Spot the Difference Competition...

'I implore you, brothers, be on your guard against anybody who encourages trouble or puts difficulties in the way of the doctrine you have been taught. Avoid them. People like that are not slaves of Jesus Christ, they are slaves of their own appetites, confusing the simple-minded with their pious and persuasive arguments. Your fidelity to Christ, anyway, is famous everywhere, and that makes me very happy about you. I only hope that you are also wise in what is good, and innocent of what is bad. The God of peace will soon crush Satan beneath your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.' ~ St Paul's Letter to the Romans, 16:1-20

Quite how I didn't notice the stark similarities between the faithful, habit-wearing, poor, obedient lover of the Cross of Our Lord, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and the disobedient, dissenting, non-religious habit-wearing gang of schismatics at the Leadership Conference of Women Religious is a huge mystery to me. Thank Heaven that the Editrix of The Tablet is around to remind us that chalk and cheese are basically the same thing.


Anonymous said…
Spot the difference? On the left one on the narrow road, following Jesus and serving others; on the right many on the broad road, motivated by pride and self-interest.
BJC said…
I loved this bit:

"There is an authoritarian streak among some American bishops that brooks no dissent from hard-line episcopal positions."

No Catherine, there is an authoritarian streak amongst liberals like yourself Clifford Longley, Tina Beattie et al that brooks no dissent form hard-line liberal positions such as the one outlined in your article that it doesn't matter what you believe you can still call yourself Catholic as long as you do good for the poor. Furthermore this is infallible teaching because other liberals have said so.