sorry to disagree, but as a very nasty Celt I find it very pleasant to feast on the discomfiture of the enemy.

Mea culpa.

God bless!
Auricularis said…
I can't claim to have read much of Johann Hari, apart from his hate filled bile against the Pope or his support for the invasion of Iraq, but even the latter he fabricated back then, with supposed quotes from Iraqi people.