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I thought this was a rather good response to what was a very simplistic (and quite honestly, misleading) homily from His Holiness on sin and God's judgment, or rather, His divine 'impotence' which could give some the impression that those who consider themselves 'untouchable' in terms of the long arm of Divine Justice are precisely that.

But I told you not these things from the beginning, because I was with you. And now I go to him that sent me, and none of you asketh me: Whither goest thou? But because I have spoken these things to you, sorrow hath filled your heart. But I tell you the truth: it is expedient to you that I go: for if I go not, the Paraclete will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you. And when he is come, he will convince the world of sin, and of justice, and of judgment. Of sin: because they believed not in me. And of justice: because I go to the Father; and you shall see me no longer. And of judgment: because the prince of this worl…

New Directives Issued from Vatican for Pastoral Language

To be sent out to all dioceses soon!

Remember now, Fathers.

Use pastoral language, not phrases that some people could find offensive!

In summary, use language that is neither "archaic" nor "incomprehensible".

Jesus, Mercy and the Synod


I know we as Catholics are called by Christ to be merciful. I know that Pope Francis has spoken not a small deal about mercy and about God's mercy.

'Mercy' is central to the Kasper proposal, but his is a mercy that is not rooted in the Gospel. It is, rather, a new Gospel devoted to mercy, but it isn't Christ's Gospel.

My understanding of God's mercy is that His mercy - available to all who desire it - isn't there for no reason. It isn't there to make us feel 'accepted' in a community. God's mercy is His very, very, very loving response to the scandal, the detestable offense that is our sin. As others have noted, mercy is certainly there as a theme in the Gospel, but it isn't the central theme. The central theme is Jesus Himself.

I hope that, soon enough, the same prelates who are singing canticles to the Mercy of God while advocating distributing Jesus Himself to unrepentant mortal sinners will outline the following:

What is so sp…

So to sum up...

If Pope Francis could do this with 'Kasperism' and/or 'regionalism'...
...that would be just great!
If the authority is there to be 'given away', then the authority is there to stamp out
dissent to the Magisterium and crush the evils within the Church.


I see some protesters have already arrived outside Synod Hall, fearing the worst.

Regional Churches, Regional Faiths, Regional 'Gods'

The Sensible Bond today has a 'calm down, dear' post concerning this, on which I blogged yesterday...

Not only would it be impossible to see how the Church is One, Holy and Universal, but it would cast great doubt whether God is One and Holy, as if God would say, "No, no, do whatever you like. I'm liberal when I'm in Munich, but much more intolerant of sin in Warsaw."
What the Synod decides, obviously, has no effect on the Reality of God. There are obviously no theological implications for Almighty God. The Church cannot change God.

I didn't consider I was saying anything controversial, but was thinking about what impacts are at stake for the Catholicity of the Church. I was saying that if doctrinal authority were devolved that would give, say, the Germans, an entirely different presentation of God to the Poles, so that in Germany God would be presented as an affable uncle who overlooks sin entirely, whereas in Poland God would be presented in a different …

'Scheming and Fraud Fill Its Squares...'

Do read Fr Ray Blake's excellent piece on the Synod of Mess today.
The Pope and his advisers simply cannot do what is being suggested that is their intention in the Rorate piece today without violating - doing a great violence - to Christ's mission on Earth, to His Church, to souls and to Marriage and the Family.
The Kasper proposal - in fact - what is threatened as being the pre-determined 'end game' of the Synod, cannot be squared with the prayer taught to us by Our Lord, let alone His explicit teaching on marriage itself.
As Fr Hunwicke makes quite plain, you really do need a new definition of papal infallibility in order to justify a Pope 'twisting God's hand' in order to overturn God's own verdict on sin, marriage, repentance, the Divine Law, etc.
Quite a long time ago I mused on the possible prospect of Catholics being faced with an unsavory decision concerning whether to obey the Pope or obey Christ. 
One would have thought that if what is being …

Here is a Conundrum...

Ah, what a riddle we have in our Pope.

Now that we understand that the 'Kasper proposal' will, in fact, be Bergoglio Boomerang, perhaps you can help me figure this one out...or have I figured it out?

Let's see now...

While touting 'doctrinal (let's throw in liturgical...pastoral...etc...) authority devolution' to create a loose federation of faith-in-humanity-so-come-and-do-as-you-please enclaves, which will be barely recognised as 'Catholic', pray tell why is Pope Francis, at the same time courting the Evangelicals and other denominations? I even wonder if some of them may know of what is afoot.

Remember that to Evangelicals unlike to those Traddies, Francis has been on video calling for union, a 'unity' for which he prays, even alluding to a possible future 'miracle' that will create unity. He has actually used that word. Is doctrinal devolution that miracle? Quite possibly! There's something of a stealth package going on under th…

Sunday Evening Must Read for Every Synod Father

Courtesy of CF News

By John Vennari During the 2015 Ordinary Synod, we've heard discussion of the possiblity of "regionalism," that is, allowing national bishops conferences to decide diverse "pastoral policies" regarding the Eucharist for the divorced and civiliy remarried, cohabitation and even homosexuality. In an October 15 interview, Raymond Cardinal Burke rightly said that the proposed "regional diversity" is " simply contrary to Catholic Faith and life. "
Yet Pope Francis himself in an October 17 speech brandished his resolve to "decentralize" the Church, even if he has to impose this decentralization from the top down, which would be a perfiduous abuse of authority.[1]

This un-Catholic "regionalism" and de-centralization did not appear suddently at the Synod, it has a history.

"Decentralization" and Church Restructure

A destructive new program now in the works, which had been flying under the radar of most…

More Buenos Aires Madness

See story here.

Bishops Selling Out Jesus in a "Protected Space"

Let's face it. 
They have form.

Synod of Insanity

Reports are circulating that Pope Francis could - or might be contemplating defining in an infallible manner - the 'end result' of the Synod. For some reason, that doesn't fill me with confidence.

There's something rather mentally unstable about the nature of the papacy post-2013, swinging wildly, as if in bi-polarity, between the:

'What me? Oh don't mind me. I'm only the Bishop of Rome, first among equals, humble prelate operating in a spirit of collegiality, interested only in fostering debate among other equals, my brother Bishops...'
...while doing this...

...on the one hand, and 'I'm the Successor of St Peter, so...

...on the other.

This is, rather scarily, a neat combo of 'excessive' Rome Reports generated humility bound up with cosmetic collegiality and the arbitrary use of extraordinary power which has been picked up on by those he has hand-picked to gather round him to hold 'mini-Synods' in his residence. Most of these fi…

Exceptional Annulments

Springs to mind.
Fast-track annulment cases will only be 'exceptional'.
"Your case is unique, just like everyone else's."
"Oh, thank you! It's so nice of you to consider my case to be exceptional."

(Chokes back tears of joy!)

Just another day...

Crown Him with many thorns, why not?
Scourge Him with many whips, why not?
Crucify Him again, why not?
As long as you can take time out to talk about aliens and stuff, that's the main thing.
Lord, save Your Church!

One Faith

Thank you, Cardinal Burke!

Polish Battle Cry

This is not a bad choice of battle cry. 

Let us also pray it for the Polish Bishops.


Bogurodzica ("Mother of God") is a Polish Catholic hymn dating back to between the 10th and 13th centuries which has since then been sung in battle or facing an oppressor.

It is sung in times of peace, too, to commemorate those times when the Blessed Virgin Mary has protected the country of which she remains the only Queen.
Virgin, Mother of God, God-famed Mary! Ask Thy Son, our Lord, God-named Mary, To have mercy upon us and hand it over to us! Kyrie eleison! Son of God, for Thy Baptist's sake, Hear the voices, fulfill the pleas we make! Listen to the prayer we say, For what we ask, give us today: Life on earth free of vice; After life: paradise! Kyrie eleison!

Bogurodzica dziewica, Bogiem sławiena Maryja, U twego syna Gospodzina Matko zwolena, Maryja! Zyszczy nam, spuści nam. Kyrie elison! Twego dziela Krzciciela, bożycze, Usłysz głosy, napełń myśli człowiecze. Słysz modlitwę, jąż nosimy, A da…

The Synod Walk-Out Petition

I have deeply mixed feelings about signing what I have just signed.
But I have signed and here is why:
This Synod has been convened ostensibly on 'the Family' but this has been shown to be a smokescreen. In truth, it has been evidently shown to be about nothing but power, the exercise of power and its misuse. It is not at the service of Christ, nor of His Church. It is not in service to the mission of the Church and it has not been and is not in service to the Family, unless, of course, you want to redefine 'the Family'.
Things are being discussed at the Synod that Bishops would not have dared to utter 50 years ago. Even the modernists of the 1960s and 1970s wouldn't have dreamed to give credibility to the ideas that liberal Bishops are discussing openly at the Synod and who are being encouraged to do so.

Pope Francis and those who he has appointed to work closely with him during this time of intense attack on the Church established by our Divine Lord, Jesus Christ…

"Abstract Moral Principles"

"People struggle to understand abstract moral principles."

So said Archbishop Diamuid Martin today in the Synod Hall. His Grace also said other things that can be read his intervention here.

Taking up further the post by Fr Ray Blake today, there are a couple of things worth unpacking here.

For instance, do we really believe that people "struggle to understand" the Church's teaching on, for example, the sinfulness of homosexual acts?

I ask this because I think that ultimately, people are not morally illiterate. They may not share your morality - they might reject it, but not 'understanding'?

Oh no, they understand alright.

The Irish people didn't "struggle to understand" the immorality of the abuse and cover up of abuse within the Irish Church, nor did they consider it to be an 'abstract moral principle'. The Irish were angry, very angry, indignant at the betrayal (and sensed some hypocrisy) that the Irish Church had committed.


What Happened to the Westminster Cathedral's Homeless?

I was outside Westminster Cathedral today and talked with two guys from Victoria BID, that's (Business Improvement District) Board. They wore purple t-shirts and arrived in a white van to take away some tables and chairs outside in the piazza.

I was wondering why there were so few homeless people around the Cathedral as there used to be. Suddenly, I put two and two together and made four. So I asked the guys from Victoria BID whether they were responsible for ensuring homeless people were 'moved on'.

"Yes," they said, "we are like security for the area. We clean the streets around the piazza and make sure homeless people aren't around. These houses around here are worth millions, you know. There's a lot of money around here."
I asked...

"So, is it the Council doing this?"
The answer comes back...

"No, well they are a player, but mostly the business and residents around the area fund this enterprise. We put these nice tables and c…

Happy Feast of Our Lady of Victories

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Victories, otherwise known as Our Lady of the Rosary.
It's my birthday.
It's also Vladimir Putin's birthday.

Vatican Teams Up With Children's Storybook Company for Synod Tale

The Vatican has teamed up with Mr. Men children's books to help Catholic parents tell the story of the Synod on the Family to their children. Now your children can follow, and relive, those key moments of the Synod with Mr. Men characters. The book has been written but not yet been released. However, the characters have been published so you can tell your little lambs the full official story. Naturally, parents will be astonished that the 'story of the Synod' is to be released before the Synod ends, but Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri has made it clear that the pre-written story of the Synod is completely trustworthy and will reflect reality retrospectively. Pope Francis (Supreme Pontiff) Cardinal Walter Kasper (everybody loves Mr. Tickle!) Fr Thomas Rosica of Salt and Light TV Cardinal Godfreed Daneels (keep quiet about the conclave, and you won't be so nervous!) Archbishop Bruno Forte (our lovable little rogue and naughty relatio expert)