Monday, 8 March 2010

Brighton's Rules of Hedonism

If you are hedonistic and you are in a bar or a nightclub it is okay. If you have a drug problem and you have it here you will be okay. The police won't touch you. You're monied, you're good for the 'trading community', the tourist industry. These guys are good for the revenue of Brighton as well. I believe they call it the 'pink pound'.

On Gay Pride day, or pretty much everyday of the year, there are more drugs going around than at a Policeman's Ball. Even if you are caught with a substance you'll probably get a caution. You are contributing to Brighton's much famed, 'nightlife'. Oh, and have a drink on the streets of Brighton as well! Sure you can have it out of the can! Well done! You're doing well! After all, you guys are bringing in revenue to Brighton's 'economy' and reputation as gay capital of the Universe.

If you are hedonistic and you beg on the street or drink on the street that is not okay. If you have a drug problem you will not be okay. You don't contribute to Brighton's much famed, 'nightlife' because you are poor and have no money to give to Brighton's 'economy'.

You're not good for Brighton's tourist industry. You don't fit into the 'diverse' community of Brighton. You're not playing the game. You'll be banned from the seafront and the town centre until 2012. You'll be hounded by the police and the 'community support' police alike. On a night when everyone in Brighton is off their tits, the CSPOs will pour your can down the drain. You'll be put on a DRI (Drug Rehabilitation Order). You'll fail to pass the breathaliser test for methadone in the morning and 'blow over'. You'll go to jail having been set up by the police using undercover cops.

Nobody is saying that the poor are angels or that the poor are perfect. All that I am saying is that the poor are punished because they are poor, while the rich go without punishment, or instead receive praise.

My great problem with the LGBT community is not their desire to be treated equally. We all desire to be treated equally. My great disappointment and problem with the LGBT community is that they cannot see beyond themselves or beyond their immediate self-interested concerns. They cannot extend their concern to the poor. They cannot see the rights of anyone else but themselves.

It is a sad paradox that a group which suffered 'discrimination' or 'persecution' cannot, because of its hedonism and self-interest, bring itself to stand up in defense of Lazarus at their gate or, say, feed him or clothe him or care for him. The gay scene is essentially tribal and shallow. Basically, what I am saying is this: Almost all of our cops, our council, our trading association and our housing associations are bent...just not all of them in that way.

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Unknown said...

Why is your beef specifically with the LGBT+ community and not the Brighton community as a whole?

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