A Bee in my Bonnet

Long term readers will understand that I have a propensity to become rather obsessed with an issue or a topic, especially when I smell a rat.

They say that there are rats in Parliament and so they plan to do some work on it, close it for a while and sort out whatever problems there are there.

The Sun newspaper joked that while they are there, maybe those doing the clean-up job could do something about our politicians. Funny, but as the quote on the left suggests, politics is impossible to clean up until the overlords of the politicians are at least challenged on the banking system that allows debt to escalate to such a scale and for the ordinary man in the street to be lining the pockets of those who are rich beyond most people's wildest imaginations.

Readers will also be aware that I'm becoming rather worried about the amount of sheer propaganda that is pumping out of the media on a range of issues. Whether it is attacking the family and marriage, through the proposal to introduce 'gay marriage', or whether it is an incessant effort on the part of media to keep 'assisted dying' in the public spotlight and on the agenda, as someone living in Britian and as a Catholic, I feel depressed at what feels like a consistent campaign of psychological warfare on its citizens by the State.

The power of the media is immense. Immense. Belloc and Chesterton recognised it but also recognised that media ownership was concentrated, even in his day, in the hands of a few capitalists who exploit the Press for their own agendas, be they for good, or ill. In my mind what I keep coming back to is this...

Throughout the 20th century and the early part of the 21st it becomes more and more obvious that the liberal social experiment has failed so dramatically. Whatever good men thought would come from abortion law relaxation has been proved to be fatally naive. Whatever good men thought would come from a liberal attitude towards sex and sexuality, marriage and divorce, has been proved beyond doubt to be a disaster for individuals, marriage and the family. The rate of social breakdown is evident all across society and in people of all social backgrounds. The Press's constant running down of the Church and glorification of atheism has been breathtaking. Yet, while I understand that every generation of politicians is pulled from an electorate whose views shift with the changing times, it still seems to me to be quite apparent that the effect of so much bad legislation and decision-making has been a disaster for the citizens of the United Kingdom. I mean, what kind of a State actually makes plain its support for the killing of its own citizens in the womb and appears relatively open to the idea of killing them in their infirmity as well? Are we really just commodities that can be bought, sold and thrown away when our productivity 'slows'? Is that how we are viewed and if so, why? Why is our humanity not respected?

I can't shift this feeling that there is a concerted effort being made by powers within the State against us - not just Catholics - but against the people of the United Kingdom. Why would any State promote the collapse of the economic, moral, religious and social ties that bind us together?

The only answer I can arrive at in my mind at the suicidal or brutal tendency within the British State in its policies towards its own people is that actors are not working on our behalf but for the benefit of others. It is within this context that one reads about gatherings like the Bilderberg group and you hear that Government ministers and members of commerce and industry gather (with members of the media of course) annually to discuss matters. Well, what matters, we wonder? Yet, when they meet, little of these meetings are reported in the mainstream press. No minutes are produced despite the fact that we elected these men and women to serve us, not billionaire globalists who could never put our interests first. It is as if the very Fourth Estate itself is in the pockets of a group which is global in thinking - rather than local or national. You look at the behaviour of men like Tony Blair in office and then in research learn that he was at a Bilderberg meeting just a year or two before his stunning rise to power. It is as if our politicians treat being in politics like a moral vacuum where it doesn't really matter what happens at work - as long as the work gets done.

 Everything seems to be about money or the acquisition of it at the expense of others. It all seems to be about the commodification of the human person. It does not help that many of the dynastic families whose interests are represented at these meetings have a history of enthusiasm for eugenics and population control. It is the very antithesis of what the Holy Father discusses in Caritas in Veritate. Nobody elected David Rockerfeller, Lord Rothschild or David de Rothschild (now swanning around the World on his eco-campaign), Bill Gates and his contraceptive implant-promoting wife. Nobody elected these people or the people who set up the UN Population Council, yet the very rich and powerful in the World seem to exercise a great deal of influence over politicians and the media - so much so, in fact, that any critical inquiry of their influence is never discussed. 

We are shocked and horrified when our economies implode or crash, but all it takes is a little bit of a search on YouTube and we find that all the Western economic models involve Government borrowing from huge private banks who are able to create money out of nothing - banks to which we are then in debt to the tune of billions or even trillions.

I don't know whether I buy what people describe as 'illuminati bloodlines' because I don't think I know what the so called 'illuminati' is even as a concept. Regardless of what I think, one does get the distinct impression that we are not viewed with any great sense of sympathy by the extremely rich and powerful of this World - the opposite, in fact - we are seen as 'useless eaters' by some of them. I don't buy the idea of important bloodlines at all, but one gets the distinct impression that the rich and powerful dynastic families who apparently own our central banks do. One gets the impression that even the Royal Family as well as these dynastic families view themselves as genetically superior to the rest of the human race despite the fact that many of these families are said to interbreed.

Politicians are meant to work for us, even if they cannot bring themselves to work for God. The media are meant to inform us, not be the carriers of propaganda designed to rob us of our humanity and dignity. Yet, both of these checks on great power have gone AWOL. Politicians, whether good or corrupted are made, they are broken and they disappear, usually into commerce or industry. Journalists live and they die taking with them whatever good or ill they have done in their work. We deserve politicians who serve their people selflessly and we deserve journalists who are not agents for forces which do not have our interests at heart. Since Blair, since the expenses fiasco and since phone-tapping by News of the World, both the credibility and respect afforded to these two professions has fallen through the floor. Take this lovely clip, for instance. There is a BBC interviewer with an incredibly rich 'bankster', a Rothschild financier no less, and he's almost fawning towards him. You would think the 'left-wing' and 'anti-capitalism' BBC would be operating a poll on what method of torture would be most appropriate for City of London financiers, but no, instead the newscaster leads the financier into a discussion on whether people like the Rothschilds should be in charge of regulating the City's trading entirely. 'Yes', says the interviewee, 'and they should be well paid!' You couldn't make it up. Then, to top it all off, he leaves the room as if he owns the joint!

There is a darkness descending over the nation which speaks of the crushing of the weak by the mighty, the poor by the rich and the boot of which Orwell spoke crushing the face of both cleric and citizen underfoot. Conspiracy theorists believe that the events that we've seen down the last 100 years have not been accidental, but that much has been planned and orchestrated by unseen characters who constitute the power behind the throne. It is because these men are so rarely in the limelight and so rarely undergo any kind of public examination that they are the Untouchables, despite the feeling that the entire banking system has been used not just to bankrupt nations, but that the very rich desire not just money, but power also. Conspiracy theories are born because the Press never consider it worthwhile investigating whether these people desire power and use power and influence over Governments, or not.

Conspiracy theories are born not because the people are nuts, nor because the politicians and journalists are rats. Conspiracy theories are born when it becomes apparent that politicians do not work on our behalf and that journalists either decide not to investigate (do their job) or have doors of investigation closed off to them. Conspiracy theories are born when it becomes clear that the only people you can trust are the people working for free. We no longer trust bankers. We no longer trust politicians. We no longer trust journalists. Money, power, intrigue and corruption appears to have destroyed the credibility of all these professions. The only institution we can trust is the Church, despite the errors or sins of Her members (including my own errors and my own sins, of course!).

Perhaps we should be grateful, in a strange way, to live in an age when it feels like we can only trust in Jesus and Mary. That appears to be the singular reason why the 21st century, more than the 20th century, is the age of the conspiracy theorist. The conspiracy theorist would also say that Damian Thompson is right when he says this is the age of addiction. It is, of course, but the conspiracy theorist would just say that that was how it was planned all along, citing such institutes as the Frankfurt School and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. After all, didn't Huxley suggest that is how the future would be?

I was just calming down after having gone to Benediction this evening and having spent an hour before the Lord of Heaven and Earth. I shouldn't have gone back to my computer because the first advert I saw on The Daily Telegraph site was an ad for a website called Bullion Vault. For those wishing to invest in gold, there is a video below. Naturally, I looked up Bullion Vault on Wikipedia. Guess who owns it? Go on...can you guess? No wonder the price of gold is so high! Looks like that's the gold market cornered, despite the fact that Lord Rothschild claims to be 'getting out of gold'.

If anyone wishes to 'open an account' with Lord Rothschild at Bullion Vault, I'm sure some speculator out there will be able to tell you whether now is a good time to buy gold, or not.

The capitalist Press rely on the exceedingly rich and powerful for advertising and perhaps ownership too, so no investigation of them is ever done since to do so would be a huge conflict of interest. Only the Free Press can do that. If that is the case, however, why even bother being a paid journalist?

Hey, Lord Rothschild, who brings the bullion to your vaults? Would that be G4S, yeah? Oh, and I'll guess that will be the same G4S who bring in the diamonds, too, right for your other company, De Beers Rothschild Holdings Group LLC? Maybe you could come to Brighton and get 'de beers' in for me and some friends!

Boy, that company is big! The biggest employer on the stock market with a truly 'Global Presence'! And in charge of getting the mentally and physically ill off benefit and into work in Brighton too! Just to think some of my friends could end up manning the security at US nuclear facilities or perhaps in maritime operations battling pirates over the seas! The opportunities for travel are endless! Better watch out for those nuns, mind! So, the Rothschilds own the central banks, the vaults, the diamonds and the gold? No wonder 'conspiracy theorists' think they own the politicians and the Press as well.

Hmm...I wonder who owns the majority stake in G4S? I'll check on Reuters, which is apparently owned by the Rothschilds as well. Well, whoever owns it, Lord Rothschild, I'd like to dedicate this song to you, because your commodities need it! Hmm...maybe I do too...No wonder this guy gives financial advice to the Queen. He must be totally minted, if you'll excuse the pun. We only ever hear good things of these dynastic families. They are such benevolent 'philanthropists'. Come to Brighton, Lord Rothschild, and see a society fragmenting deep and wide, drug and alcohol addiction rife, the shops and even high street banks and employment agencies closing down. You must know Brighton, Lord Rothschild, since one of your family is mentioned at the beginning of Brighton Rock...


Lynda said…
It's not that you're obsessive but rather that you have well-developed faculties of observation and analysis and a well-honed sense of duty. In cIrcumstances where the main Media outlets, politicians, business leaders, and even Church leaders, fail to question or even acknowledge this phenomena, you step into the breach and proclaim the truth at much personal expense. Thank you!!!
Anonymous said…
I don't understand how you consistently refuse to acknowledge the Church's role in all this (including participation in Bilderberg). They even have a seat on the UN! Think about it, it's not a nation but it joins the United Nations.... It tells people how to behave in the developing world, pretends it is opposed to the UN, then joins them at Bilderberg. I smell a big nazi rat
Nicolas Bellord said…
I wonder whether you have ever read Bernanos's "Under Satan's Sun". He explains how the Devil works. He is behind all the things you mention and he does it through very ordinary but rather foolish people who are not particularly evil and often have good intentions. The Devil does not give a damn about intentions so long as people do what he wants thus building up his evil empire. But I suppose that is all a conspiracy theory too far for most people!

On the subject of assisted dying I think there is a interesting juxtaposition between the Nicklinson affair, still being promoted by the BBC and the Paralympics. We see people who seem to have come to terms with their suffering rather than wishing to end it.
Anonymous said…
"investing in hard currency, such as gold and silver, instead of soft currency (dollars, euros, etc.) would likely be prudent."

L. England discussing 'End Game', August 8, 2011. A year later:

"Investing in gold is a sign of the New World Order"

Let's be honest, you don't really understand economics do you. You blow like a reed in the rhetorical winds of whichever conspiracy theorist you have read most recently.
James said…
Take good heart, Sir. There is a force runs through all human history, which rules every throne & touches every home; from the beginning it has been working towards total victory and cannot be overcome. You hinted at it in your post when you mentioned who could be trusted...and it is cause for our trust and rejoicing:

Magnificat anima mea Dominum,
et exsultavit spiritus meus in Deo salvatore meo.
Quia respexit humilitatem ancillae suae.
Ecce enim ex hoc beatam me dicent omnes generationes.
Quia fecit mihi magna, qui potens est, et sanctum nomen eius.
Et misericordia eius in progenies et progenies timentibus eum.
Fecit potentiam in brachio suo,
dispersit superbos mente cordis sui.
Deposuit potentes de sede
et exaltavit humiles.
Esurientes implevit bonis
et divites dimisit inanes.
Suscepit Israel puerum suum,
recordatus misercordiae.
Sicut locutus est ad patres nostros,
Abraham et semini eius in saecula.
James said…
You might like this:


The comments are also well worth reading as they go into the Federal Reserve and the debt to global bankers. Grim stuff! I can't fathom it, the system is too complicated (which I suppose is the point)
Patricius said…
A very interesting post, thank you. The quotation from Nathan Rothschild - is it genuine? Can you give a source or reference?
The Bones said…
In a quote from a book The Secrets of the Federal Reserve, by Eustace Mullins, Chapter 5, The House of Rothschild, he says “I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”
Sue Sims said…
The quotation is a fabrication. There is absolutely no source ever provided for this on the Net or in the books where it's quoted; and the phrase 'money supply' is totally anachronistic. Nathan Rothschild died in 1836: the first recorded use of the term in the OED is 1871.

I hold no brief for the Rothschild dynasty (though it appears that the British Government couldn't have managed the abolition of slavery in the colonies without Nathan Rothschild's input), but this particular slur is a Protocols of the Elders of Zion-style fraud.