Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Who Owns this Catholic School?

Is it...

a) The Diocese of Arundel & Brighton
b) Brighton and Hove City Council
c) The NHS or
d) A combination of all of the above?

I know this is a rather simplistic and sensationalist post, unlike all my others which are well thought out, sensitive and display a generous pluracy of views, but this sign really does say quite a bit about the current problems in current Catholic education. Catholic education cosied up to the Government, so the Government treated Catholic education as if it were its own. Now, Catholic education is co-opted by the State.


Patricius said...

Whether or not Catholic Education is "cosied up" to the present government
is an interesting question. If I am not mistaken the present relationship between the Church and the secular authorities in respect of church schools within the state sector derives from the 1944 Education Act. An understanding of the terms of that partnership might go some way to accounting for, but not necessarily justifying- recent events. The answer to your question of who owns the school is probably a and b.

JamesP said...

The question is not who owns the school, but who will own the school in five years time when it faces the choice the abortion agencies are now facing.

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