Friday, 12 March 2010

Catholic Extremists

Look at this Catholic. Behold his extremism, determined as he is, on malintent and terror.

If this country were to ever return to Catholicism, this is the kind of madness that would be unleashed.

Look. If you painted him pink he would be a human flamingo! These Catholics must be stopped. "Only do this," he said, "in a State of Grace." Frightening.

In freezing temperatures of about -3 degrees (feels like -5) this Catholic is now clearly intent on exporting his extremism across the Channel. Thank God for customs and excise. The authorities have been informed. Apparently, there are others like him, dangerous extremists of the so-called, Brighton Swimming Club. Fundamentalist terror enthusiasts.

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pelerin said...

Did he ever return? Yes being a Catholic is not easy!

Reminds me of the story of the acrobat who went to confession. 'For your penance' the Priest said 'you must do three cartwheels down the aisle.'

Old Mrs O'Reilly happened to arrive just at that monent and was astonished to see the acrobat's antics. She promptly turned round and left meeting her equally elderly friend in the church porch. 'I wouldn't go in today - father's giving some strange penances and you'll never manage what he has just given that young man!'

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