Monday, 22 March 2010

Brighton Church in Altar Rails Stunner

I paid a trip to St John the Baptist Church with my fiancee today. It has still got the beautiful altar rails and Sanctuary. Somehow it seems to have largely survived the 'Reformation' of the 1960s.

It has some large depictions the life of St John the Baptist from leaping for joy in the womb of Elizabeth and the Presence of his Redeemer, to being martyred by Herod's executioner, following a request by his dancing stepdaughter intent on doing her mother's dirty work in getting the camel-skin wearing herald of the Saviour's head chopped off. The back doors of the Church run straight into the main aisle. Perfect Church for weddings and funerals. A cracking Church, nearly ten out of ten...but then, St John Lateran, surely, has to clinch the perfect 10. You can view it here.


pelerin said...

Yes St John the Baptist's is a beautiful church and seems to have missed the wreckovations of recent years.

I was astonished when I popped in recently when in the area and saw the Priest actually preaching from up in the elaborate pulpit. So many of the old pulpits are no longer used in favour of small lecterns.

georgem said...

I believe that's the church where Catholic Maria Fitzherbert, said to be the first [and true wife] of George IV, is buried.

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