Friday, 5 March 2010

Frank Skinner on Chrisitianity and Persecution

Courtesy of The Times

I’m a Roman Catholic and I go to church every Sunday. Towards the end of Mass, there’s a thing called the Sign of Peace. We all shake hands with everyone in shaking distance and say “peace be with you”. Last Sunday the priest told us to drop the handshaking element to show our solidarity with Wayne Bridge.

That’s one of the things I love about being Catholic. You can tell the highly suspicious non-Catholics — their imaginations fired by talk of kissed statues and venerated fibulas — about almost any odd behaviour in a Roman Catholic church and they’ll believe you.

To many British people, Christianity seems like a weird but unexciting theme park. Personally, I like our ever-dwindling status. I even like our ever-dwindling numbers. There was a time when social pressure made people go to church. If anything the reverse is now true. Most adults you see in church nowadays are there because they want to be there. That’s not decline, it’s progress. The wheat has been separated from the chaff. We get quality, not quantity, in the churches and the chaff can enjoy a nice lie-in. That’s just as well, because there’ll be little opportunity for slumber when they’ve got a demon’s pitchfork up their arse.

Christians have always worked best as an unpopular minority. We were surely at our most dynamic when we knelt, eyes to Heaven, hands clasped in prayer, with a Colosseum lion bounding towards us... [For full article click here...]


Patricius said...

Sounds a bit Pharisaical to me- like the man who said "I thank you, Lord, that I am not like other men..."

St Mary Magdalen Church said...

I'm not saying its a great article. We just don't have many famous Catholics and it seemed he seems relatively sound so thought I'd post it.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great article - does a lot to paint Catholicism in a positive light. On the other hand, he seems to be suspiciously close to the 'search light' belief of a personal relationship with God (and if such is the case, one could question in what sense he is a following Catholicism at all)

Ronan said...

We do believe in a personal relationship with God, what are you on about? He goes to mass and believes in devils sticking pitchforks up yo ass, what could be more catholic than that? Whats this searchlight thing you're on abaht?

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