One Faith

Thank you, Cardinal Burke!


nicholas dyson said…
Deo gratias for Cardinal Burke a true shepherd of the church.
Janet said…
Hi, Laurence, I haven't visited in so long and now, following a twitter link, am glad to find you still cheering me up! I have been too busy finishing my sci phi novel RUN (sci phi = science philosophy fiction)and I'll put the link here so you can judge if I've been well-employed: It really touches on some contemporary issues. Obama is a transgendered World President whose sex identity papers are in doubt, and we're in outer space when he announces the formation of a new world religion. If you're a little short this week, just let me know. : ) I got the ebook file. It's traditional mass in a space ship and they establish Christendom in a new world.
Anonymous said…
God bless Cardinall Burke and God bless our Holy Catholic church.
The evil one us doing his very best to create a situation where people of true faith are gòing to suffer greatly

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