Anti-Luther Song to Mark Reformation Day

Today marks the Reformation initiated by Martin Luther. This song in no way supports anti-Jewish sentiment or anti-Semitism in case its title should alarm viewers. Its aim is to serve to condemn, educate and explode the myths about the deservedly excommunicated Augustinian friar Martin Luther and condemn the anti-semitism and other loathsome beliefs of the notorious arch-heretic, Martin Luther...

...who, for some strange reason, is being celebrated by the Vatican as some kind of hero, mystic, doctor, sage or even saint. He doesn't belong on a postage stamp, any postage stamp, but certainly not a Vatican stamp. His life should serve as a warning to all Catholics and a reprimand who those who follow his heretical teachings.

May the Lord have mercy on His Church!

Only one kind of stamp merits the face of Martin Luther...the stamp of the foot upon his image.


Mary Kay said…
Well! I'm suffering a nasty cold on this great day. But your song cheered me right up. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Luther's public statements about Jewish people were barbaric. Hitler used Luther's image on his Nazi propaganda posters as your video shows.
Luther's defenders say his antisemitism was religious rather than racial, and that he turned against the Jewish population of Germany only after they refused to convert to Protestantism.
But this hardly explains his evil utterances.
At one point he exclaimed that German synagogues ought be burnt down, but only after tar has been poured over the roofs, so that the buildings will burn more quickly.
Luther then says that elderly Jewish people and their rabbis should be put to the sword, that young Jewish men and women be retained as slaves, and that their all their books be burned.
Horrifying beyond words.
I get a lot out of the Bible commentaries of John Calvin, but followers of this blog might want to watch 'Shocking Beliefs of John Calvin, Patheos' by Frank Viola (YouTube).
On a happier note, I can recommend a Catholic book, 'Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger on Christians and Jews' (A Stimulus Book, Paulist Press 2010) edited by Jean Duchesne.
The late Cardinal Lustiger was born in Paris in 1926 into a Polish-Jewish family and was created a cardinal in 1983 by Pope John Paul II.
The book has interviews with the cardinal on Catholic-Jewish interfaith dialogue. He deals unsparingly with the Holocaust and Germany's guilt in mass murder and genocide.
A film of his life, The Jewish Cardinal, was shown at the Glasgow Film Theatre, hosted by the Glasgow Jewish community. Well worth seeing.
Last time I inquired, it was only available as an American DVD but it may be released in the UK.

John Haggerty said…
Sorry, Patheos is not YouTube.
Patheos, according to Wiki, is a non-denominational, non-partisan online media company.
It provides information and commentary from various religious and nonreligious perspectives.
Set up in 2009 by Leo and Cathie Brunnick (web professionals from Denver, Colorado) Patheos now hosts 450 blogs.
These include bloggers who come from Jewish, Catholic, Orthodox, Reformed, Evangelical, Liberal and Progressive Christian traditions.
One of my favourite bloggers is Dr. James F. McGrath, an erudite New Testament scholar.
I do not have his faith in Progressive Christianity because I see Progress as a monster-child of the Enlightenment, which I regard as a 'darkening' owing to its anti-Christian roots.
The writer A.N. Wilson sees Hitler as a consequence of the Enlightenment (an unintended consequence perhaps) and he is correct to do so.
Out of the poison seeds of Luther's hatred of Judaism came Hitler's death camps in which Anne Frank and millions like her perished.
(Americans being eternal optimists find this hard to comprehend just as they find the bien-pensant authoritarianism and violence of the French Revolution difficult.)
We in Europe are now buying into American progressive ideas and that is our tragedy.
All the shit that comes out of LA or Seattle smells like roses to foolish Europeans.
We have a Starbucks on every corner and a Gay Pride March on every bank holiday.
The social engineers who have pushed through homosexual marriage have no idea of the moral and spiritual chaos they have set loose.
And we do not have a GK Chesterton, a Hilaire Belloc or a Pope John Paul who can command the attention of a gullible public and a cowardly political class.

J Haggerty
Dear Bones. Luther is FAR FAR worse than even the most rabid Luther opponents imagined him to be.

Here is link to a four part series ABS posted on this miserable bastid and when one gets to the end of the first post, he can just click on the newer post link to read the rest.

Look, Luther was not even a nominal Christian; he was as the Pope who excommunicated him declared- A wild boar said…
Please watch 'Christ the King v. Martin Luther' (YouTube).
The anniversary of Martin Luther's rebellion against the Church fell on the Catholic Feast of Christ the King.
This address begins with the hypostatic union (the union of the divine and human nature of Jesus Christ of Nazareth). Sometimes termed the hypostaic union.
The speaker touches on the legend that Lucifer wanted to be the saviour of our fallen world; Lucifer in his diabolical pride hated the thought that the Second Person of the Trinity would be born of the Virgin Mary in the lowliest of circumstances; hence Lucifer's rebellion against his creator.
An excellent book to order is 'Trent - What Happened at the Council' (Belknap Press, Harvard 2013) by John W O'Malley of Georgetown University.
During the council's 18 years the Ottoman Turks led a full-scale assault against Christendom; I purchased a copy a few years ago from St. Paul's R.C. bookshop and media centre.

John Haggerty

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