Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Poles are Reminded of their History

Graphic pictures of abortion in this country are, I think, illegal.

While we are on the subject of which groups our politicians give their ears and which they don't give two figs about, check out this Telegraph story concerning TV abortion ads and the rumour that the Labour Government's 'plans to allow abortion clinics to advertise on television for the first time have been put on hold, amid claims that the decision would be too "controversial" ahead of the general election.' Hmm...I wonder which groups they don't want to offend too much just before a general election. "It's election time, guys! Let's be nice to the Catholics and Christians in general for a while. After that, we can give Marie Stopes the go-ahead. Is that a plan or what? Let's face it, its never failed us yet!" Crikey! How stupid do they think we are? Still, thank God that whatever happens, we can rely on the Bishops of England & Wales not to be deceived...

The Telegraph reports that...

A Polish anti-abortion group has sparked controversy by using pictures of Hitler and a bloody and torn foetus in a billboard campaign designed to ensure Poles adhere to the country's strict abortion laws.

The provocative images, which appeared in the western city of Poznan as a part of a promised nationwide campaign, also carry the slogan "Abortion for Poles: introduced by Hitler, March 9, 1943."

Fundacja Pro, the organisation behind the billboard, said that it wanted to remind Poles that abortion was first introduced to Poland during the Second World War by the country's Nazi occupiers as a means of limiting the population of a people they deemed inferior. One of Europe's most devoutly Catholic countries, Poland now has some of the strictest abortion laws in the EU, and any attempt to have them liberalised arouses furious and passionate debate.

"It was Hitler who first introduced abortion to Poland, and in several days it will be the anniversary of that event. In this context it is worth recalling the words of Pope John Paul II: 'History teaches us that democracy without values easily turns into open or thinly disguised totalitarianism'," Fundacja Pro said in a statement.

But the use of Hitler, along with the torn foetus pictures, has already incurred the wrath of critics. Nazi Germany inflicted horrific levels of death and destruction on Poland, so any perceived attempt to hijack that suffering for the sake of a political or ethical agenda can be viewed with distaste.

"I understand that this campaign is designed to shock but there are limits to the use of shock," said Elzbieta Streker-Dembinska, an MP and member of the Polish parliament's health committee. A foetus and Adolf Hitler is unjustified comparison. The design of the billboard is unacceptable and crosses the boundaries of decency."

She added that she suspected the billboard campaign was designed to coincide with International Women's Day on March 8, a day which often sees pro-abortion demonstrations in Poland.

Please God and any Polish soon to be canonised Saints in Heaven, protect Poland from the errors that have led to such slaughter in the UK and so much of the World.


Gonzaga... said...

There's a storm in LA over a siomilar bill-board campaign -,0,6863036.story

"Antiabortion activists see a racial conspiracy
According to a vocal group - and a set of stark new billboards in Atlanta - abortion providers target black women in order to reduce the black population.

It's a campaign designed to shock: Dozens of newly installed billboards in Atlanta feature the cherubic face of a black baby and a stark claim: "Black children are an endangered species."

A joint effort of Georgia Right to Life and the pro-adoption, pro-abstinence Radiance Foundation, the campaign ostensibly calls attention to the fact that black women have a disproportionately high number of abortions. But there is a deeper, more disturbing claim at work as well.

An increasingly vocal segment of the antiabortion community has embraced the idea that black women are targeted for abortion in an effort to keep the black population down.

The billboards direct people to a website called, which claims that "Under the false liberty of 'reproductive freedom' we are killing our very future."

Some black antiabortion activists call the phenomenon "womb lynching." One prominent black cleric, the Rev. Clenard Childress Jr. of New Jersey, often says the most dangerous place for a black child is the womb."

The comments on the article are v. interesting..

pelerin said...

So 'the design of the bill board is unacceptable and crosses the boundaries of decency' according to that Polish MP.

What an incredible statement. Is not the REALITY of abortion unacceptable and does not the REALITY of abortion cross the boundaries of decency?

If we are to have pro abortion ads forced on us and presumably sanitised then we MUST fight for the right to show the public the reality of the full horror.

Richard Collins said...

I think that those who pray the Rosary outside abortion clinics ought to start carrying pictures of torn foetuses. We desperately need a few bloodless martyrs for the faith to awaken an exceedingly dull Catholic majority in this country.

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