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The Church in Ireland

I watched this the other day. It is quite moving. More moving and more relevant to the Irish than the latest Irish vocations campaign...

A Bee in my Bonnet

Long term readers will understand that I have a propensity to become rather obsessed with an issue or a topic, especially when I smell a rat.

They say that there are rats in Parliament and so they plan to do some work on it, close it for a while and sort out whatever problems there are there.

The Sun newspaper joked that while they are there, maybe those doing the clean-up job could do something about our politicians. Funny, but as the quote on the left suggests, politics is impossible to clean up until the overlords of the politicians are at least challenged on the banking system that allows debt to escalate to such a scale and for the ordinary man in the street to be lining the pockets of those who are rich beyond most people's wildest imaginations.

Readers will also be aware that I'm becoming rather worried about the amount of sheer propaganda that is pumping out of the media on a range of issues. Whether it is attacking the family and marriage, through the proposal to intr…

Please Pray for a Dying Polish Man in London Who I Know

Jesus, mercy! Mary, pray! 

The Men Who Rule the World


Peter Stanford: Losing My Religion

Gentle Jesus, grant him eternal rest. May the soul of Tony Nicklinson rest in peace.

I've read, in my time, a few good pieces by Peter Stanford, in various publications. This should hardly be surprising given that Peter is a former editor of The Catholic Herald.

I have to say, however, that his latest piece for The Telegraph is a bit of a let down for a Catholic reader. Sensitively and with a great deal of human compassion, Peter describes the anguish and plight of the now deceased Tony Nicklinson. The good thing about the article is that Peter conveys empathy with a man who suffered a great deal and who felt trapped by his condition. It should be hard for a Catholic to be unmoved by human suffering. Another good thing that he conveys is that a Catholic man visited him, fulfilling what Our Lord asked of us to visit the sick.

The bad thing is that Peter goes on to say that the plight of Tony Nicklinson 'converted' him to coming around to the idea that assisted suicide sho…

Compare Pussy Riot and Brandon Raub

While the Western media sizzle with excitement over presenting the Pussy Riot arrest and sentencing as evidence of Putin's 'totalitarian State', just look what the FBI have done to a marine corps veteran because of something he posted on Facebook.

What's Scotland Got to Do With It?

I went for a little walk in Preston Park on Monday and saw that among the first lorries setting up shop at the Park for Gay Pride, due to commence this weekend, was BBC Scotland.

Ever with my blogger hat on I wondered, 'What's Scotland got to do with it?'

Perhaps they're inviting Cardinal Keith O'Brien down to explain the Church's position on 'gay marriage' to the revellers this weekend...


A few weeks ago I picked up a copy of the New York Times in a pub in Brighton.

In the pages I read an article about a company called Acxiom, responsible for gathering private data on consumers and storing it, later selling it to other parties.

The New York Times article is good, but the one in The Week is a little better.

There seems to be near universal concern in the comments section that a US firm (don't worry, they're operating in the UK too and ) is gathering so much data on consumers (that's all of us), clearly without our previous knowledge and is then selling that data on to others. A more general concern is that what we buy doesn't remain between us and the company from whom we made the purchase. So, obviously, if you're buying loads of pornographic magazines and DVDs and/or have a subscription to 'Fascist Weekly Gazette', stop it, but then, as a Catholic I'm meant to encourage people to do that anyway.

Apparently, this company puts G4S, Faceb…

A Short History of Money

A very interesting documentary for those with three and a half hours spare. I do wish there were more documentaries like this in the mainstream media.

Your Help Please

I'm still digging with regard to G4S and I wonder whether there are any readers out there who know something about the world of commodities and trading.

In my blogging investigations into G4S, I noticed that G4S International appear as one of the 'Ordinary Members' of  the London Bullion Market Association.

The company appear among members who are comprised nearly entirely of banks - big banks. For banks to be members of a market concerned with trading gold bullion is perfectly natural, because it is within the vaults of such banks that gold is held and stored.

G4S International, on the other hand, are meant to be merely a security firm who are responsible for the safe and secure transfer of gold bullion. They are not, as far as I know, meant to be 'traders' in gold bullion in any other sense than it is this company which does the literal moving of gold, as well as diamonds. In March of this year, Deutsche Bank teamed and up with G4S to establish a new vault for t…

Dr Sue Easide

Dr: Hello, Mr Entwhistle and how can we help you today?

Patient: Oh, morning doctor, yes I've just dropped by to ask whether there is anything you can do for this chronic back pain. I'm really suffering with it you know.

Dr: Ah, yes I can imagine that's a real killer. How long have your symptoms been going on?

Patient: Well, last two weeks really. I had thought it was on the mend but just recently its become intolerable.

Dr: Intolerable, you say?

Patient: Yes. I'm single as well and I don't get much home help now. Not with the cuts and all. I think I did it when I picked up a bag of heavy shopping. I'm really struggling what with not having much of a pension and the value stuff at the shops are on the bottom shelf. Having to ask the supermarket security guard to grab me a can of spaghetti hoops is really degrading.

Dr: Degrading, you say?

Patient: Oh, yes and it seems to take me forever to climb the stairs, doctor. Oh its so frustrating!

Dr: Really? Frustrati…

The Cult of Suicide

In the 1200s those who proposed suicide as a way to happiness were killed. Sounds drastic, doesn't it?

That was, however, the outcome of the Crusade against the Albigensian heresy of the 1200s.

The cult of the Albigensians resulted in a religion so divorced from anything good or human that the 'perfecti' denied the good of marriage and starved themselves to death. Not only were they doing it to themselves, but they were recommending it to others.

The heresy, steeped in a denial of Christ's humanity was considered a great danger to souls in France and the Crusade was launched by Pope Innocent III.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Crusades had limited success in converting the Albigensians. The cult were popular because they strove to live the poverty of the Apostles. St Dominic was sent and converted many Albigensians with a band of brothers - they could see he was the real deal, living an austere and holy example while preaching Christ Crucified. He fasted and prayed and O…

Thank You For Your Prayers

Readers will be delighted to hear that the girl, a rough sleeper called Denise, taken ill with plurosy, who I asked readers to pray for, who was on life support at Royal Sussex Hospital is now, in the words of her friend, 'Doing okay, much better.'

Thank you for your prayers, thank you Mary, Blessed Mother of God and thanks be to God! Obviously, its just a coincidence that people prayed and her condition improved. Stupid Christians!

The sooner stupid praying Christians are out of the way and doctors can turn off life support machines, the better! Keep praying for her that her recovery may be full and her strength improves.

Tony Nicklinson Loses 'Right to Die' Decision

We must have every sympathy for the distress and suffering of Tony Nicklinson but I have to say that the verdict of Lord Justice Toulson is right. The most important thing he says is that the consequences of granting Mr Nicklinson's desire to be euthanised by a GP goes 'far beyond' Mr Nicklinson. Despite the fact that Mr Nicklinson's request has been refused, this campaign already is having consequences far beyond Mr Nicklinson, since it gives groups like Dignity in Dying more media coverage. Already, that group, well known for its eugenic links and beliefs are taking advantage of the sad scenes of Mr Nicklinson's response to the judge's decision.

Mr Nicklinson's long suffering wife also maintains, 'Why should we have to go to Switzerland?' because its 'too expensive'. Yet, while I believe that going to Dignitas would be a terrible and morally wrong thing to do, if they are so determined, why are they not just fundraising to raise the money…

Securing Your World...

Well, I've done a little digging. I intend to dig deeper in time, but for the time being I'll publish what I've discovered. It may be nothing, or it may be of interest to some, but not to others.

There are some, a number, who feel that there is something a little oppressive about modern society. It's not just our 24/7 technological and media age in which we find ourselves glued to our mobile phones and computers. It's something else. It's a feeling that around us is being erected some kind of omnipresent monitoring system which leaves little room for personal privacy. It's the feeling that, if certain parties wanted to do so, your movements could be recorded and watched on a daily basis, more or less wherever you are in urban areas, as well as on roads. What with GPS and satellite tracking in terms of mobile phones, I suppose certain parties could know of your whereabouts wherever you are.

Of course, its good to have security. Security, I am sure, plays so…

Pray for a Woman in Brighton on a Life Support Machine

A friend of mine has just informed me that he knows someone who is on a life support machine at Royal Sussex County Hospital, following her contraction of plurosy, presumably from sleeping outdoors.

She is called Denise. The last time I saw her she was getting into an ambulance finding it hard to breathe. I am unsure whether she has slipped into a coma, all I know is she is on life support.

Pray, pray, pray. Do some form of penance for her and pray.

As things stand, she has no family at her bedside. I hope and trust that doctors or nurses will not do the unthinkable if her situation continues on life support.

Pray. We do not know in what manner God desires to answer our prayers. All we know is that God desires that we pray.

Pray, too, that Our Lady will intercede for Denise in all her maternal love for the poor of her Divine Son.

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary,
that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection,
implored your help or sought your intercession,

Well Now There's a Thing...

Did you know that one company, Loomis, (or is that two?) manages the supply of cash in society in Argentina, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States.

G4S used to do it in France, but  in that country they sold that part of their operations to Loomis. Wow! Just one or two companies running the cash supply across loads of countries across the World. That's amazing! Amazing, too, that G4S, that plucky bumbling British company are also playing a role in the management of cash in China and a host of other countries across the World! I'll supply you with links soon. How did Loomis and cash supply buddies G4S get so big that they're running the cash supply across the World?

Talk about a red rag to those conspiracy theorist bulls!

Let's do some digging...