Monday, 29 April 2013

The Miracle of Life

A reader kindly sent me this You Tube video of Alexander Tsiaras's incredible presentation on the very beginnings of human life in the womb. 'Beyond human comprehension' is how he describes the machinery and complex building instructions set in place in the earliest stages of human development.

Only human beings could possibly develop the kind of technology to survey the 'magic of existence that is us'. Only human beings could possibly be so perverted in their hearts, as to then turn on these unborn lives and deny them their humanity. Only human beings, with the immense capacity for scientific pursuit, could set about the destruction of these lives, by the millions and then call that destruction 'human progress'. Only human beings could descend into such a moral abyss as to ask the Creator of human life to 'bless' those who promote, condone and implement this astonishing attack on the defenceless.

Bloggers and others raising awareness of the situation in Ireland are making much of the Fine Gael proposal make abortion available in Ireland because it has brazenly called for the procedure that will see 'human life...destroyed'. Pro-life campaigners are absolutely right to do so. Those campaigners are absolutely right to also face down the lies emanating from the political establishment in Ireland concerning the tragic death of Savita, whose cause of death was sepsis, something which no 'termination' could have cured.

Pray for an end to abortion and pray that Ireland will not go down the calamitous road that we have taken, in which millions of human lives which should have been with us, sharing in the miraculous gift of life, are not with us - for no reason which can ever be justified - medically, scientifically or morally.

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