Charity Shop To Let, London Road

This charity shop off London Road is soon becoming vacant. I know that the SVP are trying to starting another charity shop in Hove. There is quite a bit of stuff left over from the Car Boot Sale and it would be lovely to run a charity shop to aid the Church's mission to the poor. I've a lot of unemployed friends who'd help out.

The rent is £100 a week, excluding heating, water, etc. It is in Baker Street, near the Co-Op and apparently does very well in terms of business, so much so that the owners of the current charity shop are moving to a premises down the road with more space.

From there we could sell a Brighton magazine, food like ketchup, jams and chutneys, pickles or even sandwiches. Once you have a space a lot of things become possible. Catholic books, icons, Rosaries, prayer cards, etc.


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