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Norcia has been struck by a 6.6 magnitude earthquake that has flattened homes and made residents homeless, destroying the Monastery of St Benedict and St Scholastica. Keep these distraught people in your prayers and if you are able, donate to their funds for relief.

Having expressed his 'closeness' to the people of Norcia, His Holiness as far as we know still intends to travel to Lund, Sweden, to celebrate the Reformation and will, true to current form, laud and honour the infamous heresiarch Martin Luther, thereby giving a new meaning to the words...




Let's not let an earthquake in a nearby town to Rome put the breaks on a pointless ecumenical circus in honour of a man who died a public enemy of Christ and His Church. And this is before he has - as I suspect he will, in some form - given the go-ahead for 'inter-communion' with the Lutherans as some kind of 'merciful', 'ecumenical' gesture.

After al…

Be Not Deceiving in Your Receiving

No man, be he lay man, deacon, priest, bishop, cardinal or Pope can receive the Lord Jesus  and reject His teachings.
Those who reject the Lord's teachings reject the Lord even while receiving Him.
Surely, for this reason do we regard those Communions as sacrilegious in which a person outwardly honours Jesus, but inwardly rejects His commandments.
Why should we be surprised then, when unfaithful Prelates fail to uphold the sublime dignity of the Most Holy Eucharist and fail to discourage those in mortal sin from receiving Him?
Those wicked men, be they Priests, Bishops Cardinals or the Pope himself, who receive Jesus while rejecting His teachings deceive not Jesus but they do deceive themselves and they do deceive the people entrusted to them.
Be not deceived.
The Lord Jesus takes up residence and dwells within the hearts and souls of those who accept Him.
In them He finds a home for they truly welcome Him as their King, Lord and Saviour.
Those who reject Jesus Christ profit nothing …

Well, at least they weren't rigid...

Of course, we're all looking forward to Obama/Hillary and Putin showing great 'flexibility' in 'shall we or shall we not use an array of nuclear warheads against each other during WW3' and thus ensure the death of millions of civilians.

These moral laws - such an encumbrance when you just want to blow up your enemies countries and allies!

Obama and Putin. 
Come on!
Relax and be FREE! 
Don't be rigid types! Show flexibility and elasticity with the moral law and with human laws like treaties and stuff!
Not to be elastic is worse than the unforgivable sin - the only unforgivable sin - that's right! 
The great sin against ecumenism!

The Pontificate that Won't Stand Up to Scrutiny

As I left a Church a day or two ago, I walked past a copy of a mainstream Catholic newspaper, I think it was The Universe. The headline took me somewhat by surprise. 'Is this really where we have got to?' I thought. The headline went something very much like this:

You can imagine what the rest of the article was like. I thought to myself that there is something deeply wrong with that headline and that such a headline - and it is accurate in its reportage - is a damning indictment of the pontificate of Pope Francis. In a single headline, we can discern the nature of the crisis enveloping the Church from the top downwards.

Has Catholic intellectual life come to such a nadir as this when a Catholic newspaper can publish a news story on the Pope's cardinal picks and fail to see the idiocy being promulgated therein. Mercy over morals. Mercy over morals. Mercy over morals?

Remember folks, you can't have…

In Praise of Luther, the Great!

I can see why His Holiness would want to spend time with Lutherans and venerate him just a little. After all, Luther Vandross was a pioneer of classic 80s soul music, music which brought many people together in the bars, the pubs and clubs. A lot of us remember the ups and downs of the 80s and Luther was there, often in the background, on the radio, on Top of the Pops, singing his soul music always with a smile. His Holiness is right to highlight his impact on Western culture and his artistic contribution to society. I am sure all the Lutherans went home very happy from their meeting with the Pope, knowing that Mr Vandross's musical contribution had received recognition from the highest levels of the Church.

Just Another Day at the Vatican

Just in time for Christmas, the chocolate Luther. 
Can't wait for the chocolate Calvin. The sheer indulgence of it!

Chocolate Calvin filled with delicious liqueur!

Martin Luther said, 'Destroy the Mass, you destroy the Church!'

He seems like a credible role model for the tragic trajectory of this papacy.


But what's with the scarves?

It probably really is best Benedict XVI stepped aside from this whole 2017 Reformation party. I don't think he could have brought himself to get terribly excited by it.

God help us.