Saturday, 6 March 2010

Rocking Horse for Sale with 'Slight Fault'

I actually just found this in the 'freebie' section of Gumtree Brighton. I can't see a problem with this rocking horse. Why are they giving it away? Apparently there are 12 of them, all with the same 'slight fault'!


me said...


Patricius said...

It shouldn't be too difficult to fix!
But strikes me as an unprecedented example of absent-mindedness!

pelerin said...

If that's a slight fault I wonder what a major fault would have looked like?!

Presuming that the head and neck were put on separately it should be a simple matter for someone to behead the horse and turn the head round. They look beautifully carved and finished - I am surprised someone has not snapped them up already. You have to laugh when you imagine a child trying to sit on it as it is!

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