Nailing their Colours to the Mast

A list of Catholics has appeared in The Times.

These Catholics, one or two of whom hold positions of influence in public life, have decided to be open and honest about the fact that they no longer pretend to be Catholic and that they have, in all but name, abandoned the Catholic Church. Just not in a physical way...yet.

How can this not be the case when the letter states:

'We suggest that it is perfectly proper for Catholics, using fully informed consciences, to support the legal extension of civil marriage to same-sex couples.'

What's really heartening is that the list is so very small. If I recall rightly, we gathered over 80 signatories to our letter in defense of the Holy Father upon his visit to the UK, which was printed in The Guardian.

What's bemusing is that those working seemingly to collapse the foundations of the Church from within couldn't get Dawkins, Grayling, Fry and other high-profile celeb anti-Catholic big-hitters to sign up to their letter, even though I'm sure they'd all be in accord over this issue. Clearly, these Catholics also suffered some poor catechesis, since surely a 'fully informed conscience' for a Catholic, is one informed by the Magisterium of the Church. No? Like I say, its heartening that you could fit the dissidents into a room at one modest dinner party. Why not spiritually adopt a dissident and pray for them every morning and night? Oh, the agony of choice, but nice to see the choice isn't too overwhelming. I can't fathom these Catholics who reject the Church's teaching authority while, presumably, wishing for a Catholic funeral at the end of their earthly lives. It's their funeral, I guess...

See also: Father Ray Blake's Blog at whose site I found the story.


Tim said…
More names for my prayer c-list - and conveniently arranged in alphabetical order too. Shouldn't take too long to cut and paste into the spreadsheet - especially as many of them are already there.

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