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Some Pope Francis Favourites

Well, we are now well into the papacy of Pope Francis and its time to collect and present some of the wisdom of the Pope who we are promised will lead the Church through some pretty choppy waters, like a bridge over troubled waters. Yes its going to be just like the Simon and Garfunkel song.

So far, we've seen some quite extraordinary scenes in Rome and heard some things from Pope Francis that make listeners sit up and think. While the traditional Catholic blogosphere has had to learn to pray once more for the gift of holy patience with regard to Papal liturgical ceremony and shoe-wearing habits, there has been plenty for the Faithful to chew on in terms of food fed to us by the hand of Peter.

Take the recent homily from His Holiness on Confession, for instance, a homily that has apparently caused Hans Kung's statue of himself to miraculously weep salt tears at 3pm everyday without fail. If it continues, his entire statue will erode into nothingness. He'd invite the Faith…

Former Master Mason Exposes the Danger of Freemasonry, Links it to Fatima

I know that Fatima 'analysts' are ridiculed but it is worth listening to someone who has been deeply involved with the masonic sect and who has 'seen the light' so to speak.

It is worth reminding ourselves that, given that this gentleman is telling us about the rituals involved in Freemasonry from his own experience, he is presumably risking his own life in divulging the secrets of the gnostic counter-Church that is Freemasonry.

Soberly, we must be aware of this huge threat to Holy Mother Church, since it is clear that the Freemasons have desired that their infiltration of the Church should, if it could, which presumably it could, go to its very summit.

Spot the Difference Competition...

'I implore you, brothers, be on your guard against anybody who encourages trouble or puts difficulties in the way of the doctrine you have been taught. Avoid them. People like that are not slaves of Jesus Christ, they are slaves of their own appetites, confusing the simple-minded with their pious and persuasive arguments. Your fidelity to Christ, anyway, is famous everywhere, and that makes me very happy about you. I only hope that you are also wise in what is good, and innocent of what is bad. The God of peace will soon crush Satan beneath your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.' ~ St Paul's Letter to the Romans, 16:1-20
Quite how I didn't notice the stark similarities between the faithful, habit-wearing, poor, obedient lover of the Cross of Our Lord, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and the disobedient, dissenting, non-religious habit-wearing gang of schismatics at the Leadership Conference of Women Religious is a huge mystery to me. Thank Heaven that th…

The Miracle of Life

A reader kindly sent me this You Tube video of Alexander Tsiaras's incredible presentation on the very beginnings of human life in the womb. 'Beyond human comprehension' is how he describes the machinery and complex building instructions set in place in the earliest stages of human development.

Only human beings could possibly develop the kind of technology to survey the 'magic of existence that is us'. Only human beings could possibly be so perverted in their hearts, as to then turn on these unborn lives and deny them their humanity. Only human beings, with the immense capacity for scientific pursuit, could set about the destruction of these lives, by the millions and then call that destruction 'human progress'. Only human beings could descend into such a moral abyss as to ask the Creator of human life to 'bless' those who promote, condone and implement this astonishing attack on the defenceless.

Bloggers and others raising awareness of the situat…

The Sunday Times Poor List

In a break with a 25-year tradition, The Sunday Times has announced that next year, as well as featuring the annual Rich List of the richest and most influential people in Britain (excluding the Rothschilds, who own everything, including your house, your fridge and your cat), The Sunday Times will bring to its readers the first ever Poor List - a list of the most uninfluential and deprived people in Britain today.

Martin Evans, acting editor of The Sunday Times, said, "With David Beckham being listed in the Rich List as being 'worth' £165 million (a snip if you consider his free kicks), we thought it was about time we showed readers that The Sunday Times has concern for matters of social justice."

We have some very interesting paupers listed ready for next year, including a man who lives on what he obtains from bins and a man who is imprisoned every time he walks on the wrong side of the road because of his ASBO. We also have a woman who raises fourteen children on …

The Only Problem with Capitalism is the Capitalists

Tom Chivershas posted a piece in defence of Primark or, at least, in defence of the Primark type model of business and trade.

I fail to see how a company that is as hugely profitable as Primark, which by now must be a 'global' brand, cannot build safe working conditions for its workers.

In an age in which conscience is dismissed as just an irritating 'voice' or 'noise', I guess it is only natural that companies like Primark would do very nicely out of countries like Bangladesh, where they can treat workers with contempt and offer them a teensie weensie bit more money than they would get working for someone else in the country.

Why do the Chief Executives of such firms as Primark, among the other high street names that employ people for peanuts in foreign lands to sell cheap stuff in the West, not consider their consciences? Is business and trade an arena in which conscience is not necessary? A burden?

A lot of independent small businesses in the UK are closing …

Cardinal Oullet to the Bishops of England and Wales

Courtesy of the LMS Chairman, who picked this up from The Catholic Herald. Cardinal Marc Oullet to the Bishops:

‘My brother bishops, you face many challenges in your apostolic ministry in England and Wales. Perhaps you can identify with Peter and John as they are dragged before the Sanhedrin to be pressured, threatened and even beaten to stop proclaiming the saving Truth of Jesus Christ. Perhaps you can sense viscerally the pressure to obey men rather than God, to see yourself as a mere manager or functionary rather than a disciple and an apostle...’
Interesting choice of words...I think you'll agree.

Wonderful Devotional Book on the Blessed Sacrament

Father Stefano M. Manelli, co-founder of theFranciscans of the Immaculate, wrote an excellent book entitled 'Jesus: Our Eucharistic Love'.

To buy a copy of this wonderful work for God, click here.

Someone recently gave it to me as an Easter gift and it is a really very inspiring and beautiful work and I recommend it to anyone who wants to deepen their appreciation and reverence for Our Lord in the Most Holy Eucharist - that is - to everyone. May God and Our Lady bless Fr Stefano and all the Friars of the Immaculate, spreading the good news of God's Kingdom around the globe.

Fr. Stefano Maria Manelli was born in Fiume/Rijeka (Hrvatska), Italy on May 1, 1933. His parents were Vervent of God Settimio Manelli and Servent of God Licia Gualandris, spiritual children of St. Pio of Prietrelcina. He was the sixth of the twenty-one children. He received his first communion from Padre Pio himself in 1938 He entered the minor seminary of the Order of the Friars Minor Conventual in …

Pro-Marriage Protestor Stabbed Four Times by Homosexual Activists

On 13th April 2013 in Paris, Samuel Lafont, a young man taking part in the pro-family and pro-morality demonstration organized by La Manif Pour Tous, was stabbed four times in the back by vicious homosexual activists.

Lafont, who was unarmed like all the protestors, was [...] pushed to the ground and deliberately, savagely attacked. He had to be taken to the Georges Pompidou hospital where he received emergency surgery.

He has been in a grave condition in intensive care ever since. Two of his companions were also wounded but less severely. One was stabbed in the arm and another once in the back. The morning after the riot, rabid homosexuals were rejoicing in this news, and exchanging messages on Twitter saying they hoped Samuel was dead.

The attack was planned and the day before it was carried out, Samuel had been threatened with murder on social media, for his part in leading the youth wing of the demonstrations. The attack took place near the Odéon junction in central Paris, where…

Rules for Public Office

Rule # 1

Do not say anything negative about the Rothschild dynasty. If you have ever read anything negative about them and their role in the last 400 years of carnage and chaos, dismiss it out of hand as anti-semitism.

If you harbour any negative feelings or beliefs about the most powerful banking dynasty to have graced the Earth in all of human history then keep them all to yourself.

If you are concerned that this family can command governments, Kings and Queens on a global scale, just put those fears to the back of your mind.

If you are concerned that this family instituted 'think-tanks' for Governments and that their 'think-tanks' emerge with policies that soon become Government policies, do not worry since they are our benefactors and it is all for our own good.

If you still have concerns about a lack of real democracy and true freedom in the World and fear that this one family pulls the strings of Governments around the globe through a vast network of organisations…

Same-Sex Marriage Round-Up


In case you missed it, same-sex marriage legislation was passed in France. The protests against it were said to be small, token, sporadic and ill-attended. Another triumph for demoncracy in Europe. Some in France's Senate must look at that picture and think, 'Yeah...hmm...we're going to need a bigger guillotine.'

An important question to consider, though: Why did all these people join a protest in a battle they knew they couldn't win? I's like they've got beliefs or something! Weird! An interesting article from The Spectator here which is well worth a read. It suggests that the powers that be are, wait for it, a bit worried.

Meanwhile, France's new Ministry for Domestic Tyranny issued this image of what the department says is the true extent of the demonstration, which, as you can see, is nothing like the images circulated by the enemies of democracy, freedom and equal marriage. The Minister for Domestic Tyranny when asked the question…

An Archbishop Who Teaches the Gospel Even in Trial

From Life Site News

'In an astonishing display of gentleness in the face of a vile attack, the head of the Catholic Church in Belgium, Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard, remained calmly seated with eyes closed in prayer Tuesday as four topless women attacked him with shouts and curses and doused him with water. It’s not the first time the bishop has been attacked for standing up for the Church’s teachings on homosexuality and expressing his concern for those who live the homosexual lifestyle.

The incident took place at the ULB University in Brussels where the archbishop was participating in a debate on blasphemy laws.

The four women, representing the pro-abortion and homosexual group FEMEN, took to the stage where they disrobed to reveal black-painted slogans on their bare chests and backs, such as ‘my body my rules,’ and 'anus dei is coming.' They also held signs reading ‘stop homophobia’. The women doused the archbishop with water from bottles formed in t…

Gender Neutral Toilets to Become Shooters Galleries?

Ah, Brighton. Progressives cannot rest on their laurels here. As one exciting progressive new idea is implemented, there are a thousand other ideas waiting for implementation. There is always something that needs to be done - something ordinary citizens of the city of Brighton and Hove just wouldn't have thought up. Yes, as Caroline Lucas, Jason Kitcat and the army of progressives survey Brighton, there is always 'room for improvement'. You might say, 'But hang on, that's a bit off!' but don't worry. Don't complain. Remember, progressives are more evolved than you. They are the experts. They are cleverer and they have a foresight that you will never attain. Oh, they are so wise!

So, if you are a Brightonian and you occasionally have a little stroll along the Undercliff Pass leading from Brighton Marina to Rottingdean, then you'll have noticed a little 'reconstruction' taking place. There existed, not too long ago, some public toilets. These…

So, Guys? Have You Set a Date Yet?

You have to laugh otherwise you cry.
Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.
Also, has anyone else noticed that more or less as soon as Pope Paul VI instituted a World Day for Vocations, the Church entered into a vocations crisis? I expect that in the 'bad old days', every day was a day of prayer for vocations...

Liberte, Egalite, Fr...Oh, Let's Just Call the Whole Thing Off and Kick in a Priest

Eccles just tweeted something the whole world needs to see.

To be precise, this is French police taking a priest by force and giving him a kicking for good measure.

The mask of 'equality' is slipping in France.

This is tyranny. This is what is coming to our country, but with far less resistance.

Watch it here from 4.10 and pray for these brave priests and ordinary French citizens, whose right to protest against same-sex marriage - or rather - whose right to defend the fundamental premise upon which rests the institution of marriage rests, is being violently removed from them.

This is what happens when people try to defend their nation, the family, marriage and freedom.

This is our future.

This is the future of this country's children.

The Governments of the world do not want people to defend principles. They don't want people to have principles. They just get in the way of the plan. They have underestimated, perhaps, just how many people will be prepared to lose their…

Archbishop of Laodicea Responds to "Gossip"

Archbishop of Laodicea Church of Laodicea Asia Minor
Bishop John

22nd September, 63

Dear John,

Thank you very much for your kind letter to the Church of Laodicea which you sub-titled, 'Revelation'. I do hope this letter finds you well.

I am sorry it has taken so long to reply. How is the weather there in Patmos? No hailstorms involving hailstones that weigh a talent each, I trust! I do hope your exile comes to an end soon.

Well, here in Laodicea things are going well on the whole. We have some issues with a small community of LGBT people who are using the Church to advance an agenda which is completely contrary to the Gospel. I let them use the local hall and a small church in the spirit of tolerance. Is this perhaps one of the seven spirits you mention before the throne of God? I think this must surely be the case.

Naturally, there have been people writing and complaining about such things but I told them: "Hold your tongues!"Things were getting quite out…

Crisis? What Crisis?

Dr Joseph Shaw has a couple of interesting posts  (here and here) on statistics, vocations and the decline/or not of the Catholic Church in England. This appears to be in response to some stats released by the Office for Vocations. There appears to be some kind of debate or dispute over whether the Church is statistically declining or not, especially in terms of vocations. I found the above screen shot of a Twitter dialogue between Austen Ivereigh and Fr Stephen Morgan a little amusing though its not actually funny. Let's not deny there are any problems, Austen. Presenting a positive image or front of the state of the Catholic Church in England and Wales doesn't impress anyone in the Church, outside of the Church or onlookers in Heaven.

There is a kind of dark irony to the 'management of decline' brigade. See, you don't need that many priests if not many people are actually going to Church. The more Mass attendance declines, the less priests required. I suppose th…

'No man cometh to the Father, but by me...'

At 1 min 45 secs
'Thomas saieth unto Him, 'Lord, we know not whither thou goest, and how can we know the way? Jesus saith unto him: I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.' 
Mr Cameron, Prime Minster, Sir,
You may want to pause for a moment and reflect on that, while you set about destroying the definition of marriage in this country, since if Our Lord was so inclined to say that no man comes to the Father, His Father, God the Father Almighty, but by He who is the 'way, the truth and the life', so it is also true that those who come to the 'father of lies' go by a different route to that of the Lord Jesus Christand go another way.
So must it be that the destination of those who do not enter through Him to the sheepfold, must enter another destination, by a different gate, which opens up not into Heaven but to a place where God absence is the only thing that is truly known. There are only two places where such a state …

Samaritans Volunteers: Liberal Journalists Need Not Apply

In the wake of the last person who gained publicity because he wanted to end his life, and whom the British media naturally swarmed around like flies, the BBC et al now are promoting a paralysed man called Paul Lamb's bid to have himself put down by the State. I really hope that liberal media types don't volunteer in the evenings for Samaritans.

Suicide is being promoted to the British by the media, in such a way that in 20 years time, Samaritans hotlines will not only be unmanned, but the line will be dead. Oh well, I suppose it will save the NHS Mental Health Services money, all this suicide promotion and its cheaper than real support like counselling. The promotion of suicide is cost effective to an over-burdened State with so many jobless, depressed, sick and vulnerable people. So many people on Disability Living Allowance, my, my, what to do with them all? I mean, if they don't work, or are incapacitated brickies...?

Meet the Bloggers

'...Pope Francis understands this in practical terms. He has already identified two kinds of behaviour that destroy love in the Church. They are complaining and gossiping. He is a practical man. He knows that we live in a society in which complaining and gossip is a standard fare. They sell newspapers and attract us to blogs because we love hear complaints and to read gossip. But Pope Francis is clear: they should have no place in the Church. He reminded us that the disciples, on the road to Emmaus were sad and complaining. He added: 'and the more they complained, the more they were closed in on themselves. They did not have a horizon before them, only a wall.' Complaining and griping about others, about things in one's own life, is harmful, he said 'because it dashes hope. Don't get into this game of a life of complaints.' Then, in another memorable phrase, he added that some ‘stew their lives in the juice of their own complaining.'

These are words …

The Press Section for Coverage of the Gosnell Trial


The Woman to Whom Pope Francis Desires to Consecrate His Papacy

This is good news courtesy of Vatican Insider...

'Pope Francis has asked the Patriarch of Lisbon, Cardinal José Policarpo, if he can consecrate his pontificate to Our Lady of Fatima. The cardinal himself confirmed this, in his introduction to the 181st general assembly of the Portuguese Bishops' Conference. At the end of his opening speech, Policarpo said: “Pope Francis asked me twice whether he could consecrate his new ministry to Our Lady of Fatima. It is a mandate I can carry out in prayer and silence. But it would be nice if the whole bishop's conference joined in to fulfil this request. May Mary guide us in our work and in fulfilling Pope Francis' request.”
The Popes have always had close ties with Fatima. When Eugenio Pacelli, who was consecrated bishop in the Sistine Chapel on the very day of the first apparition (13 May 1917), became Pope, he wanted the text on the third secret to be kept in the Vatican. In 1950, just before the Assumption of Mary…

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