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There is an awful lot of nonsense talked about homosexuality. It is rarely discussed, or viewed sensibly, reasonably or even humanely. When the World discusses homosexuality it is always dehumanising. The World distorts sexuality and exaggerates it wildly, or even, Wildely. It becomes in the eyes of the World something which is so fundamental to the identity of the human person that it ends up robbing him of any other identity, robs him of his worth, his dignity. So when a man 'comes out' in the media, say, and tells the World that he is John Smith and that he is gay, the World rejoices in one of its own and then says, "That's great! From now on, you're Big Gay John Smith and that's how we know you! Everyone! He's gay! Gay as a window! Gay as a big gay rainbow over a sky blue blanket of gayness!" Okay, now I'm exaggerating.

Homosexuality is, in the eyes of the World, something over which a person has no control whatsoever. And this is true to a point in terms of human personality, but it cannot be true in terms of human behaviour. Most gay chaps I know who are Catholic say, "Yes, its a part of me. I'm attracted to men." The point is, sexuality is not the whole story for any homosexual person. So consumed is the homosexual with lust, the World holds, that he could never be chaste or love Christ's teaching, or, horror of horrors, be holy.

For the World, it is something which dominates him at every moment and in every encounter. The only liberation, as far as the World is concerned, is in indulging it and practising it and engaging with the culture of it. It becomes, fundamentally, a label, associated with which are practises which he might not even go in for, clubs he'd never think of going to and bushes at night he has no inclination to visit in the slightest. It connotes a type of person, a mode, a pattern of behaviour, an entire psychology, a narcissitic personality, a mould into which the World says the gay man should fit. That is why I do not, for the life of me, understand how any self-respecting homosexual could go to Gay Pride or be a part of the LGBT group. It robs the person of their identity as a person, their innate dignity and their individuality. If they go, they usually degrade themselves.

When the Church talks about homosexuality, She talks about it in terms of what it is. A condition. A state. A predisposition or an 'intrinsic moral disorder' which affects the individual. The World baulks in horror at the term and in turn condemns the Church for using the phrase, without seeing that the term has not even yet mentioned sin, either mortal or venial. The World esteems success and status so any sense of failure or weakness is a grave threat. For those who are less interested in honours in this World and more interested in Glory in the next, the phrase is just an accurate description of a human condition which resulted from the Fall and personal circumstances which arose from it.

Yet, it is precisely through weakness, or 'intrinsic moral disorders' that God's strength is made manifest. It is only the sick who need the Physician. The term 'instrinsic moral disorder' is a term which only offends the proud, those who cannot bare to be in need of God. God does not so much desire to take the homosexual person and 'take away' his homosexuality, so much as direct this man's heart, his love, away from himself, his focus away from himself and to God and his neighbour. At the heart of our Faith is Christ, whose love, as we know every time we go to Mass, is sacrificial. Our love, too, since love comes from God, is sacrificial in nature. We are not meant to be full of ourselves, we are meant to be full of God's love for men and women. We want to draw men close, not to ourselves, but to God! We want to love our brothers and sisters as God loves them and we want them to love God too for He is Good!

So, if you are a homosexual chap wondering about the Catholic Faith or if you are Catholic who is a homosexual chap and you've lapsed from the Most Holy Faith and you are reading this, then, to you, I say this...

Open your arms out wide and embrace the Man who opened His arms out wide and who! God loves you. God died for you. God wants you in His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. God wants you and me to be His Saints! Jesus Christ is the Man that you and I truly desire!


Anonymous said…
is it prudent to keep on writing about this matter - blog after blog?

What about an up-date on the soup-run or 100 lenten recipies?

Come on Laurence you're begining to obsess about homos.
Last post on this matter for a while.
Anonymous said…
Good thanks - I hope you will provide an up-date on the soup-run and the ex-servicemen.
The ex-servicemen are said to have vacated the area. Meeting Caroline Lucas MEP at the Soup Run tonight, so perhaps will see them there, if they are still in town. It is difficult because it may be that they use the Soup Run at the other end of the seafront.
Jan Baker said…
Hello, Lawrence, I haven't visited in such a while, and I'm happy to see you're still here with your silly self. I wouldn't mind about anon--the topic can hardly be addressed enough, actually. 'This matter'is pretty important in What Happens Next for all of us.

I suffer from an intrinsic moral disorder myself. I'm a woman.

I'm going to scroll down and read more about the Soup Run. It sounds like a charitable activity? I have been very active in the pro-life movement here in the US but I had a shock a month back, realizing that the local crisis pregnancy center does something curious. It's very Catholic--24 hour adoration chapel, daily (NO, Latin) mass, all Catholic volunteers--and it does not offer the Faith to either women who come there with the intention of aborting or women who come there who were never going to abort but need the diapers and baby clothes and other help afforded. None of them gt a single word about the Faith. All the counseling is from the point of view of some kind of 'Christian humanism.' I realized this because of one woman we brought there from outside a clinic, on her way in to abort, and we talked her out of it and someone else drove because my car was in he shop, this really nice fireman. He insisted we stop in the chapel after her counseling, and that's when I woke up. Because this is 'forbidden.' So now I have to adjust my whole practice and offer them Catholicism on my own. I wonder if the Soup Run tells people there's Nourishment for them in Christ? I'll find out, reading through the posts?

It's lovely to hear your voice, as it were.
Anonymous said…
What's this peculiar grammatical obsession of yours with forming substantives out of words that have either a perfectly clear meaning as they are or which seem to do nothing but name an opponent you have concocted?! Here we are treated to "the World", which, I gather, refers to, well, the world. Also, if as you seem to be suggesting again and again, the Catholic church is preparing the living world (or World) on a dry run for death, and itself has no concern with the world/World of the living, then shouldn't you stop faffing about with political issues. Not much of a campaign statement is it? "We won't do much for the living, but hey, just wait till you're dead - then you'll be happy." Or should I say Happy
Anonymous said…

Pope implicated in gay sex scandal....
shadowlands said…
Laurence, why don't you blog about whatever you want, whenever you want, as often as you want? Just a thought. I intend to talk about alcoholism (my own)on my blog throughout Lent.

"Gay as a window! Gay as a big gay rainbow over a sky blue blanket of gayness!""

Hahahahahaha!! Love it.

And great point about Jesus being the true Lover we are all looking for. Just to be extremely controversial, lesbians might think, what use is He to them?

I would strongly advise all women to develop a devotion to Our Lady.I personally never known more secure in any relationship than the comfort I found with with her, after starting to pray the rosary daily. It was unlike anything I had known. I might blog about lesbianism and alcoholism, now I come to think of it! Thanks for the idea.

If anyone has a problem with that, there is no law currently stating that they have to visit my blog. Although one may be brought in soon. Well, rights for everyone, yeh?
shadowlands said…
I have just read through my last comment, and could have used this comment to correct my grammatical errors, but I'm not going to. I'm just in that kind of self accepting mood, I guess.
shadowlands said…
Posted a song for you Laurence, on my blog.

Say what you need to say.

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