Monday, 29 March 2010

The Missing Word Game

I found the following poster in a Catholic Church. Reading it, I became convinced that something has replaced Christ in the hearts of our Bishops. Have fun and hope you can work out the missing word. This Holy Week, remember to renew your commitment to __________!

The Diocese of ******* & ******** Pastoral Team


In solidarity with the poor
Lent and Easter 2010

Buy one more ___________ item, when you can, during Lent and beyond...

If you buy Easter eggs or chocolates for family and friends - buy ___________: available at Coop stores, Oxfam, Fair Share (Coventry).

Get ___________ Easter Eggs if you have them at the Easter Service in Church - make sure everyone knows they are _____________!

Use _____________ Palestinian olive oil for Chrism Service and services that include anointing - available from Zaytoun

Include prayers for the ____________ producers:

See CAFOD and Traidcraft websites and the 'Church's Guide' from the ___________ Foundation for ideas.

Renew or make your personal or Church commitment to ___________ and ensure that the whole church community is aware of what it means to be a ___________ Church. Ensure that _____________ is being used for all church events - no matter who is making the tea or coffee.

Review your promotion of ____________ - ensure that people who visit your church and hall can see that you are a ____________ Church - do you need posters, leaflets?

Encourage those groups which use church premises to become ____________ users too. Write them a letter explaining that you are a _________ Church and ask if they would use ____________ refreshments too - include a leaflet and tell them where they can easily buy what they need.

For more information, prayer and worship suggestions, assemblies and lesson notes please see:


JamesP said...

Too Easy!

Anonymous said...


The Bones said...

Got it in one!

georgem said...

1 Summorum Pontificum
2 Holy
3 A mantilla
4 Fabergé
5 All yours
6 Validly blessed
7 Liturgical dance
8 Sky-blue
9 Pope Benedict
10 Catholic
11 A thurible
12 Catholicism
13 Catholic
14 EF
15 Catholic
16 Spiritual

Did I get this right?

The Bones said...

Oh, that is too funny!

Annie said...


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