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Dead Babies or 'Medical Waste' Wash Up on Chinese Beach

When an entire country enforces a 'One Child Policy', dead babies are sooner or later going to overflow into rivers. I mean, what do you do with so much 'medical waste'? I expect that the Chinese government are apologising to the citizens of this province because the babies amounted to a breach of health and safety law. Notice that the babies bodies have been fuzzed out in the video, the full horror of abortion and infanticide, it seems, is too much for viewers. I wonder why...

The Telegraph reports...

Two mortuary workers were detained and two senior hospital staff were sacked in eastern China after the bodies of at least 21 infants and foetuses were found in a river. At least eight bodies had tags indicating they were from the hospital of Jining Medical University in Shandong province, Xinhua news agency reported.

Authorities were quoted by Beijing News saying the corpses could have been those of aborted foetuses or babies who had died of illness. They were found on…

12-String Guitar: Only £39 left to pay...

I've been paying off £30 a week on a 12-string guitar which I found at a local guitar shop for £99 and she is very nearly mine. That guitar will join my other plug-in acoustic and I found a bass guitar for about a tenner in a local charity shop. I don't think I can fit drums in the flat, but I have egg shaker and tambourine. I have a few friends who might like to do some busking come summer, so I hope we can practise over the next few months before taking Brighton by storm and simultaneously give those pan-pipe players some competition in Churchill Square.

If we get good we'll record and maybe sell songs (mostly covers no doubt, though a friend and I have recently penned a sure hit entitled 'Where's My Horse?') in the town centre and see if we can avoid ASBOs all round. Oh, and hopefully buskers and all citizens including homeless people and drunk people on Saturday nights this year will manage to avoid having a few hundred volts from these delightful new '…

Great Work by Damian Thompson

Damian Thompson has posted an authoritative and honest account of the truth of the New York Times article that led to hundreds of calumnous media columns about the role of the Holy Father in the case of Father Lawrence Murphy, a Catholic Priest who is alleged to have abused up to 200 boys at a school for the deaf during his tenure in Wisconsin.
Fr Thomas Brundage, the former Archdiocese of Milwaukee Judicial Vicar who presided over the canonical criminal case of the Wisconsin child abuser, issued the following letter which firmly states both his actions in the case and exposes brilliantly the outright lie that the then Cardinal Ratzinger was guilty of any wrongdoing or 'cover up'. We will wait to see whether The New York Times or indeed The Times will issue an apology to the Holy Father for an article that led to reams of vile accusations against the Holy Father and countless news stories worldwide aimed at destroying the still exemplary reputation of Pope Benedict XVI.
Setting …

Dawkins Gives Pope 'Career' Advice

I feel quite sorry for Dawkin's children. Can you imagine having Dawkins for a father? There he is, tucking his boy into bed like the good, tender, loving father that he is, having just read him his favourite Pullman fantasy, when the little boy looks up trustfully and asks...

"Daddy...Tell me about God."
Only for Dawkins to reply hastefully, in apoplectic rage...

"He doesn't exist you imbecilic little cretin! There is no bleedin' sky fairy! Get that through your thick skull!"
This week, the High Priest of Atheism and serial God basher, Richard Dawkins, has come out fighting from the atheist trenches, taking time out from getting paid vast sums to fly around the World preaching the 'bad news', to advise our beloved Holy Father on his role as Successor of St Peter...

"No, Pope Ratzinger should not resign. He should remain in charge of the whole rotten edifice – the whole profiteering, woman-fearing, guilt-gorging, truth-hating, child-raping in…

The Missing Word Game

I found the following poster in a Catholic Church. Reading it, I became convinced that something has replaced Christ in the hearts of our Bishops. Have fun and hope you can work out the missing word. This Holy Week, remember to renew your commitment to __________!

The Diocese of ******* & ******** Pastoral Team
In solidarity with the poor Lent and Easter 2010
Buy one more ___________ item, when you can, during Lent and beyond...

If you buy Easter eggs or chocolates for family and friends - buy ___________: available at Coop stores, Oxfam, Fair Share (Coventry).

Get ___________ Easter Eggs if you have them at the Easter Service in Church - make sure everyone knows they are _____________!

Use _____________ Palestinian olive oil for Chrism Service and services that include anointing - available from Zaytoun

Include prayers for the ____________ producers:

See CAFOD and Traidcraft websites and the 'Church's Guide' from the ___________ Foundat…

How to Develop a Messiah Complex...

'Ah my little fishes. Behold these are times of great tribulation, of trial and storm and flood. But see, I am doing a great deed. The waters become murky and your hearts fail for fear of the tankocalypse. A big hand and net comes into the tank and you cannot understand the might of your keeper. See, I am placing you in a small bowl next to the tank while I make a new fish tank, a place of happiness, of joy. A place where there is cleaner gravel, a place where there is more gravel than you had before, where there are fewer snails. See, I am doing a great deed and placing a filter bought from the aquarium for just £29.99 which replaces the old one which was knackered. You find it hard to breathe in the glass vase which I now place you in, all 22 of you, but you, my little ones are kept safe, for your keeper loves you and is refashioning the tank. Behold, I am making for you a new tank which is paradise where the water is clean.

Yes, my little ones. This new tank will be a tank of m…

The Life of 'Sarah' Testifies that Abuse is Rife in Social Services

Picture: The former children's home Haut de la Garenne on Jersey island, site of the biggest abuse children's care home scandal in the history of the UK.

Anyone listening to the radio, reading the internet, watching TV or reading the newspapers recently would be forgiven for thinking that physical and sexual abuse is something that afflicts only the Catholic Church. The truth of the matter is that the scandals that have been poured over the pages of the press are bad, very bad, but by no means a scandal in the Church only. Today I met a young lady, 19, who we shall call 'Sarah', whose life testifies to the unpalatable fact that abuse is rife in families, society and, it appears, particularly in children's homes ran by Social Services.

My friend Paul and I dropped friends George and Diane back home today. Say a prayer for them because Social Services, having told their Brighton Housing Trust (BHT) solicitor that they would store their belongings from their old flat,…

Brighton MS Sufferer Ends His Own Life at Dignitas

Trust The Argusto give its seal of approval to the Culture of Death. Brighton & Hove's daily local newspaper, fresh from persecuting a local Catholic priest has covered 'in deepest sympathy', that is, in deepest sympathy with assisted suicide, the news of a Brighton man's ending of his personal struggle with MS at the offshore death chamber in Switzerland known as Dignitas.

There is something quite disturbing about this article. Someone is missing from it.

The article reports...

'A man who featured in a documentary about his battle against multiple sclerosis has died at a euthanasia clinic in Switzerland. Renowned graphic artist Johnny Hicklenton, best known for his work on comic books Judge Dredd and 2000AD, visited the Dignitas assisted suicide clinic after a ten year fight against the disease.

Friend Adam Lavis, who co-directed the TV documentary, travelled with 42-year-old Mr Hicklenton to the clinic. He described the Brighton artist as a “warrior.” He said: …

Yet More Shockingly Biased Reporting from the BBC

Some people go into journalism for the pursuit of truth and some people go into journalism for the pursuit of propaganda.

The BBC is clearly a hotbed of journalists who fall into the latter category. To the left is a picture of the then 'live correspondent' of the BBC in the US, reporting the fall of Building 7 (not hit by a plane) of the World Trade Centre while the building quite incredibly still stands to the immediate right of her head.

Of course, it could be that there is a perfectly reasonable reason for why the BBC reported the collapse of Building 7 a good 20 minutes before the event actually took place, but, hey, if the BBC are going to do reporting on events within the Church, we may as well examine just how accurate is the reporting of the aggressively left-wing, statist, anti-Catholic propaganda machine providing 'news' to the majority of British homes 24 hours a day and report on their coverage of important events like those of September 11th 2001 as they m…

Papal Witch Hunt Continues Unabated

The Times, the BBC, The Guardian and even the Catholic layman owned The Telegraph are sticking the knife into our beloved Holy Father, who it is now beyond doubt, was, as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, single-handedly orchestrating the deliberate abuse of over a billion Catholic children.

So, while the enemies of the Pope both within and without the Church continue to destroy His Holiness's reputation with so many news stories that one wonders whether the phrase 'media overkill' was invented solely for this past month, here is a picture of a Robin that I took today while gardening at a client's garden in Preston Park, because, after all, we all need a bit of cheering up, as if the Annunication of the Lord isn't enough to have us Catholics usually bobbing around like little birds full to the brim with holy joy. It rained at times today and I managed to avoid being struck down by lightning during a brief thunderstorm. The Priest at the heart of the latest allegations of…

Question: "How are Conservatives Going to be Whipped?!"

Answer:  In a racy, black, leather number, by the looks of things. Watch these astonishing two clips of 'family man' David Cameron losing his cool with the Martin Popplewell of Gay Times, presumably a significant leader of a vociferous political lobby. Mr Cameron appears to be deeply uncomfortable with this interview, perhaps because he has the unenviable task of keeping not negligible traditional Conservatives happy while courting the not negligible 'pink vote'. In what appears to be a social bracket now much like the elderly, the disabled or just plain old C1, the 'gay community', according to Martin Popplewell, vote en masse as a singular body for the political party they think will benefit their agenda the most, rather than, say policies on, well helping the elderly pay heating bills.

Popplewell asks the questions and Cameron is left utterly floundering. It is fascinating and reveals quite clearly that David Cameron, for one, far from being an adherent of …

Time to Emigrate?

I have a couple of friends who are emigrating to Cyprus. All in all, it looks like a good time to leave the UK.

Here is another reason why...

Straw: "We are angry these MPs got caught..."

The Telegraph reports that...

'The Justice Secretary said the three Labour MPs have damaged the reputation of the Labour Party, but he insisted that no serving member of the Government was implicated. The three former Labour cabinet ministers have been suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party over allegations they tried to sway policy decisions by lobbying the Government. Mr Straw said: “There is such anger in the Parliamentary Labour Party, as well as I may say incredulity, about their stupidity in allowing themselves to be suckered in a sting like this."
What an incredible thing fort the 'Justice' Secretary to say! 'Carry on boys and girls, just don't get caught next time!' The Parliamentary Labour Party is not so angered at the corruption at the heart of Government or at the news that politicians can be bought off by special interests! Neither are they worried that the UK fast appears to be about as democratic as the mafia! Oh no! It is angry about…

Brighton Church in Altar Rails Stunner

I paid a trip to St John the Baptist Church with my fiancee today. It has still got the beautiful altar rails and Sanctuary. Somehow it seems to have largely survived the 'Reformation' of the 1960s.

It has some large depictions the life of St John the Baptist from leaping for joy in the womb of Elizabeth and the Presence of his Redeemer, to being martyred by Herod's executioner, following a request by his dancing stepdaughter intent on doing her mother's dirty work in getting the camel-skin wearing herald of the Saviour's head chopped off. The back doors of the Church run straight into the main aisle. Perfect Church for weddings and funerals. A cracking Church, nearly ten out of ten...but then, St John Lateran, surely, has to clinch the perfect 10. You can view it here.

Anti-Pelosi Demonstrations to be Held outside Vatican

Hammers. Useful for passing votes in the US Congress and fastening nails into Hands and Feet of the Innocent.

American pro-lifers are to hold demonstrations in the front of Vatican against "Catholic" Nancy Pelosi.

The following was released today by Randall Terry, Director, Operation Rescue Insurrecta Nex.

What: Demonstration against Nancy Pelosi and Washington DC Archbishop Donald Wuerl; Pelosi pushing to pay for child killing in so-called healthcare. President Obama's "executive order" will not be worth the paper it is written on. (We're sorry that Congressman Stupak and his associates fell into this trap.)

When: First demonstration, 3 PM local (Rome) time, Monday, March 22. Second TBA

Where: On Italian soil, directly in front of Vatican fence in front of St. Peter's.

Who: Randall Terry, and 10 American Pro-lifers from The Vanguard of St. Catherine of Siena.

Why: Nancy Pelosi has betrayed the Catholic faith by pushing to shed innocent blood, and repeatedly…

If Our MPs Are For Sale then the UK is Not a Democracy

The Telegraph reports that...

'Former Labour cabinet ministers have been accused of offering to use their political influence in return for payments of thousands of pounds. MPs Stephen Byers, Patricia Hewitt, Geoff Hoon and Margaret Moran – who are all standing down at the next election – were secretly recorded discussing financial payment with an uncover reporter posing as a company executive looking to hire MPs for lobbying work.'

This revelation is a far, far worse scandal than the 'MPs expenses' story. The first one was one of taking too much out of the kitty, of being rather greedy and wanting more than was their due by claiming expenses on the taxpayers purse. It is understandable. A culture builds up, it becomes 'standard procedure' but democracy itself is not under threat. During the expenses scandal it was not apparant that our MPs, our elected representatives were subverting democracy. Now, a new scandal, and I would imagine this is…

Is the Far Right on the Rise?

20th March 2010, Bolton. The English Defense League (EDL) clash with Unite Against Fascism (UAF). The controversial Right-wing group EDL organised the rally. A counter-demonstration by UAF was held, and hundreds of police officers battled to keep control of the rival groups.

Clearly, there is a growing sense among sectors of society that prominent UK politicians are not speaking to them. These are worrying scenes.The Telegraph reports...

Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan, from Greater Manchester Police, who is leading the policing operation, said: "There have been unwarranted attacks on police lines that have resulted in injuries.

I am determined to identify the offenders by whatever means and bring them to justice."

Riot police and mounted officers armed with batons confronted the crowds in front of the town hall.

Weyman Bennett, the UAF joint secretary who organised the protest, was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit violent disorder, police said.

Two UAF …

Pope Benedict XVI Issues Pastoral Letter to the Irish Church

'Dear brothers and sisters of the Church of Ireland,
It is with great concern that I write to you as Pastor of the universal Church.

Like yourselves, I have been deeply disturbed by the information which has come to light regarding the abuse of children and vulnerable young people by members of the Church in Ireland, particularly by priests and religious.
I can only share in the dismay and the sense of betrayal that so many of you have experienced on learning of these sinful and criminal acts and the way Church authorities in Ireland dealt with them.
As you know, I recently invited the Irish bishops to a meeting here in Rome to give an account of their handling of these matters in the past and to outline the steps they have taken to respond to this grave situation.
Together with senior officials of the Roman Curia, I listened to what they had to say, both individually and as a group, as they offered an analysis of mistakes made and lessons learned, and …

The World's Blindness is Frightening

"Outside of the Church, there is no salvation," is a phrase that was once used by Popes, Bishops and Priests. It is used less so nowadays, since we are encouraged to entrust all to the Mercy of God. One thing that is for sure, however, as one reads pieces like this in The Independent is that "Outside of the Church, there is no mercy."

The public media-fuelled backlash against the Holy Father and the Catholic Church is frightening, not just in its ferocity, but in its blindness. The World outside of the Church has no sense of sin. It has a sense of right and wrong, but nothing we can call Conscience. Therefore, here in the UK, the sense of injustice and hatred towards the Church for having among its clergy, a small minority who have committed gross abuse against the child is not measured, or restrained by a sense of personal sin.

A largely atheistic country, media, government and society, in the light of the revelations concerning priestly abuse, rightly condemns th…

The Lord is Compassion and Love

I met a man today who has fallen in love with another man. The feelings he has, he says, are unrequited, so a 'same-sex relationship' is not on the horizon. He gets very lonely. He is long term unemployed, on sickness benefits because of illness. He is another Brightonian who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. I am not suggesting for a moment that mental illness has anything to do with his homosexuality, by the way, just that he carries a weighty, heavy Cross and now it has been made heavier by his painful feelings for someone who doesn't share them. His sexuality, as it is for me, is a part of his personality. He is struggling with his passion for another man. It has become an obsession and it dominates his mental landscape everyday. He is unemployed so has little to do but to dwell on things.

I feel for him very much. He is in a lot of mental pain. He asks me about homosexuality and God (Whoever told him I was an expert?). As Catholics, we talk. He gets confused as to…

UK Government Sends 1,000 Condoms to Africa a Minute

The Times reports that last week, the UK Government announced that it would 'pay for 42 million condoms to be sent to South Africa as part of its preparations for the football World Cup' in what can only amount to an act of unfathomable love for Africa, the continent much of which we used to rule, economically rape and enslave. Helen Rumbelowe, writing as if the David Miliband were dictating the article to her, says...

'Britain donates more than a thousand condoms a minute to the developing world. It’s an unsung success story that should make our nation proud.'
I hate to sound cyncical, but if the UK Government has generosity to Africa flowing so freely from its heart, then why is it sending out 1,000 condoms a minute, rather than £1,000 a minute, or 1,000 boxes of anti-virals a minute, or 1,000 boxes of HIV drugs, backed by big pharmaceutical companies, or perhaps 1,000 boxes of food for starving children a minute. Of course, only a cynic would say that, in fact, the…

"We Realised That..."

I had the pleasure of driving to Douai Abbey and on to Oxford recently for a day trip. I spent a little time in the Church of the Benedictine Monastery.

I wonder how St Benedict would have felt (or feels) about a small conversation I had with a retired missionary Priest. He happened to be walking out of the ('modern' theology shelf-stacked) bookshop and we had a brief chat. He asked me what I made of the Church. I said I couldn't quite understand why they had decided to place Our Blessed Lord in a corner in a side chapel. He said that he understood where I was coming from. "I was there," he said, "when it all changed after centuries."

I thought for a moment of bliss that we were in agreement on the 'central' issue of where the Blessed Sacrament should be in a Church given that it is, after all, the Almighty God Himself, the Sacred Host, until he said, "But then we realised that the Altar is the central place of the Church since the Church i…

New BBC Radio 4 Programme: Why Does the Church Hate Women?

The BBC, the Government-owned and taxpayer-funded institution, which, were the Church on its knees, the fearless Swiss Guard defeated and with thousands of bloodthirsty hoardes from another monotheistic religion just about to seize the Vatican, would run another story on global warming, is on Sunday putting out a new two-part programme on the 'role of women in the Church.'

Bettany Hughes (she sounded a bit like Cherie Blair, incredibly! It could be the same person...) looks at the history of the Church to ask, 'Where have all the women gone?' Strangely, this new programme isn't about the chronic failure of the murderous one child policy in China, but a doubtless factually and historically inaccurate portrayal of the life of the Early Church. She will, use the 'latest scholarship to examine the 2nd century AD, as pagan Europe began to embrace Christianity and the role of women in worship changed forever'.

'Banishing Eve' (What? No Steve?! Discriminati…

Defender of the One True Faith

St. Vincent & The Grenadines official Pope Benedict XVI stamps. The question burning on everyone's lips like hot coal on those of an Old Testament prophet is: 'Will Royal Mail do Pope Benedict XVI stamps?'
The Holy Father, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, now gloriously reigning, has been under a great barrage of scathing treatment by the UK gutter press (they're nearly all in the gutter and the only stars they're looking at are the horoscopes), which, when you consider that the Successor of St Peter will be arriving on the shores of 'Our Lady's Dowry' in September to give the hides of Dawkins and his minions a good kicking, is not surprising. They and the Devil, who influences the majority of opinion formers in spheres of power and influence are worried that the Successor of St Peter will arrive and catch a massive draught of fishes forcing the Holy Father to prolongue his stay in order to baptise over 60 million people.
Everyone knows the media hate …

"This Time Next Year Wodney..."

I took a trip to the beach with the lady the other day and we stumbled across 'Millionnaire's Row', a series of private beach apartments said to house such celebrities as Norman Cook (AKA, Fat Boy Slim), Paul McCartney and maybe gothic blues rocker Nick Cave of dueting with Kylie fame. Great song, but pretty dark!

It is private property so I took this picture. Then, I saw a breach between the sea and the metal gates and walked in and had a look around hoping to find Norman Cook, Paul McCartney and Nick Cave all having a cup of tea together. Unfortunatley, I only saw the back of Fat Boy Slim's house and saw that he has loads of pictures of himself near his kitchen. He's clearly one of his biggest fans.

I'd like one day to see if we can get a small group of people together dressed in rags to go and cadge some money off him and Paul McCartney for the Building Restoration Fund since it is likely these millionaire popstars will take pity on the poor.

Meanwhile, back in…