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Anti-Luther Song to Mark Reformation Day

Today marks the Reformation initiated by Martin Luther. This song in no way supports anti-Jewish sentiment or anti-Semitism in case its title should alarm viewers. Its aim is to serve to condemn, educate and explode the myths about the deservedly excommunicated Augustinian friar Martin Luther and condemn the anti-semitism and other loathsome beliefs of the notorious arch-heretic, Martin Luther...

...who, for some strange reason, is being celebrated by the Vatican as some kind of hero, mystic, doctor, sage or even saint. He doesn't belong on a postage stamp, any postage stamp, but certainly not a Vatican stamp. His life should serve as a warning to all Catholics and a reprimand who those who follow his heretical teachings.

May the Lord have mercy on His Church!
Only one kind of stamp merits the face of Martin Luther...the stamp of the foot upon his image.

Omega Pope

A heads up for readers on a La Stampa article by Emmett O'Regan which amounts to a shot across the bow to those who signed the filial correction of Omega-Pope Francis. Another article in the same publication is here, by Rocco Buttiglionewhose article I have not yet read.

The O'Regan article makes the assertion that those who would offer correction to the Pope on seemingly heretical positions he would seem to have taken during his pontificate are  - by virtue of having objected to the teaching of Francis - dissenters of a nefarious kind. Several Church documents are put forward as evidence of this. We are seeing the beginning of the cementing of opposition to the filial correction from the Vatican insiders in the Francis camp.

In particular - and I believe this is what we can now call the Stephen Walford approach - they draw upon the Catechism - yes, the Catechism of the Catholic Church no less - to define the role of the Supreme Pontiff and the special assistance he is grante…